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Coakley for President

It’s about damn time this started being said. (h/t Suburban Guerrilla):

Coakley, in her boldest gamble of the campaign, said that fighting for women’s access to abortions was more important than passing the overall bill, despite its aim of providing coverage for 36 million people, establishing a public insurance option, and prohibiting insurers from discriminating against patients with preexisting conditions. [Ed. note: Coverage to some 2 million, varying assistance to the other 34 million. Guaranteed issue, yes, but the pricing of policies for people with pre-existing conditions is basically up to the insurers.]

“To pretend that now the House has passed this bill is real progress – it’s at the expense of women’s access to reproductive rights”

Women’s rights are human rights. Sexism kills.


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79 Responses

  1. Go Martha!

    There can be no lasting progress if women are left behind.

  2. Yes.

    • She’s been saying this all along. I’m glad it’s getting publicity. I couldn’t believe there was an article in the Globe today criticizing her for this stand! She is way ahead of all the other candidates.

      Go Martha Go!

  3. Delurking – thanks the goddess there are some people who actually believe the human rights means all humans, including women and LGBT. The fact she is a woman is Icing on the cake. (Kudos to Kucinich and Sanders as well).
    Back to the turtle shell

  4. Our new theme song. Repeat after me “I won’t back down.”

  5. I am so tired of women being treated as second class citizens. Why are our rights even negotiable? Pelousy really was ruthless in her quest to get the bill passed, even if it was on the backs of women and breaking the constitution. What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

    So many people really believe that this is okay, for the greater good. I don’t accept this, at all.

    • I’m sick of being the sacrificial lamb.

    • The separation of church and state, along with much of the rest of the 1st. Amendment, was a casualty of the Bush regime. Republican state platforms have been declaring the U. S. a “Christian nation” for the last couple election cycles, but now the contagion has spread to the Dems.

      • The Hyde Amendment was passed in 1976 by a hugely Democratic Congress and signed by Jimmy Carter. Let’s stop pretending this is a Republican problem which just touched the poor Democrats. That’s what got us in this mess.

        Both parties have been corrupt at least since Nixon was president. They’re just letting the cloak fall now so people can see them in all their asshat glory.

        • The Hyde amendment impacts the poorest women in our society.

          • This stupidstupak stuff is also going to disproportionately affect poor women, but it’s message is even more heinous — women are to be controlled and leveraged. It is nothing less than draconian.

            Bingo. Even if they take the Stupakistan out of the bill, they can’t take the bill out of the Stupakistan… if that makes any sense. The damage is already done. (Which isn’t to say that it shouldn’t be taken out–of course it should.)

          • Exactly. They can’t unring this bell.

          • I agree 100%. I just want everyone disabused of the notion that this is somehow new. It’s not new on the part of both parties, it’s just that they are willing to be completely blatant about it now.

            This is a bipartisan screw-job and has been for decades.

    • Not to mention that there is this continual justification for sacrificing fundamental democratic principles. You cannot sell your soul to achieve a goal, or as another wise man said, “Sell your soul to gain the world.”

  6. they keep throwing the number 36-40 million around when statistics actually show that it’s about half that number – but they are making sure they put more $ than they need in this bill – enough to cover the higher number -I would like to know what their plans are for the rest of the $ that’s not needed.

    • It all goes into the general budget anyway, to be spent on any bills the Congress passes. There really IS no “trust fund.”

      Those extra $$$ could falsely make it look like Obama is reducing the deficits —it’s al accounting tricks.

      Medicare payments into general budget—–that’s how Lyndon Johnson hid the costs of the VietName War, at first.

  7. What on earth did he say to her in that meeting in the Oval office in February????? 😯

  8. I agree SOD – throw the whole d@mn thing out if wimmenz are an equal part of it.

  9. I just got called from the DNC senatorial campaign … told them I don’t have any money for them EVER under these circumstances and to collect their gold pieces from the Catholic Bishops from now on … I slammed the phone on the kid

  10. Good I told them the Dem party is dead to me and I want to have nothing to do with them ever again and don’t ask me for anymore money

    • the kid was shocked at sputtering at my anger …

      • When I called Boxer’s CA office, the young man was respectful and a bit shocked at what I had to say.

      • Good for you! They already know better than to call me, so far anyway, so I don’t have the satisfaction of hanging up on them. (Although I have to admit to feeling sorry for the poor gits slogging through the day, telemarketing.)

  11. Hah – “Hell hath no fury…”

  12. Isn’t it clearer everyday, why the powers to be, could not have Hillary as President? She would not have tolerated this sort of degradation of women’s rights, nor would she have bargained them away. I hate the entire congrss for doing this. Healthcare for more people is not worth the sacrifice of a woman’s autonomy and the right to choose what to do with HER body. These old men need to MIND THIER OWN BUSINESS. Perhaps, the Catholic Bishops should pay more attention to their problems with pedophiles. might do more good.

    • Isn’t it clearer everyday, why the powers to be, could not have Hillary as President?


      And not providing adequate care for women and violating their civil rights undermines the entire spirit and purpose of more healthcare for more people. You cannot truly “expand healthcare” by restricting care for women and restricting their rights. It’s like Hillary said in her Berlin remarks…”To expand freedom to more people, we cannot accept that freedom does not belong to all people.” She was speaking in a different context of course, but it very much applies to the domestic front and this healthcare fiasco.

      • You know, when I heard and read those words, I thought of this healthcare debacle. She never would have bargained our rights away.

    • You’re dead on, but made me realize something broader. Any powerful leader who represents the legitimate interests of her or his voters has a target on their back. DC is about cash and corruption – anything that is about the will of the majority is rejected as a foreign organism.

  13. Eh, she’s alright. 😉

  14. Coakley will be abused, as she is being in the comments of the Boston article, just as Hillary Clinton was during the primary.

    If women intend to fight for this, then there needs to be a very poactive, visible and coherent message that we all can get behind.

    Women also need to be visible themselves on this issue.

    I am stating for myself, that “no robust public option, no equity for women. no bill”.

    I often wonder why the left gave up the language of “privacy’ and continued to allow abortion to be the catch word for this issue. I think we allowed the right to define women and their bodies in the word ‘abortion’. It is not the issue. The issue is privacy and autonomy.

    Just my thoughts.

    • It’s not just the left letting the right get away with it — there is a dark underbelly on the left that in practice agrees with the right but in their minds they think they are very highly evolved. They think they are pro-choice, yet they are threatened by the idea of women progressing too much. Every election they say Roe v. Wade! SCOTUS! You must vote for us! Only the Democratic party can protect you! And when it comes policy time, the Dem party as a whole does nothing of the sort, they keep the issue in ever-present limbo. How else could they get us to vote for them? If our autonomy and privacy were a given, they couldn’t take women’s votes for granted after all. They might actually have to deliver on issueS (PLURAL!)

      • They can’t use that bargaining chip any longer. They are as low as the Repubs.

      • Yes, Wonk! They keep the issue in limbo because it controls the voters on both sides. And you’re so right about the lefty men who think they are so evolved but underneath it all they are seething with misogyny. I didn’t realize until the primary and general that I was friends with several like that.

  15. It only remains to add that Martha Coakley is an active Roman Catholic. Anyone who can support the law and the rights of women over their personal beliefs is nothing short of extraordinary these days.

    • Getting ready to send money to Coakley.

      • Yup, I just gave her campaign more $$ and sent her a thank you email, too:

        Dear Ms. Coakley,

        From someone who was devastated by the attacks on Hillary Clinton, and her treatment at the hands of the Obama campaign, media, and other national government figures, I appreciate more than I can say your stand on the health care so-called reform bill. I have been so disenheartened lately, afraid for women and girls, afraid for my daughter and the huge backsliding we’re doing. This (“To pretend that now the House has passed this bill is real progress – it’s at the expense of women’s access to reproductive rights,’’) made me so happy to read, I contributed another $25 to your campaign. I don’t have a whole lot of money, but to contribute dollars to an actual feminist candidate gives me hope.

    • And against, there is no doubt in my mind, a substantial amount of pressure. Brave woman.

  16. Yeah, and Capuano, after giving her the big Condescending lecture the other day, has now, um, “clarified” his position and said he won’t vote for the final version with Stupak.

    This is what a leader looks like!

    • That tells a lot about him. He goes with what ever way the wind is blowing. Jerk. His statement yesterday, was quite dismissive of Coakley. Today, he does a turnabout. Hmm….

      • I think he’s being advised by Lord Volderaxle and Jon Gosselin. 😉 He’s SUCH a jackass.

    • I found this very encouraging, because it means he must have gotten a lot of blowback in a very short time to flip-flop like that.

      That kind of quick about-face is at best a staunch-the-bleeding manuever. Coakley’s pretty far ahead of him in the polls (and ahead of everyone else too), and this may boost her support even more.

      As for Capuano — what an ass.

    • ROFLOL! I hadn’t heard about that. I heard his snotty remarks the other day though. He makes me sick.

  17. OT
    Lou Dobbs resigned from CNN tonight will be his last show.

    Women who do not stand up for women should have to pay a price for their treachery . Columnist like mcdowd and paglia should be boycotted and their editors advised of why their papers and magazines are not selling. Every women that voted for that pos bill should be run out of office.



    • actually a friend told me last week she had heard him tell folks on his radio show that he was thinking of leaving CNN

  18. Sheesh. I hadn’t read the comment thread over at boston.com. I’ll have head on over there with the “Coakley for a REAL President” message”….

  19. How about Clinton/Coakley 2012?

  20. i say no to health care INSURANCE reform if we are cut out of the deal. it is a load of crap bill to begin with, and to me this is a deal breaker. let them experience a failure in this. it might just get their attention. i am appalled to be sold down the river by pelosi. she is so out of touch.

  21. OT — Will Fox continue the tradition of hiring CNN’s rejects? :

    Lou Dobbs, the longtime CNN anchor whose anti-immigration views have made him a TV lightning rod, said Wednesday that he is leaving the cable news channel effective immediately.

  22. If Coburn actually takes the time on the Senate floor to read the bill aloud, we may have time to get her there in time to vote “no”.

  23. Health insurance reform gets Stupak and Stupider…

    according to this, the WH thinks triggers are more progressive:

    “There is a view I have been hearing from the White House, and people on the Hill as well, that actually the compromise that Olympia Snowe favors, which is the trigger, is actually more robust — to use the progressive term — than the opt-out,” Whitaker told David Shuster on MSNBC Wednesday afternoon. “What I’m hearing from some top aides working on health care in the White House is that they actually think ultimately the trigger may be more effective in driving prices down and creating competition and they were actually surprised when Olympia Snowe started to propose it.”

    well gee it is a real contest between the joke that they call opt-out and the joke that they call trigger.

  24. New post up.

  25. Wow–I’m impressed. Does this actually sound like leadership?! We’re so starved for it, it’s hard to tell anymore.

  26. Martha Coakley is my new gal! Get her in the Senate for a couple of years (like you know who) and then run her for President.

    I just got the most pathetic e-mail from Sen. Maria Cantwell here in WA. I had written to her of my disgust over the Stupak amendment and asking for a commitment from her to make sure no such amendment was in the Senate version. First, I was treated to a history of Roe v. Wade AND the Hyde Amendment. I lived through these events – don’t lecture me. (And, I ask, why since the Dems control everything why don’t they REPEAL the Hyde Amendment. It isn’t part of the original Bill of Rights, you know.) Then there was blah, blah, blah, family planning, blah, blah ,blah, the poor, blah, blah, blah blah blah. I wrote her back and told her not to contact me for a donation until she figured out how to stand up for women’s rights to safe and legal abortions. I suggested she grow a pair of ovaries.

  27. Good for you!

  28. women have a right to choose, and if they are ever denied that right, then we live in very troubled times.

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