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    • The Wages Of Embarassing Elites Are Death
      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Monday: “Obsessive Deadenders” {{snarf!!}}

Korean Bibimbap for Hillary for lunch

Korean Bibimbap for Hillary for lunch

First, there was Biden’s wife accidentally slipping up on purpose on Oprah. She said that Joe was first pick for Secretary of State. Oddly enough, I think there is a grain of truth to that. Joe probably wanted SOS and Hillary was destined for VP in order to solidify her support for Obama. But my guess is that she made it pretty clear up front that she wasn’t interested in being deep sixxed for four years so don’t even ask. (Of course, we’ll never really know what went on in DiFi’s study. We merely speculate based on what *we* would have done.) So, Joe had to settle for VP instead of jetting around the world flashing his UltraBrite smile.
Then, there was the suggestion that Jim Jones, the national security advisor, was really running things and had rigged the internals so that nothing from State actually counted. But then we remembered that George Mitchell and Richard Holbrooke, who are serving as envoys to Obama, are Clinton loyalists. Holbrooke was her Foreign Policy advisor on her campaign. So, Samantha Powers may not get her way like she hoped. The “Monster” may win this round. But it was a good meme for awhile there and no doubt, there are many people who prematurely celebrated the demise of La Clinton.

Now, the new meme is that those of us who are following Hillary’s career at State are “obsessive deadenders”. This is coming from “friendly” blogs What a crock of horse hockeys. We are very aware that Hillary is not the president. She’s likely never going to be president. The progressive blogosphere 1.0 saw to that. But it would be really stupid to pretend she doesn’t have power. She’s the second most powerful politician in America after Obama. The eyes of the world are on her as she makes her maiden voyage to Asia as our new Secretary of State. She’s got more gravitas in her little pinky than Obama has in his entire jock strap. Whether the Obama adminstration and media like it or not, she’s important.

The world *loves* her. Her employees lover her. We all know now that her plans for the economy were the right ones. We’re not obsessive deadenders. We were right. And we’re going to follow Hillary’s brilliant career at State as if she is the Foreign President.


On another note:

In general, we do not like to accuse people of being spies or trolls. It’s impolite and it doesn’t add to the spirit of the site to be exclusive. We feel it is better to be friendly when we can be. Our policy is to “reward good behavior”, not to perform a version of political ethnic cleansing when we find heterodoxy. Of course, there are times when we have to delete users or comments for being “trollish”. The reasons for doing this is left to the discretion of the administrators but you can probably expect to be thrown into the spam filter if you meet the following criteria:
1.) You have introduced talking points or propaganda that smell like they came straight from David Axlerod’s ass.
2.) You are aggressive and abrasive and cannot engage in a discussion without insulting your audience.
3.) You stalk users or comments.
4.) You intentionally attempt to pit one group of users against another to cause disruption and dissent. (You highjack a thread)

We have a moderation queue. Certain trigger words in a comment will automatically get you thrown in the moderation queue. It happens to everyone eventually so don’t take it personally. One of the trigger words is “racist”. If you type that word in a comment, we don’t know whether you are saying: “You old, ugly PUMAs are racists” or “I’m an old ugly, PUMA but I’m no racist.”. The comment has to be examined in context to see if it is a comment that Anglachel might have written or one that I might have written. Once that ambiguity is cleared up, the comment is released or thrown into the spam filter where no one can hear you scream. So, don’t take it personally if you end up in the queue. There are other trigger words culled from the propaganda comments of the hired Obama commenters but they are more rarely invoked than “racist” and “racism”. Now that Krugman, Atrios and Kos are racists too, maybe this trigger word will lose its mojo and we can take it out of the queue eventually.

We have some long time commenters who are Republican here. Actually, they having identity problems. They’re not really Republicans but they have to figure that out for themselves. (I’m joking. Ok, not really) We are a liberal blog and the Republicans know it. But we like these commenters because they add something to our blog and we want them to continue to comment here. We don’t approve of “purity”. We do not insist that people stick to a prescribed set of doctrines but we do have a credo. You can read it in the tabs at the top of the page. But just because we have our minds wide open doesn’t mean our brains have fallen out. So, there is a lot of room for discussion and debate in a friendly atmosphere where people from many points of view can participate.

One other thing: We didn’t endorse any candidate for president. There are some blogs who think we converted to McCain after the convention. This is incorrect. We dissociated ourselves from the Just Say No Deal coalition once we realized that it was their intent to work with the McCain campaign. We endorsed many Democrats for the House and the Senate. However, many of our front posters, including yours truly, voted for McCain as a protest, not out of any fondness for Republican policies. We cried bitter tears afterwards but we didn’t want to reward the DNC for the way they invalidated our votes during the primary season. We believe that narrowed Obama’s margin of victory. Good. The DNC knows we’re out here and they will probably continue to take steps to minimize our impact. Like by calling us Obsessive Deadenders.

Too damn bad. We don’t really care what they call us. We’re here to stay.