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Tuesday: Stupid Girls

The Obama 2008 campaign certainly brought out the best in Americans didn't it?

Update from Ugsome: “The way I look at it, the Democrats are so far to the right on women’s issues that the only way the GOP can differentiate itself is with witch burnings and scarlet letters.”

There’s more than a kernel of truth in that sentiment.

r u reddy pointed me to this article in the NYTimes that describes how Obama’s campaign was going to roll out it’s initiative to sweet talk women on March 23 but Rush Limbaugh’s timely little Slutgate rants made them move up their timetable.  Why waste this golden opportunity?  Obama and Jon Favreau must be peeing themselves over this.  They don’t have to do anything for women, not even make any particularly strong statements.  All they have to do is open their arms and say, “Come to papa, we understand.”

By the way, has anyone seen this video of the Obama Staff inaugural ball from January 21, 2009?  You know, the one where JZ and the staffers sang “I’ve got 99 problems but a bush ain’t one”?  Yeah, no double entendre there.  The bitch version used to be one of Obama’s traveling campaign theme songs during the primaries.  You know, the primaries against his opponent who happened to be a bitch or a sweetie or a honey or some other stupid word:

As Ugsome says, “Cynical. If he’d done squat for women’s rights he wouldn’t have to focus his tender attentions like this.”

Let’s put it this way, the Republicans wouldn’t have turned up the crazy like this if they didn’t sense some weakness in the Democrats on the issue of women.  And that weakness goes back to 2008.

All you’re going to get from the Democrats is cynical game playing in an election year.  Remember, these are the people who used misogynism against not one but two female politicians in 2008.  They know that if Obama has to make a choice, he will sacrifice women to get the evangelical vote.

Don’t think we’re not watching, Democrats. Democratic congresswoman, Chellie Pingree, in Maine wanted to run for Olympia Snowe’s Senate seat but decided against it when a former governor who is running as an independent got the backing of the Democrats.  If that slap in the face doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.  Even the excuse she was forced to give for the betrayal by the Democrats makes no damned sense because if Olympia Snowe had not decided to resign, she would have been a sure vote for the Republicans when it comes to Supreme Court nominations. So even if Pingree had lost, there would have been no net change in votes.  In other words, Chellie Pingree was guilted into leaving the Senate race because the whole responsibility for future Supreme Court nutcases was going to be on her head if she lost to a Republican.  Does anyone really believe this steaming pile of horsesh*$?  If Obama and the Democrats really wanted to reach out to women for their votes this year, the disaster in Maine was not a good start.

Well, I’m just a single voice in the wilderness and the rest of the women in the left blogosphere are too afraid to challenge their brethren about Obama.  The guys will pull the same guilt trip on them and they’ll hold back, the chickenshits.  But let me just tell them now that they are going to be responsible for what happens to women if they don’t speak out and demand something from Obama and the Democrats right now, *before* the election.  If you make it easy for him, he will owe you nothing.  This is a good time to test the commitment of your male blogger colleagues.  Either they are with women or they aren’t.  Demand that Obama come out and declare his unequivocal support for women to make their own choices without any patronizing language.  Demand that he risk pissing off the religious.  Demand that he tell extremists where to shove it.  Demand that he enthusiastically support women’s equality and reproductive rights.  Make him promise that he will put the full force of his office behind enforcement of those rights.  Make him get rid of the conscience rule right this minute.  And make him swear in public that he will never, ever again cut a deal with any politician to sacrifice women’s rights in order to pass a piece of legislation.

If you can’t make him do those things, then he doesn’t deserve your support.  He is either with 53% of the American public or he isn’t.  He either needs you and will do everything he can to get you or he’s no good, he’s no good, he’s no good, baby, he’s no good.

And he’s also down in the polls.  His approval rating has dropped steeply since last month from 50% to 41%.  It’s supposedly due to gas prices but there are also intimations that the public isn’t buying all the rah-rah over the economy.  They don’t believe it’s getting better.  I’m with them on that.  Women are also among the chronically unemployed and they are watching.  We are not amused to be the pawns in some political game that has been designed to get Obama votes. He’s on the ropes and he’s looking vulnerable.  Now’s the time to get him to commit.  Make him pay for every vote.  Make him grovel.  If you don’t, you’re just a bunch of stupid girls.

And that goes doubly for NARAL, the Feminist Majority and any other bunch of stupid girl activists who have pledged to work for Obama in 2012 without getting anything in return.  During Slutgate, I scrupulously avoided signing my name to any useless online petition for those organizations.  The last thing I want is to be ashamed of these organizations emailing me to support Obama after he’s used them.  He’s no better than Romney and Santorum and he doesn’t deserve your support until he’s willing to sacrifice himself for women.  He really needs our votes because he’s lost support among white men.  Now is the time to make him put up or shut up.  It’s either us or the fundies.   By their fruit you shall know them.

20 Responses

  1. if Obama has to make a choice, he will sacrifice women to get the evangelical vote.

    great post! one thing we’d mention about the above: remember his first speech as potus when he declared reproductive freedom was not an issue of actual freedom for women. given that, i’d have to amend the above to “he DiD sacrifice women to get…”

    and before ObamaCare some 90% of ins covered abortion care; now, post ObamaCare it is breaking the law to buy insurance that covers abortion care if you are middle class woman.

    • Um, you know we’re Democrats in Exile here. If Obama had been a decent, ethical Democrat and a good president, and hadn’t been such a misogynist dick during the 2008 election year, we’d be onboard.

      Plus, there are many reasons to dislike Obamacare, the primary one being that it doesn’t go far enough, doesn’t have a public option and gives too much away to insurance companies. I just wanted to point that out because I went to your site and I can’t figure out if you’re a Republican front group or not and I don’t want my readers confused.

      For the record, I am an FDR style liberal Democrat and Obama, um, isn’t.

      • OMG — I haven’t been there. Thanks for the heads-up. I haven’t considered myself a Democrat since May 31, 2008 but I’m absolutely not a Republican.

  2. Let’s put it this way, the Republicans wouldn’t have turned up the crazy like this if they didn’t sense some weakness in the Democrats on the issue of women. And that weakness goes back to 2008.

    Very true. Obama might have thought he was only dog whistling on his side of the fence, but the neighbor’s dog isn’t deaf. And really, if Obama were genuinely serious about “doing something nice for women” then HE COULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY. He’s only had three years… but no, all we hear is soothing promises to make more promises. And the reason some women will fall for that schtick AGAIN is because they’re in denial — they prefer to believe that the pimp who sells them on the street to the highest bidder really means it this time when he croons love songs.

    Honestly, I think I’m voting (d) for all lower offices, women where possible, while voting (r) for president. It’s actually easier for most women to fight an enemy who is quite clear that he is indeed attacking you; while voting for the nicer pimp rather than the meaner pimp only results in you still having a pimp. The only lesson the pimps learn is that you like flowers with your bruises. Dumping Obama now would send a clear message: their flowers aren’t worth shit and you will not settle for less than real progress.

    I think, I am going to depress the hell out of my (d) friends, so they end up staying home… 🙂

    • Don’t vote R at the top. Pick a third party candidate. It will send a stronger message. If you vote R, the Democrats will assume that’s a signal to go even further right.

      • Exactly! And voting for whatever good Dems are on the lower lines, makes it more clear. I’m voting either Dem or third party all the way down, no GOP.

    • The way I look at it, the Democrats are so far to the right on women’s issues that the only way the GOP can differentiate itself is with witch burnings and scarlet letters.

      • LOL! priceless!

        • Seriously. The Obamacrats let the air out of their tires.

          I also think that one reason contraception is this year’s scare tactic is that women (like me and our esteemed blogmistress) got fed up with being beaten with the Roe stick and started saying so. When the contraception thing broke, I thought must be an election year, it’s political wifebeating season again

          • I never thought I’d say it but both parties are equally evil when it comes to women’s reproductive health issues. Yep, there, I said it. There’s really no difference. One party acts like a maniac, the other party lets them and then screams that only it can save women. I’m not sure what the Democrats are going to save them from.
            Of course there will be some stupid girls who fall for it every damn time.

      • Please don’t give them any ideas.

    • You can vote for a woman for President. Jill Stein is running on the Green Party ticket. If she gets on the ballot in Pennsylvania, I’m voting for her; otherwise I’ll be writing in “none of the above.”

  3. staying home maybe. 🙂

  4. “According to the abortion rights group the Guttmacher Institute, a record-breaking 92 new abortion-restricting laws were passed in 2011. Two of those laws mandated that women have ultrasounds and look at the images before being allowed to get an abortion.”


    .Any “sweetie” out there who voted for Obama thinking he was for women’s rights got punked, but should have known better anyway if you ever heard him address a woman as “sweetie.”

  5. Another great article RD. I too feel like I’m a democrat in exile .And have been since May of 2008.. I think like a democrat, and i suppose i always will, and yet, i would never vote for Obama . What you said is absolutly true and more women should read this, because if they don’t demand that he support women’s equality and reproductive rights and say he will not cow tow(?)to the religious right, publically, than once again we are only pawns in his evil way for our votes.
    I never vote for him and sadly will go the way of third party…i just wish we had someone who is worth voting for.

  6. Yo Meghan MehCain is now your media rep. Scary, I know, right?

  7. Yo! PUMA Obama haters, go watch Game Change on HBO and tell us that you still want to vote repugnican. Hey, we the ones that pwned your site in the summer of 08 because you kept banning us. We gonna pwn your site this summer if you get stoopid. Do you want Senator Sanatorium to be elected ayatollah? Vote right or we shut this shit down. Holla

  8. [Comment edited due to extreme silliness.]

    • The ones you left make me wonder what I missed? I’ve read the posts of a 1000 trolls (sometimes 1000 trolls a day) but, I’ve never read any as silly as s/he.

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