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    • Chaos demon strikes again
      It was the first meeting Trump had with Pelosi since the impeachment began, and today House Republicans broke ranks to join Dems in a vote against his Syria withdrawal. He basically threw a tantrum and yelled at Pelosi, who has raised five kids and knows to ignore them. So the Dems walked out of the … Continue reading Chaos demon strikes again
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    • AOC, Ilhan Omar and Tlaib Endorse Sanders
      I find it interesting that  many centrists are angered and surprised. They though these, arguably the most progressive members of the House caucus, would endorse Warren. Certainly by recent standards Warren is progressive and left leaning, but she’s weak sauce compared to Sanders. But centrists thought because she was a woman, AOC, Tlaib and Omar […]
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Oscars and Afghanistan

Two things:

First, Christopher Tellefsen has been nominated for best film editing for the movie Moneyball. That’s great for two reasons: 1) it was a wonderful movie that answers the timeless question “is it all about winning or losing or how you play the game?”. The movie, adapted from a book from Wall Street writer Michael Lewis, shows that some things are more important than money. Sometimes, it’s about trusting in the people who work for you and letting them fulfill their potential and enjoying the game.
Excellent editing, of course. 2:) Chris Tellefsen is Katiebird’s brother in law, married to her sister Bev. We’re pulling for you, Chris. Good luck and may you and Bev have a night to remember. Take lots of pictures.

If you are a friend of Katiebird (Catharine Hendricks), you can join her Oscar party on Facebook.

Second, my little brother, aka Tut, is regular US Army. For the past decade, he miraculously managed to avoid being posted overseas. Until last year. That’s when the Army sent him to Kuwait. And we were ok with that. Not much to worry about in Kuwait but sand fleas in the desert. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay in Kuwait. Last time we heard, he was in Afghanistan. Northern Afghanistan, to be precise. you know, the place where the natives are all restless over some burned Korans and lobbing grenades into compounds with army soldiers? Yeah, that’s the place.

I would say it would do him good to see what happens when a country takes religious fundamentalism to its logical conclusions, given that he’s a bit of a judgmental Christian fundamentalist himself. But it would lessen my anxiety considerably if he could witness the uproar and learn his lesson from the safety of Kuwait.

It seems that I am experiencing quite a bit of the proverbial Chinese “interesting times” rather more closely than i had originally anticipated. Do me a favor and keep Tut and his girls back in Arizona in your thoughts. Oh, heck, keep the whole US Army in your thoughts.