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Does President Obama Ever Do any Real Work?

Our taxes at work?

Our taxes at work?

I turned on the TV today, and guess who I saw–again! Yes, our prime-time President. And he was on TV yesterday and the day before that. Does he really have to be on television every single day? Couldn’t he actually sit at his desk in the Oval Office and do a little real work once in awhile? Why can’t he at least pretend to take his job seriously, since we are supposedly in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression? He has already given two prime-time press conferences in which he said almost nothing and couldn’t be bothered to give a straight answer to serious questions.

On 60 Minutes last Sunday Obama told Steve Kroft that when he gets up early, has breakfast, and works out for an hour. Then he gets his security briefing. That takes him up to 10AM, and after that, anything goes. That’s what he said. I think he was suggesting that he spends the day dealing with crises that come up. But I don’t see any evidence that he actually does any real work. We can see what he’s doing on our TV sets: he is traveling around the country, going on Jay Leno, and announcing his college basketball picks live on ESPN. Now I hear he will be on the Face the Nation this weekend!

Yesterday Obama held a “virtual town meeting,” during which he responded to all of six questions. Six!! Out of hundreds of thousands that were submitted by citizens. How much taxpayer money was spent for that publicity stunt? I’m getting sick and f&&king tired of his act!

Every day we hear about people losing their jobs, being evicted from their homes, and struggling to survive. If Obama really needs to be on TV every day and he wants to travel around in Air Force One at the taxpayers’ expense, why doesn’t he go to the shanty towns that are springing up around the country–in Sacramento, Phoenix, Reno, Fresno, Seattle, and God knows where else?

I’d like to see Obama explain to these people who have lost their homes and livelihoods why Goldman Sachs needs to be a paid 100% by AIG–more than 13 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money. Let’s see him go out and talk to some of the thousands of homeless children who are struggling to stay in school with no home and no sense of normalcy. And how about if instead of lecturing these hurting people and telling them to sacrifice more, he actually listens for a change?

The next big bubble is about to burst, Mr. Obama. What are you doing about that? Is there anyone here at The Confluence who didn’t know that commercial properties were going to be next as retail stores and chains go out of business and default on their leases? I have another suggestion, Mr. President. Why don’t you talk to some real economists like Paul Krugman, Dean Baker, Nouriel Roubini, or Joseph Stiglitz? How about talking to someone who actually anticipated this economic meltdown instead of just listening to your Goldman Sachs pals? You really do need to dump Geithner and Summers right away and find some advisors who weren’t in on causing this bubble and bust sitution in the first place. But instead you’re meeting with the very bankers who gambled away our nation’s future and continuing Bush’s policy of defending the fraudsters from state attorney generals who try to bring them to justice.

America desperately needed a President with skill, guts, and determination to help us deal with this emergency. We needed another Franklin Roosevelt, and instead we got–what? A guy who just wants to be a celebrity, travel incessantly, hang with the rich and famous, and get his face on TV morning, noon, and night while the country goes down in flames and we end up in a permanent Mad Max movie? Even on the rare occasions when he’s in DC, he is out on the town or throwing parties at the White House. Seriously, it’s starting to look like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Or maybe Orwell’s 1984, with Big Brother on television 24/7, lecturing, hectoring, telling us how to think and feel.

You wanted this job, Mr. President. You wanted it so badly that you cheated, lied, and sold your soul to Wall Street and the big investment banks to get it. You just had to be President right now. You couldn’t wait until you had served out even one Senate term. We didn’t want you. We knew you didn’t have enough experience to lead this country out of the multiple emergencies we were headed for. We have an economic system that is based on frat boys exchanging bets on worthless pieces of paper–basically acting like bookies and gangsters. The giant corporations have shipped America’s jobs overseas; and now you, Mr. President, are helping to kill the last good union jobs we have left. We know full well that you don’t have the guts to do the right thing and stand up to the bankers, like FDR did. Before you’re finished we won’t even have social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare, or food stamps. What’s left of the social safety net will be gone, poured into the black holes of AIG, Bank of America, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs.

It’s just too damn bad that you are in over your head and are clueless about how to solve these problems. You got the job you wanted, now get to work and figure out how do it. Show some sense of decency, for God’s sake. Spend some time behind your desk, and if you really want to connect with Americans, try talking to some of the people who are really suffering instead of whiny investment bankers who demand to get their million dollar bonuses even though they may have brought our entire economic system down.

Now get off your duff and get some real work done for the people who pay your salary–American people! Either figure out how to be a real leader, or resign so we can find someone who will do the job that needs to be done.

68 Responses

  1. I don’t remember ever seeing a President drink alcohol out at some event like this. Holding up a wine glass at some State dinner, yes,, have never seen something like this though. Just out drinking beer. How much did he drink? Our nation is melting and he’s out drinking beer. If that had been Bush or any other Republican ,, well, one could only imagine.

    • I don’t care if he has a beer. I just want him to understand that people are hurting in this country and around the world. And the people who caused the hurt are his supporters–the Wall Street wonders who paid millions for his campaign and his inauguration. He needs to stop partying in public and get down to the serious business of being a leader. If he doesn’t stop his constant TV appearances, he is going to wear out his welcome even with the people who voted for him.

      • I must sit in the low rent sections when I go to Hornets games. I’ve never drank out of glass at a basketball game. All our beer comes in plastic cups (unless you’re up in the private suites where I suppose they use crystal, not that I’d know.)

    • I don’t care if he drinks beer either. Hillary also did it during the primary and got hell for it from the media whores but that’s because she’s a woman and only politicians with penises are allowed to do those things and go unnoticed…

      I’m more bothered by the $100 steaks and other lavish dinners that were held at the $150 million Inauguration and other weekly events at the White House. This is not the time for any politician to live lavishly while the rest of the nation suffers. There is a total disconnect between Obama and middle class Americans and I don’t think he really cares. He expects to be treated like a king.

      • this empty suit in the WH calls for americans to sacrifice. just what exactly is he sacrificing? he’s living high on the hog (read the backs of americans). maybe he should just practice what he preaches. oh wait…he only wanted the job for the perks not the work. anyone remember when he said he was a “delegator” (read NOT a worker). what a useless ass.

  2. He’s made it this far in life without doing any work so why should he start now?

    • Bravo Myiq…..you said a beer glass full with that statement!

    • He’s just doing what he has always done, taking credit for someone elses work. While he’s waiting for some one to hand him the plan for him to sign off on he might as well have a good time. He told us during the campaign this is the way he rolls and by golly he meant it.

    • Spot on! It’s an entitlement, doncha know?

  3. Hear, Hear !!!! Great post

    • Thanks! I’m just so fed up with hearing his lecturing voice all over the place. I just wish he would be quiet and unseen for one day.

      • Thankfully for me — I don’t have to listen to 0zero. I don’t watch tv, I don’t listen to the radio — for my own survival — his voice makes me violently ill.

        BB — you wrote a righteous RANT!!

        And we told the 0bots what their dear savior would do — nothing — a big fat zero — because 0zero is not original and he has no comprehension of real Americans or of what America is all about.

        • Thank you Northwest Rain. I just couldn’t take it anymore. That stupid town hall meeting yesterday really rubbed me the wrong way.

  4. He didn’t run to be President. He ran to be Celebrity in Chief!

    That is all this @@#$$#@ has been doing. Next we will here how he will star in his own reality show on NBC titled…”The Passion of the Christ!”

    • Red,

      He is supposed to be a Democrat. Why can’t he fake a little bit of compassion for people who are struggling to survive. No, he just talks to and follows the advice of the banksters!

      • Ya know Boston……Those of us that paid attention to this impostor way back in the early days of his career here in Chicago knew he was full of poop! He always named dropped and claimed deeds he was not entitled to. That was a big rap against him here early on. That he took credit for things that he never did and that when he actually did bother to show up at the State Capital, that he allowed others to “punch his buttons” for him.

        Then he exploded onto the national scene and the world got a glimpse of what we knew all along…he is indifferent to the suffering of his constituents and that he was like a MP3 player. You load him up with some of Axelreams greatest hits and he repeats them. Never once ‘Feeling” what is really going on. He is the epitome of a “Stepford” wife only in a politicians skin!

        Those of us that took the time to listen to his garbage knew him for what he was…..an empty siut!

        He never was and never will be a Democrat. He is an Obamacrat first and foremost. The world revolves around him and in his mind, he is “Teh Precious!”

  5. Anybody still doesn’t know what’ the “Peter Principle”?

    Nobody has done more to explain it than Obama.

  6. Notice the photo shot..it’s all about HIM. Never any feeling that he’s there with his buddies or even one good ol’ friend….just HIM and his smug face. I think he’s creepy.

  7. You said it, Boston Boomer.

    Brava to you. The arrogance will be his undoing. He could have had Hollywood without also trying to be a President.

    Few have any respect for him. Respect is earned by deeds.

  8. Well he does some work. There was the grand luncheon at the Whitehouse for America’s elite bankers and financiers not too ashamed of themselves to appear like Sahibs on parade. Please read this article in The Atlantic and compare it with the grand and arrogant display of the ultimate power lunch. The article goes into good detail about how our moneySahibs form a death inducing grip on our financial jugular and if their hold is not broken we are doomed. To read this article and then watch the news stories on the Whitehouse entertainment of the bankers inc can make your blood run cold.


    • It’s part of his No Banker Left Behind program. And I love the slight inclination of the pinky on the beer glass. You wouldn’t see Michelle doing that.

  9. It is all a bit depressing, but then again not really inconsistent with his CV. He figured he is in the job for 4 years (at least) and he might as well enjoy it and make it a historic period: first prez on leno, god knows what else is coming. First prez surfing in Hawai – on Baywatch?

    Next week should be interesting – I cant believe he will do well at the G20. His style just does not gel well with the European top politicians(nobody will be impressed by a condescending up-start of a social worker) and some of that discontent will leak into press coverage! Hopefully!

    • Not to jump all over you, but Obama was never a “social worker.” That is a real job which requires specialized training, a degree, hard work, and compassion. Obama has none of that. He was a “community organizer,” which, in his case at least, meant nothing more than parachuting into a neighborhood he knew nothing about, making a lot of noise to please the rich liberals who paid him, and then walking away from it when (a) he got bored, and (b) he had accumulated enough “street cred” to back up his spurious claim of being an African American..Too bad if the real community, and the people who live in it, never got anything out of Obama’ s brieft, transparently opportunistic, little fling at noblesse oblige.

      Obama has never worked hard at anything in his life. He has learned how to BS his way through instead .Why would he start now, when he literally has no boss, no one in the world, to answer to?

      Check the record. Obama claims to have been an ace basketball player, but he never made the starting five on his high school team, not even as a senior. Unimportant? Maybe, but instead of becoming a better player, or at least working hard at tryijng to be one, Obama persisted in his habit of just shooting the ball whenever he got, instead of passing it to his teammates. When his coach left him on the bench, Obama made a big stink and started an argument with him.

      Look at his academic performance in high school, too. Of course, he has blocked access to his records, but what can we glean from his story? Obama’s mother was an academic. Like his father, she did post graduate work at Harvard. According to him, she drilled him while they were in Indonesia, and that’s why he got into that fancy private, prep school in Hawaii. His grandparents also stressed academic excellence. For all of his poormouthing about his upbringing, Obama does not appear to have ever worked for wages while in Hawaii. But for all that, plus no doubt reliance on his phony status as an African American to gin up some affirmative action special treatment, where did Obama end up getting accepted to college? Occidental. A school notorious as a haven for smart, but lazy, rich kids.

      And, what do we know about his time at Occidental? Next to nothing. We do know, however, that Obama tried to bully one of his professors there into raising his grade. The prof refused, because Obama just hadn’t done the work to deserve a better grade, but Obama persisted, arguing with the prof on more than one occasion. As with his HS b-ball coach, Obama thought that he was better than he really was, and, rather than work at getting better, he tried to pressure an authority figure into giving him his way. As in HS, it failed, but Obama learned his lesson.

      But the lesson he learned was not that hard work was the answer, no, Obama learned that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. He made someone in LA (Brezinsky, perhaps?) like him, and parlayed that into a transfer to Columbia. Of course, it is much easier to get accepted at any college as a transfer than it is a freshman, and Obama no doubt also played the affirmative action card again.

      What Obama did at Columbia, and at Harvard, is, again, shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that Obama has not produced one academic paper that he wrote. As an undergraduate and as a law student Obama apparently always went the exam route as opposed to writing a paper. Why? Because, I submit, it’s easier. A reasonably smart person, Obama had no trouble digesting the course materials, and spewing them back, along with whatever bias the prof had, in his exams. He also had learned how to get the profs to like him–something that shows up very clearly in his Harvard Law School days (with Tribe in particular). Obama sucked up, in short, in person and in his exams, and he shied away from the hard work of research and writing, editing and rewriting, that the preparation of academic papers requires.

      Obama did the “required reading,” and no more. That’s why he doesn’t know when MLK marched on Selma, or that it was the Red Army, and not his “uncle” in Patton’s Third Army, that liberated Auschwitz. He’s not stupid, he’s just lazy. . . .”Who wants to read all those boring old books, anyway? I read some excerpts from St Augustine back at Occidental, when I had to take Intro to Philosophy, isn’t that enough?”

      At Harvard, Obama won an election making him Editor in Chief of the Law Review. Again,he had learned how to make people like him. But, he wrote nothing for the Review. Nor does he even seem to have done much editing for it either.

      At his law firm, he never made partner. And, as far as I can tell, was never even the lead litigator on any cases. As “law professor” at the U of Chicago, he,again, wrote nothing scholarly, and held no administrative postiions of note. He apparently did little or nothing while “working” on the “Annenburg Challenge” and was an inactive, passive member of the Illlinois Senate. We all know the story of how, in his last year there, the Dems. took over and the President of the Senate let Obama take the credit for other people’s work. As a US Senator he did nothing at all.

      His bullshit “autobiographies” were almost certainly ghost written, at least in part. And, anyway, how hard is it to spew out a few hundred pages about your own life, especially one as unusual as his? Not very, particularly in his case, given his enormous ego. And, at that, he couldn’t make the deadline, even after taking the advance money.

      Obama was gifted success in a voter registration drive. He was parachuted, once again, into “heading” a VRD long planned, well funded, and aimed at what was already known to be thousands of eligible, but unregistered, African American voters, and a prominent African American, Carol Mosley Braun, was running for US Senate. Obama did little or nothing to make the drive succesful.

      As for Obama’s campaigns, his buddies at the U of Chicago wrote up the papers that got the incumbent thrown off the ballot in his first race. He also had Ayers (who hooked him up with the Annenburg Challenge too) to round up white liberal support. On more that one occasion, including in his one statewide general election, mysterious “leaks” of legally sealed family court proceedings helped sink politicians who stood in his way. As already mentioned, he got gifted the credit for the laws in the State Senate that lent credibility to his US Senate run.

      And, surely, it is Axelrod, not Obama, who deserves the “credit” for the successful presidential campaign. Hope and change? That comes from Axelrod, not Obama. The astroturfing use of the internet? Also Obama. The recruitment of Obama-youth brownshirts to drown out everyone else in debate audiences, caucases, websites, etc.? Also Axelrdod. And, even at that, remember how “tired” Obama got by the end of the primaries? Remember how he, outrageously, compared the process to the Battann Death March?

      Obama’s speeches, which he is most famous for, are not written by him but by a dork who thinks groping a cardboard cutout of a fomer First Lady and US Senator is funny. That is, when they are not recylced from Axrelrod’s previous Ken Doll candidates’ campaigns. And, of course, Obama doen’t bother memorizing the speeches either. So much easier to rely on TOTUS.

      Elizabeth Drew took an [unintentionally] revealing look at Obama’s White House a couple of weeks ago in the NYRB. Axelrod and Emmanuel are running the show. Obama himself gets to work late, attends very few meetings, has lots of “free time” scheduled, and spends most of his “working hours” taking long, solitary walks, or wandering by people’s offices and asking them “How are you doing on that thing?” That sounds more like the management style of an old man, about to begin his retirement in a couple of months, who has delegated almost all of his work to his successor, and who is not taking on any new projects, than it does the workday of a young, vigorous man, just starting a new job with a lot of challenges..

      Obama doesn’t work late either. He still loses a lot of his papers. Supposedly, he “works at home” after the girls are asleep. But, I think we all know what it really means when lazy people say they are “working from home.” I can just see Obama, sipping a beer and watching a basketball game, and then, at halftime, trying to cram in reading a memo about Afghanistan or something unimportant like that.

      Even Drew admits that he is too lax. And even she was shocked when she heard Obama’s staff say that Obama has to be seen interacting with voters, because “he wasn’t elected” to be seen within the Beltway, dealing with the give and take of Congress.

      The man is lazy, period. He’s gotten his name on a lot of things and his CV is superficially impressive. But there is no depth to any of it. No follow through. Does he ever even attempt to name one single thing that he did to improve the lives of the people in the State Senate district whom he allegedly represented for 8 years? Does he ever even mention the Annenberg challenge? Where are the important precedents set or big cases won by this Harvard educated, so-called “civil rights” lawyer? Where are the academic books, or even articles, that this “Constitutional scholar” has produced?

      Obama is a talker, not a worker. That’s what got him here, and he ain’t gonna change now.

      • Great comment!

        I would change just one letter in it-from Obama is a talker, not a worker to Obama is a taker, not a worker.

        • Wow- Nicely laid out there.

          Somehow I don’t think he’s going to be able to skate forever-
          surely the lack of action and hard work is becoming too obvious,
          even for the Obots.

      • There’s information here I hadn’t even heard before, and I’ve been keeping as much track of what little record he has as I can.

        Excellent post. It’s more than a comment. ;-D

        This needs to be frontpaged!

      • Very well done.

        Only a small quibble: ““law professor” at the U of Chicago”

        He was not a professor, he was a “senior lecturer”.

    • LOL “condescending upstart of a social worker.” I like that.

    • All the social workers I know work themselves far far harder than does The One. Real social workers have a sense of compassion — another distinguishing characteristic that separates them from B0.

  10. Gretawire had on the student leaders from Notre Dame who are leading a protest against Ob ama’s selection to be the school’s commencement speaker this year. I loved it. They do not want him on the principle that his stands on abortion are antithetical to basic Catholic theology; they are a Catholic school thus he is not an appropriate speaker. I don’t agree with the Catholic theology but I admire their stand on principle especially when one knows that most universities would love to have the Celebrity in Chief grace there podiums.

  11. yeahh O could learn some from them – like taking a stand, but I suppose that is above his pay grade!

  12. This is a weird question–won’t fit under any topic — but I keep wondering why Obama pronounces a certain country as Pokistan. I found a pronunciation site and it clearly pronounced it PA-ki-stan. It is just another pet peeve about the prince.

    • Could be because he was interested in ‘Pockistaan’ even in high school in the 70s, according to a high school classmate: “He had a worldly view. He would talk about people in Pakistan and was a lot more aware of Middle East politics than anybody I knew. He was following conflicts around the world and talked about it all the time. ” says classmate Greg Orme

      Then, Imad Husain, a Pakistani was Obama’s freshman roommate at Occidental.

      Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, a wealthy Pakistani was a freind of Obama when he was a freshman at Oxy.

      Wahid Hamid, a wealthy Pakistani, was another friend of Obama when he was a freshmam. Hamid and Obama traveled to Karachi, Pakistan after graduation from Occidental

      Sohale Siddiqi is identified as “Sadik” in Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father, and is described as “a short, well-built Pakistani” who smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine and liked to party. Siddiqi was from Karachi, Pakistan, and Obama’s roommate when he attended Columbia University. Siddiqi was not a student at Columbia (was in US illegally, having overstayed his visa).

      That sure is a lot of interest in ‘Pockistaan’ beginning in high school, when there is surfing to be done and beach chicks to chase. As for me, I didn’t think much about Pakistan when I was in high school.

  13. Pockistan, actually. not Pokistan.

  14. I love how the little kid in that picture is clearly not impressed with beer-O.

  15. I heard that 0bama is sending John Kerry down to Mexico for “talks”?

    Bastard can’t stand it. He just can’t STAND it how competent Hillary is. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad and petty.

    0bama cannot stand that Hillary is doing so well and shining so brightly on the world stage. He has to send one of his apparatchiks down to spy on her work, muck up the process, and above all steal some spotlight.

    • I saw Hill standing behind him today while he spoke about sending in more troops to Afghanistan. I thought she didn’t look happy. I’m wondering if there’s trouble between them, if maybe she’ll quit. Maybe he’s sending kerry in as a tryout.
      I have mixed feelings about Hillary leaving. The world needs her, but I hate her taking stupid orders from him when it should be the other way around.

      Just a fantasy, I know, but maybe she could take him on if she left. We’re in such big big trouble now, she has to know it and be disturbed. But lots of people are waking up. Catch Bill Moyers show if you can. It was great, with WaPo writer really criticizing his economic behavior. Bill Maher complained the whole show, too. Amazing, but good. And suddenly people are talking about Hill.

      And I agree, wmcb. John Kerry?!!! WTF??

    • Kerry always did want to be SOS…

  16. Hey, Bloomberg reported today that BOA execs (who just got a buttload of taxpayer money) are RAISING a bunch of salaries. Wonder if 0bama gave ’em a fist bump and said “Go ahead with your bad self, I’ll take care of those taxpayer suckas” in that meeting today.

    Bank of America May Raise Investment Banker Salaries (Update1)

    By Jacqueline Simmons and Josh Fineman

    March 27 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. plans to increase some investment bankers’ salaries by as much as 70 percent following the takeover earlier this year of Merrill Lynch & Co., people familiar with the proposal said.

    Bank of America, which has received $45 billion of taxpayers’ money, may raise the annual base pay for some managing directors to about $300,000 from $180,000, said the people, who declined to be identified because the final numbers are still under discussion. Salaries for less-senior directors would climb to about $250,000 from $150,000, and vice presidents would get $200,000, up from about $125,000, the people said.

    • That is disgusting. These people have no shame!

      • Shame? They don’t know the meaning of it. But lordy help them if they can’t have their damn bonuses…they can’t survive!

    • wmcb: you just don’t understand. The poor guys (they are all guys, afaik) are POOR now with all that rabble screaming about their bonuses. You never know with stuff like that. If the peasants don’t lose focus, there might not BE any bonuses next year. The bankers have to do what they can to make sure they can still pay the bills, just for the little things, the merest bottle of Romanée Conti.

  17. Sorry, once more. This is even more weird. Just as I published my last notes, Rachel Maddow started repeating Obama’s pronunciation of “Pockistan” and she said he is the one pronouncing it correctly. I am still not convinced. but….

    • (It’s not difficult. P-ah-ki-stan. That’s how the Pakis say it, and presumably they know. I’ve never heard Big0 say it since I’m allergic to the sound of him, but if that’s what his “Pockistan” sounds like, then he’s right. If it sounds like the second syllable in “smallpox” then he’s wrong.)

  18. Whoa! Tell us how you really feel.
    BTW, I need a massage. I ran my ass off this afternoon. 3 weeks of working out is wiping me out.

  19. You forgot presidentin’ is hard! if W sisn’t tell us 100 times in one debate that it was “hard work”. It’s why they made sure they get a successor that understood the concept. Jr.Jr gets it!

  20. Preach it!! *applause*

    PS. I think the Confluence is hitting it out of the ballpark lately. The roof is on fire!

  21. Think of how many lives would be radically changed if they took the money from all Obama’s appearances and travels and gave them to the folks that are hurting.

    Can you imagine how much good will would be earned if Obama had visited a tent city instead of going to a basketball game? It’s almost like he thinks if he pretends like nothings wrong, we’ll ignore the shitstorm. Kind of like the time after 9/11 when Bush told America to go out and visit your favorite destination spot.

  22. Better Topic: Hillary is praised on Gretawire by Newt Gingrich who calls her stand recognizing that the US drug problem is a huge contributor and source of the drug war in Mexico. Gingrich said she was courageous. He called her Obama’s “best pick”.

    • Wow Newt really seems to have mellowed from his days when he was the head pitchfork wielder.

  23. NEW THREAD …

    since myiq2xu did the econ thread today, I switched to politics!!!

  24. Aren’t most presidents up at 5:00 a.m. reading the morning papers…Oh, wait, there aren’t any more morning papers except for a couple. Bush never worked much, but you didn’t SEE him not working. He hid on his ranch. This is very brazen laziness.

  25. Wow! Great post bostonboomer! You absolutely nailed everything.

    freemanfarm, excellent comment!

  26. Hit a bases-loaded home run. The winning 3-pointer and all the rest – Good job!

    (and I hate sports’ – even women’s sports analogies)!!!

    One of the “men’s maganzines” has him as “jock-in-chief” … that was the laugh of the week! He’s att best a pickup b’ball player and a wanker … All hat and no cattle redux – at least Bush wasn’t in our faces every minute reminding us that he was a slacker and pretending he was somethin’ else … he knew it and admitted it – even admitted a Gentleman’s C was quite acceptable!

    BO always had someone else do the work – or he’s taken credit for other’s work. What’s new? It took him two years to finish one paper a former prof complained … and then went off to Bali to “write” his “autobiogrpahy” (errrr …. study his navel) … life is hard!

    I really had looked forward to being able to watch the President, listen to him/HER, which I hadn’t done for years and now all I see is red as he recites his talking points repeatedly – never saying anything – lots of sound about nothing – and still needs a teleprompter or cue cards after repeating the same rhetoric over and over and over! Hell! everybody else has it memorized – just ask an Obot – why can’t he?

    Now about that women’s b’ball bracket?

    He’s NOT a social worker … never has been, never will be … they actually WORK … community organizers get others to do the work! And he’s have all his little “volunteer army” in place just in time to campaign for re-election.

    Bamboozled! Hoodwinked and Okey Doked! And saying “told you so” doesn’t make me feel better!

    And he comes up with full circle – gotta send the troops to Af/Pak because the terrorists are there … that’s what started this whole mess … for a war he says we are “loosing” and then only sends in less than half than what the generals asked – way to go! Send ’em off to die, while draining the treasurey for a “loosing war.” In Ottawa, not a week ago, he said he didn’t believe in military solutions but DIPLOMACY … what the hell did he send Holbrooke there for?

    He is the Mater of Double Speak … and a bold faced liar, wanker and slacker – the reincarnation of a snakeoil salesman … (and I’m insulting them by saying that!)

  27. HOLY CRAP!!! And now in our faces:

    Attorney General Eric Holder, in an effort “to erase memories of the highly-charged political controversies from the previous administration” has invited none other than Donna Brazile to speak at a March 31st “Women’s History Month” event. There are “Politicization Charges at DOJ over Brazile Appearance.”

    On the very last day of Women’s History month at that!


    Now the smoke is really coming outta my ears! Good time to storm the DoJ!!!

  28. You had a photo up a couple of weeks ago showing the O sitting in a chair by the fireplace in the Oval with his head back in quiet contemplation while Rhambo was talking on the cell and perusing the fruit bowl – when I saw this photo, it was clear to me that the man was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Given the state of the economy, any other President, including Bushie, would have had photos released showing them at their desk with sleeves rolled up hard at work OR with an Oval full of advisors having a pow-wow on strategy.

    Owhama reminds me of that “cool” guy in high school that ran for class president – not because he wanted it, just because he was the cool guy, it was a contest and knew he would win. Once he won, he could have cared less about actually being the president cause, well, he won – and that was what it was all about – winning something else. Everyone else had to drag him kicking and screaming to the meetings and through the meetings. That is O.

    He won’t run again – been there done that. He will probably try to run for president of another country (finds his BC-oops) or try to be UN Sec Gen or some other office that comes in a whim to him – he is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

  29. anyone wonder why he is trying so hard to push his socialist agenda so quickly. could it be because he wants to get it done before americans wake up and realize what he’s up to? if we dont stand up now and stop him quickly it will be too late. we must stop this fraud!!!

    • Socialist agenda? Where? If he were a socialist, I might have voted for him. The only agenda I see is neo-fascist–turning the government over to the Wall Street investment banks.

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