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Wow, the NYTimes really hates Hillary. What’s up with that?

Yesterday, Hillary’s kick-off speech got a short mention down the side of the page. I can’t recall if it was the main event at all yesterday on the front page. Now it’s buried in the Politics section. No comments section.


C’mon, guys, if it’s *too* obvious it’s not effective.

Anyone got any ideas on why the paper of record hates Hillary with such a white hot passion? Does it have anything to do with Punch or Pinch or whatever the hell his name is and his romantic idea that political introvert Caroline Kennedy would make a swell senator a few years ago? 

Is it because the vast majority of predators on Wall Street know that she’s less tractable than Obama?

Is it because the American Wolf  Hall still likes to think that their leaders are born into the right families?

What gives?  Anyone want to dish on this? I’m genuinely curious. It’s amusing in an embarrassing way for the NYTimes. Not the kind of route a paper with relevance wants to go, in my humble opinion. This campaign season may be more notable for the lengths that the NYTimes will go to get her unsuccessfully than for the actual campaign itself.

Maybe we should start a weekly list of its failures.

Update: I found a bit of linky goodness from a Jeff Jarvis tweet about the NYTimes self-interested OCD coverage of other topics. This piece is from the Public Editor. So, they are aware they have a problem and that the Hillary Clinton mobbing is in a class by itself. Worldview indeed. I guess it goes with the territory when the world’s rich can buy up real-estate and park their money in Manhattan and not even live there, while the young, talented and professional try to eek out an existence in shared studios. It might be the paper of record but what it is recording doesn’t apply to everyone anymore.


Funniest tweet yesterday regarding the speech comes from Lance Mannion:

53 Responses

  1. I’m going to watch this thread! I’m completely puzzled by the same question. What IS it with the anti-Clinton sneering? Why? Did somebody not get invited to the right dinner party once? The contempt is so over the top, when far more contemptible politicians are treated simply like somebody in government, that it’s crazy. What’s the backstory?

    • Got me. To be fair,it’s not just the NYTimes. Sally Quinn’s gang at the Washington Post has always been at her throat like Rottweilers. But the crazy thing is that the left is always making it sound like Hillary’s in bed with all the rich Manhattanites and Wall Street moderates and wealthy donors who are the NYTime’s main target audience. So, you’d think they’d be besties. Except that’s clearly not what’s going on.
      My best guess is that inherited wealth just doesn’t like self-made people and they really don’t like powerful women who aren’t in their golf games. If she gets into the Oval Office, they may have to change their social strategy, mentor young women and feel uncomfortable acting like dickheads in the privacy of their own groups.

    • Also, forgot to mention that in Karen Ho’s book Liquidated on the anthropology of Wall Street, Harvard and Princeton are where the financial guys get most of their robotic recruits. They’ve always been distrustful of Yale graduates because they’re thought to be too liberal.

    • Perhaps the New York Times classes of people commanding the NyTimes feel sure that their social class interests will be taken care of regardless, so they feel free to vent their personal spite.

  2. It goes back a long time and they act like the Clintons peed in their cornflakes or something. At least with Sally Quinn you know what her schtick is. She never thought they were worthy of occupying the oval office. Maybe it’s the same with the NYT. Jill Abrams did acknowledge that there is a sexism problem there. So maybe that’s part of it.

    • And then they replaced the executive editor with a guy.

      • I don’t think so. It’s so virulent and seems to have an agenda. I don’t think simple class snobbery will explain it. Perhaps the powers-to-be are frightened of the two people who can get elected without their help. What would happen if they didn’t do this crap on her? She would get elected and have political capital to act like another FDR. They can’t have that.

  3. Classism, misogyny, racism are virulent strains of the same dumb virus. I suspect that if Hillary Clinton gets elected CNN will start showing shaky footage of women getting shot in the street and or brutalized by police and sundry “authority” figures on a weekly basis. I remember Sally Quinn writing something especially condescending about the Clintons as they were about to exit the White House. Google is not my friend right at the moment but I swear I am not making it up, it got stuck in my craw—something to the effect that the Clintons did not even have one house to their name, where would they go, where would they live? Quinn made it clear in one sentence: The Clintons were white trash when they got in, unwashed by eight years of power on their way out. At the time I thought well, Sally Quinn, if you are so worried, you could always let them stay at Grey Gardens (Quinn and Ben Bradlee bought the estate from Edith Bouvier back in the seventies). Right now you can rent it from Quinn for $250,000.00 for the summer. Irony never ceases to amaze me. Neither does racism which reared its deformed head on cable news not much longer after Obama got settled in. I suggest we all stock up on our vitamins because hatred of the poor, especially hatred of poor women is a White Walker strain all its own. Unless of course you are a demented poor woman whose cousin married the President. It feels baffling but it’s not.

  4. Yep, its pretty ironic/blatant, given that her announcement was in New York.

  5. riverdaughter
    crank up your institutional memory machine to march 1992. that was the moment when jeff gerth, ny times reporter, “broke” the original whitewater “story”, a pack of lies, distortions and disgruntlements spewing from the forked tongue of ex-clinton business partner, jim macdougal. the intended (but unpredictable) consquences of that tripe twisty-turned its way to “that woman”, impeachment, george jr, 9/11, eye-raq, two terms of the current whitehouse occupier, the near end of the world as we know it economically and further catastrophes to come with no end in sight! and on top of that the lying rag costs $2.50 these days and $5.00 on sunday!!!

  6. Off topic:

    I ate at least half a bowl of Total with added raisins before I realized the little black specks in the bowl were not little flakes of raisins.

    They were ants.

    I checked both items. The Total is clean; the ants had gotten into the raisins. 😛

    Now I know how an aardvark feels. 😆

    • When I open the next container of raisins, I’ll start keeping them in the refrigerator. :mrgreen:

    • When I was a kid, our house was infested with ants. It was horrific, something like a horror movie. Dad wouldn’t poison them because we had a gazillion kids and he was afraid one of the little ones would get into it (one of his co-workers lost a child when she ate a mothball) … So we had these tracks of ants (the little kind) all over the house. I am still terrified when I feel (or think I feel) an ant crawling on my skin.

      Now I’m wondering how often we ate them…..

      • Were they the tiny little black-type picnic ants? I had an infestation of tiny little picnic ants once and I finally got tired of it. I discovered they just loved tuna fish. So what I did was . . . put out a tuna fish can with some tuna fish in it with the open lid of the can bent back so its edge touched the floor and the ants could walk up the can-lid into the can.
        I also build some kind of bridge so the ants could walk back out again.

        I waited a couple of days . . . renewing the can with a little more tuna fish from time to time . . . until a steady thin black stream of ants was coming to and from the open tuna can. I reasoned that the chemical trail laid down by the ants was then so strong that it would persist for a couple of days, time enough for ALL the ants to make the round trip.

        So then I poured a quarter-inch deep layer of olive oil into the bottom of the can. Every ant that walked into the can became coated in the oil or sunk in it and they all drowned. After a couple of days, the very last straggler had found its way into the can and drowned in the oil. The bottom of the can had a thick black layer of oily dead ants in it. So I threw the can away.

        I never had another infestation.

        • Yes, they are the little black ants. Thanks for the tip–if I decide I can stand the smell of old tuna, I might try it.

        • That is genius.

        • I want pictures of the little bridge that you built for the ants.

          • Sweet Sue,

            I didn’t take any pictures and the comments sections of blogs don’t have graphic functions. I’m not sure there is even a picture of such a thing anywhere on the web. But I find one can picture it if one sort of let’s one’s mind lose just a little bit of sharp-edged focus and let’s one’s awareness spread out a little.

            When next opening a tunafish can, instead of opening the lid all the way off, why not leave a quarter-inch of lid metal uncut and still attaching the lid to the can? Then bend the can-lid back so that when the can is flat on the floor or a counter, the “far edge” of the lid touches the floor or that counter? There is a bridge INto the can. Then one can more easily visualize how to make a bridge back OUT OF the can. Perhaps a strip of cardboard or something which can be folded or bent?

            About the smell of old tuna fish . . . I noticed once that those same ants really seemed to like spilled quinoa seeds. They formed a line of ants each grabbing one seed to take it back to the nest. I don’t know if ants like quinoa seeds as much as they like old tuna.

  7. Bernard Jenkins is right: The New York Times wanted a Pulitzer and a Presidential head on a pike to its credit.
    “The Washington Post dethroned Nixon…wah, wah, wah.

    • I have read that many reporters got a degraded view of journalism from their disunderstanding of the Woodward and Bernstein breaking of the Watergate story. These degraded reporters decided that the road to Fame and Prizes was to find and highlight gotcha-scandals on political figures.

      ( By the way, there is some suspicion that Woodward was an intelligence asset who was simply fed information and hints and directions by hidden government people who wanted to get Nixon for their own personal vengeance reasons. Woodward then passed this on to Bernstein at key points. Bernstein was also doing his own hard journalistic work on the same story. Since Woodward was the intelligence asset and Bernstein wasn’t, Woodward got rewarded by being set up to write multi-million dollar books about this or that figure while Bernstein was left to labor in journalistic obscurity and produce legitimate journalism for which he has received near-zero reward).

      This is not to say that gotcha journalism is the only journalism left.
      There is still serious investigation of serious problems and stuff.

      • Hence, all the damned-gates that have rained down upon us.

        • Some of those “gates” really were big. But those weren’t so well covered by the gotcha press because they didn’t quite have the soap-opera element of human drama.

          For example, here in Michigan we had Cattlegate. Remember “Cattlegate. It’s bigger than Watergate!” . . . ? Probably not, because the Big Media didn’t cover it all that much, maybe because it was somewhat Michigan-specific also?

          • I don’t know anything about it but I will educate myself.

          • As I remember ( and this is just memory now . . . ) sometime in the late 1970’s, someone at a Michigan Farm Bureau feed-mixing facility accidentally mixed some “FireMaster” into a bunch of cattlefeed instead of mixing “NutriMaster” into it. Hey! . . . they looked sort of alike on the label. Turns out that FireMaster is a PBB-based fire-retardant chemical and NutriMaster is a magnesium oxide (I believe) delivery mixture for lowering the pH inside of cows’ stomachs and improving uptake of nutrients from ingested feed.

            So a bunch of FireMaster (PBBs) got into the cattlefeed. Cattle were getting mysteriously sick and dying all over Michigan and then farmers were getting all kinds of bizarre illnesses and symptoms. The State of Michigan and Farm Bureau and etc. kept stonewalling and lying and lying and lying about it all. Finally a farmer with a friend in a chemical analysis lab sent some samples into his friend who left them running way longer than usual on the heat-it-up vapor diffusion machine(?) / nuclear magnetic resonance measurizer. Running the heated vapor over way longer than the State bothered to do it revealed the NMR spike telltale of PBBs ( PolyBrominated BiPhenyls). When this was privately discovered and then publicly revealed, the State and Farm Bureau and etc. were pressured and tortured into tracking back how Fire Retardant would have gotten into the cattlefeed. It was finally figured out that some guy confused FireMaster for NutriMaster and poured some big bags of FireMaster into the cattlefeed mixing machines. People all over Michigan were eating PBB beef and drinking PBB milk, as well as the cattle sickening and dying and the farmers also. The polluted cattle had to be killed and buried in specially prepared leach-proof clay-lined pits and etc.

            The “-gate” part of it came from the State and the Bureau and etc. trying to deny it and cover it up for so long.

            Such is my memory.

  8. I can’t see the poor white trash theory. Ronzo’s background was a nobody out of nowhere but even before he was Prez — and he was not at all popular on the East Coast then — the NYT didn’t have the same obsessive contempt for him. They seem to reserve a viciousness for Clinton that they don’t even display toward Black Bloc Anarchists.

    As you say, RD, you’d think they’d all be besties given the class loyalties.

    Pelosi has some of that irrational animus, and I always assumed that was because she wanted to be First Grand Female Poobah Whatnot and resented Clinton for getting ahead of her. But that couldn’t explain the NYT. I mean, surely MDowd didn’t expect to run for Prez or something?

    The hatred-on-display seems pretty unprofessional for such a stratospheric newspaper, so presumably the motivation to put that crap out there has to be overwhelming. Which means I’d think we know what it is. But I don’t.

    Are they that panicked and outraged because she really could win? But they’ve been constantly outraged, since long before any Prezzie moves.

    • Clinton Derangement Syndrome may have become such a habit for the fauxgressive elite that they have forgotten their original motive(s).

      • I guess. But what caused the derangement to begin with? It’s not like she (or Bill) impoverished millions of people or used kittens to make bathmats or something.

        I think you have a point though. Whatever CDS is based on is getting lost in the mists of time. It’s a habit at this point.

        • Quixote,

          Through the mechanisms of NAFTA, WTO membership for America and MFN for China, President Clinton has impoverished millions of people. He also helped deepen the poverty of many Haitians by ensnaring Haiti in some kind of Free Trade Agreement by which the Haitian government was forced to discriminate against Haitian rice-growers and permit the unrestricted sale in Haiti of American rice, thereby driving yet more rural Haitians into utter destitution and into the slums of Port-au-Prince.

          He later pretended to apologise for it and pretended that it was not his deliberate intention right from the start. But he is a smart man. He went to Oxford and got a Rhodes Scholarship and everything. So he knew exactly what he was doing it and why he was doing it. The destruction of Haiti’s rice sector in favor of Globalist KKKorporate Plantationism is part of what he has been paid so many millions of dollars for by the Global Rich after leaving office. ( I respelled “KKKorporate” in case the official spelling is one of those trigger words which gets a comment moderated). Anyway, here is the link.

          And take careful note: the New York Times suPPORTS the deliberate impoverishment of millions of people in support of Globalist KKKorporate Plantationism. I don’t remember any exact quotes from any stories or editorials, but I suspect that impoverishing millions in pursuit of KKKorporate Global Plantationism is one of the things that the New York Times eFFUSively PRAISES Clinton FOR. So of course that would not be the source of NyTimes’s distaste for Clinton. I once again resort to my Howell Raines theory.

          • My facetious examples were bad. The NYT doesn’t care about all the corporate stuff when it’s anyone else, so they’ll hardly be coming over all human just for Clinton. I should have said, it’s not like they eat their soup with the wrong spoon. Neither she nor Bill is noticeably white-trashier than politicians who are hated less by the NYT. That’s why it seems to me the backstory has to be something else.

    • I believe Howell Raines of Arkansas was a Leading Figure of some sort at the NyTimes during the early and mid President Clinton period.
      Raines himself was from Arkansas gentility and Southern Gentility in particular harbors a deep contempt and distaste for Southern “White Trash”. So Raines deeply hated and resented the “White Trash” Clinton for reaching heights of fame and power which Raines felt ought to be reserved for the Genteel Gentry. Howell Raines has a lot to answer for his own self for his particular role in the be-smearing of Clinton all throughout the NyTimes for year after year after year.

      ( Meanwhile, of course, Raines and that same NyTimes completely supported Clinton’s traitorous economic treason against America known as NAFTA, WTO membership and MFN status for China. Raines was being obedient to the NyTimes’s Prime Plutocratic Directive when it came to the Free Trade parts of the Clinton Agenda).

  9. In 2008, the Slate women writers got so hatefully crazed about Hillary, I stopped reading them. I did notice, before I departed the killing fields, that none of them ever said why. obama was “McDreamy,” Palin’s husband, whose name escapes me, was “dishy,” so the level of commentary was below ground. I took to reading men writers, some of whom really disliked Clinton, for more objective opinions.

    My guess is the Clintons are regarded as the Snopes of national politics and that’s why, say, Sally Quinn, detests them. No class, no discretion, just raw, in your face grasping. Families like the bushes, OTOH, can fall back on their drawing room manners when occasions require.

  10. Have we forgotten MoDo? Wish I could.

    • I have read a hypothesis–I forget whose–that MoDo hates the Clintons because Bill never made a pass at her. 😛

      • I wonder if Mo-ron Dowd hated Gore for having been Clinton’s Vice President? She certainly did what she could to smear and degrade Gore in her columns.

  11. Jeb Bush’s announcement byline made the front page of the NYT at a little after 5 pm.

  12. Donald Trump is in!!
    Curb your enthusiasm.

  13. Bet you it all goes back to when Sweet Caroline was not “Chosen” to be Hillary’s successor as Senator from NY. Didn’t the Chairman of NY Times Arthur Ochs Sulzberger have an affair with Sweet Caroline?

  14. Speaking of the NYT, they had an absolutely disgusting “blame the victims” piece on the Berkeley balcony fall.


  15. Off topic, I wonder how much pro gun legislation Nikki Haley has signed since taking office?
    Watching her crocodile, dry eyed tears on television is making me sick.
    There I go again, “politicizing” this tragic event.

  16. My last comment about Nikki Haley and guns didn’t post.
    Did I use “trigger” words?

  17. Dear Keepers of the Blog,

    My lonely comment sits and weeps in moderation since yesterday. May it be set free?

  18. Al Gore redux. The print and broadcast news media has been given order by Wall Street/Corporate America to get another republican elected.
    The only question will be what landmark or commercial area and how many innocent lives will the republican president allow terrorists to take out so he can invade Iran?

    • I thought that would be the case in 2008, but it turned out that Corporate Murka is not the GOP monolith I thought it was. Perhaps the bat$#!+ GOP base has scared enough of the aristocracy into thinking the now-tractable Dems are actually preferrable?

      • And you’re assuming that Obama was not the choice of Corporate (hey, it’s sorta the Latin name for body, so it must be a person) America?
        They worked awfully hard to keep anybody else named Clinton away from the White House.

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