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Wednesday: Dignity?

Reader D. sent me this last night:

I know you don’t need another idea for a blog…  (I wouldn’t be so sure about that D.)

But below is something that I think I missed a meeting about somewhere.

Remember the Women Count Pac?  The one that did the fabulous ads for Senator Clinton?  I remember back in the my naïve days when I thought I knew what movements were about when I extended my hand for membership and sometimes with my precious few donation dollars after the Hillary donations and travel.

Imagine my surprise when I got this.  They sent out an email yesterday asking for people who want to be informed and attend a “Platform Listening Meeting” in my area.  How cool, eh?

Not so much.

Today I got this …and “lo and behold” when you click to find your area – guess what website opens for you to choose your area?  That’s right – the selected one.

I felt betrayed, ripped off, cheated – oh wait.  I guess that’s just the election process these days.

When the heck did they decide to support Obama?  You’d think that they would have sent a memo or something… 

I was just wondering if anyone else was a little deflated by this latest news.

Perhaps working so hard on the PCPC Conference has just kept me out of the loop?  

Hard to say…

Hope the news is more positive over on The Confluence…

A devoted fan,

So, she sends me an email from Women Count PAC that shows the group now attempting to grovel for Obama’s attention for the platform because the *only* way you can influence the platform of the DNC is through Obama’s Website.   WomenCount PAC do “issue demands” regarding the intolerable level of sexism that surfaced during the campaign:

“Our Party is committed to achieving gender equality in all aspects of American life. Therefore, we will not tolerate sexism targeted against our candidates or their spouses in the media or anywhere else in the political arena.”
“We acknowledge that the 2008 Democratic primary election exposed pervasive gender bias in the media during the campaign. From now on, when we see examples of this behavior, our Party leadership will take immediate and public steps to condemn it.”
“By doing so, we will establish that our Party recognizes that gender bias is a violation of Civil Rights and that men and women should be treated equally in the media and in all facets of our society.”

How did we get from this:
to this:

Jeez, the language is so quaint.  To their credit, they advise the attendees at these scripted soirees to be “aggressive and persistent”.  (You can read womencountplatform.  Note that the formatting may have changed from the original.) But the framing is all wrong.  It’s a little like demanding that your dungeon masters feed you a higher quality of gruel.

The problem is that these regional platform forums shouldn’t be held at all in this manner.  Since when did Obama own the Democratic party’s platform?  What we *should* be doing is asking this question over and over again at theses forums: “Who died and made you God of the Democrats?”

Will Bower and I got a quite different kind of letter from Hillary Clinton.  In it, she asks for our input on what concerns us most and she is asking for it in current terms not for future contemplation.  You can add your input at HillPAC here. I’m assuming that she doesn’t have to go to one of these Platform Listening Tours or whatever to get them to pay attention.

This song goes out to all the Obamaphiles and other Democrats who just can’t stay away no matter what their man is. I can almost hear David Sedaris singing it. (Garychapelhill and Mawm just spewed coffee on their keyboard.)

One more thing:  Commenter GRL from InsightAnalytical has a list of international news links that are local to Obama’s Grand European and Middle Eastern Tour.  You might like to see what gets filtered out of the CBS Evening News with Katie Chipmunk.

An Ad Opportunity from WomenCount PAC

See this link from Taylor Marsh’s site for an opportunity to get the message out that women’s voices will be heard this primary season. The PAC is planning to run the ad several major newspapers this weekend. Here’s the ad:

Hillary in the rain

Not So Fast…
Hillary’s Voice is OUR Voice,
And She’s Speaking for All of Us

We are the women of this nation. We are rich and poor, young and old, married with kids, married without kids, single moms, gay, straight, and widowed. We are every color. We are of every religion. We are from all political parties.

We love our country. Now more than ever, so much of what we cherish is at risk – our homes and our health, our safety and our planet, our children and our values. We raise our voices, in one glorious, defiant chorus, to tell the world that these times demand strength, courage and vision.

And that is why we stand united in our unwavering support for Hillary Clinton.

As Senator Clinton campaigns, she speaks with our voice. She carries our hopes, dreams and aspirations with her and transforms them into policies that can make our nation great again.

We know that Hillary will not rest until every American has health insurance, every child can start school ready to learn, every young person has a chance to attend college, every worker will have a safe job at decent wages. She will not rest until our men and women in the military receive the care they deserve and America foreign policy is grounded in human rights and military strength.

We know this because we have seen her do this — at home and around the world.

We cannot stand by as a cacophony of voices demand that she step aside to smooth the road for another.

Women risked all they held dear to make this country great. They put their lives on the line in all our quests for justice – from Abigail Adams to Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony to Eleanor Roosevelt to Fannie Lou Hamer to Barbara Jordan to Dolores Huerta to Hillary herself.

We know that when women vote, Democrats win. Now it is the responsibility of our party to hear our voices and count all our votes.

We want Hillary to stay in this race until every vote is cast, every vote is counted, and we are convinced our voices are heard.


Here’s a link to the rest of the details.
This may be the only way we get past the media filter. At least the DNC and the others will know that we are not going quietly and we *will* make trouble for them in the fall. It’s worth a try.