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Wednesday: People Like Us

There are three must read posts from two of our friends and one satellite sister today.  I’m calling these posts “What they did to us”, “Why they’re doing it” and “How to start fighting back”.

The first, What they did to us, is at PUMAPac and is an update and second teaser for the film, The Audacity of Democracy, The Hillary Flashpoint and Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party.

Darragh is still raising funds to finish the film, scheduled for around inauguration in 2009, though if it’s finished earlier, doesn’t it get counted in the Academy Awards category of documentary?  I dunno.  Anyway, if you contribute now and pre-order your copy of the film now, you will get a DVD of clips from various PUMA events in Denver, including the one where Sheri Tag and MarylandPUMA tag teamed the reprehensible Tommy Christopher, “journalist”.  Not to be missed!

The second post that I call, “Why they’re doing it”, is from our satellite sister, who isn’t a PUMA, Anglachel.  Her post, Where the Shadows Lie, will put a chill up your spine and not merely because the title refers to Tolkien’s Mordor.  It’s because you come away feeling like a Clinton Democrat is one of the most reviled creatures on earth to the Unity Democrats.  We’ve all experienced this irrational hatred towards us.  For example, I can now spot an Obama troll from a mile away by noting the condescension dripping off the page.  They assume that we are just barely literate even though many of us have advanced degrees or no degree but are self-taught BS detectors.  If we’re so stupid, how is it we can trace their IP addresses back to the Humanities departments of so many (formerly) prestigious universities, like Boston University and Columbia?  But I digress.  Here is the money quote from the scary smart Angachel, Clintonista Divine:

To cut to the chase, the push in 2004 for a “Unity Party” has been realized with Howard Dean delivering the Democratic Party into the hands of the High Broderists who value unity for unity’s sake more than any other political cause or virtue. They don’t even want to claim to be part of their party, hoping people will forget and just vote for those nice clean, articulate fellas. This is part of internalizing the Reagan assault on the legitimacy of the Democratic Party as such. Psychologically, to them, the Democratic Party is the remnants of the uneducated, racist, white South and rust-belt north, who vote for Bubbas like Clinton and reject above-partisanship technocrats and idealists like Bill Bradley, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas and Howard Dean himself. The nerve of them people! And thus, this year, we have the Unity Democrats, non-partisan to the end.

The dark underbelly of this move is the presumption that the people who have been told their interests must wait will always be there for the Democrats because we have nowhere else to go. Specifically, this means African Americans, women voters and GLBT voters.

The focus of the Unity Democrats is on the winners of the economic realignment, those who managed to win a place in the white collar upper-middle class. People like my family and my husband’s, who leveraged the affluence of the post-war era to vault from being immigrants and farmers to being professionals in various government bureaucracies, law, finance, and new, white collar industries like high tech and bio-tech. The other part is to minimize the damage the losers of that realignment can inflict, which mostly means refusing to commit to policies and plans that will defend their interests. Or even their lives. Obama’s campaign is not about social goods and resources, but about cultural markers of class inclusion, such as your level of education, where you shop, whether you live in urban or rural environments, etc. He has difficulty addressing the failures of an economic system contiguous with his own class and which is deeply invested in his candidacy, and I don’t just mean the campaign contributions. He is the exemplar of a mode of life that, while not as unreachable as that of Bush’s base, is still out of reach of those who do not have the education, acculturation and business contacts to climb up that economic ladder.

The ultimate shadow of Reagan is that you don’t win by defending losers, only by securing the interests of the winners. That is the dark heart beating in the chest of the Unity Democrats. They are done with the losers.

Yep, we are the LOOOOSSSERRRSSS according to the Chris Bowers types even if we are for the most part indistinguishable from them.  The resentment comes down to people who still require something from government, like equal rights for women, African-Americans, the GLBT community, the elderly.  If you need something from the Unity Democrats, forget it.  You are now being set adrift on your own little ice-floe.  Of course, they still need you to win, as evidenced by the 63 branch offices that the Obama campaign has set up in PA.  But here’s the message that must be delivered to those Pennsylvanians like my mom, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins: The Obama Democrats do not care about you any more than the Bush Republicans did.  Just vote for every woman on the ballot and hope that someday we’ll get to a 30% Solution.

The last post is from our friend, Heidi Li Feldman.  Her post is Want to fix the Democratic Party?  Steps you can take now is full of short term, practical actions that will yield long term results.  Heidi is a cockeyed optimist too.  Never say die.  There are still things you can do to make sure you the party has a core that will survive the massive meltdown it is headed for in November by stupidly putting Obama at the helm.  For example:

  • You can donate to the Denver Group and Democrats for Principle before party.  The funds will be used to buy ads in Capital Hill newspapers to let Congress know we’re still out here and there is strength and numbers in the Clinton wing of the party.
  • You can contribute to a slate of Democrats who are in unexpectedly tight races this year and whose presence in Congress will shore up that wing of the party.  We recommend Linda Stender, Kay Hagen, Kirsten Gillibrand, Al Franken, for example.  See out ActBlue page for other suggestions.
  • You can call your Senator and urge him/her to elect Clinton as Senate Majority Leader.  Heidi tells us that now is the time that the political jockeying for positions is done.  In a week or so, they will be ordering their inaugural ball gowns and putting aside business for the year.  Strike while the Iron is Hot.

Now, a lot of the actions require you to make a donation.  Please take the money you might have sent to the DNC this year and donate to the downticket Dems of your choice, then to the causes that will help you re-establish your party. The Denver Group has a plan, PUMAPac has activities and a movie.  It’s an investment in your future and the future of the country.

And remember, “We are the ones no one expected.”

The show must go on: 2008-2012

Hey look!  It's 2012!

Hey look over there, it's 2012!

Happy Labor Day everyone!   For all of those Conflucians in coastal Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, we hope you are well & please report how things are in your little corner of the South.  Keep safe & hope you and your loved ones are well!

In the meantime, the show must go on.  The great Heidi Li Feldman wrote something that perked my inner mountain lion to new heights:  Why Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton must be the next Senate Majority Leader  – but before some of you say “WTF??”  – please read her article at the link above. 

Senator Clinton is eminently qualified for this role. (Indeed her experience in the Senate and the respect in which she is held there were among the reasons she would have been such an excellent Democratic President this year, since working effectively with the legislative branch, especially the Senate, is a large part of what makes a President successful.) She has the policy ideas and the political savvy that can make the Senate an extremely powerful force for progressive change. Senator Clinton has the respect of foreign leaders the world over.

Furthermore, Senator Clinton now enjoys a popular mandate for her views and policies: she won more votes than any other presidential contender in a primary season ever has; polls show that were she running against John McCain she would be beating him handily; and she is a politician of national prominence who has support from rank and file voters of all affiliations.

Thus, the importance of making sure that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected by her Democratic peers to lead them in the Senate. Information on how rank and file Democrats can work toward this objective to follow. Stay tuned.

Now, this does not mean that Hillary will weaken her presidential chances for 2012, in fact, it strengthens it.  After the Pelosi-Dean-Brazile-ocrats get the McCain/Palin SuperDuper Spanking this November, our goal is to bring Democracy back to the Democratic Party.  Well, here’s our chance to get rid of the most incompetent and corrupt Democratic leadership since, uhh, since …. well hell, there’s never been a more corrupt DNC leadership ever! 

If Cindy Sheehan beats Nancy Pelosi, a big part of the problem is solved.  Pelosi loses her House seat and she goes back to San Francisco.  But if Nancy Pelosi wins her 2008 election against Cindy Sheehan, Hillary Clinton as Senate Majority leader makes Hillary the most powerful and influential Democrat in the nation, regardless of who’s the Speaker of the House.   Nancy will carry the large and looming Obama/Biden defeat on her shoulders and there’s nothing that’ll give more cooties than an election loss, whether it’s a general, state or local election.   

Just by Hillary obtaining Harry Reid’s position, Hillary becomes the de-facto Democratic Party Leader due to her strength and record for fighting Republicans head-on, and her emergence as a true populist leader during the primaries, and with that 18 Million “I told you so’s” elephant in the room strengthening her 2012 run.  Hillary has something that nobody in the DNC has.  Leverage.  Hillary came out smelling like ROSE from the DNC convention.  She gave above and beyond the call of duty.  Not to mention the voters who were shafted in the interest of “party unity.”  

My point is: Hillary has YOU AND ME and 18 million others who believe she is the best leader for our country.  She already has re-energized the Democratic voter base and as Senate Majority Leader, she’ll bring a much needed backbone to Democrats should McCain win (and he will).  She’s the only Democrat, other than President Bill Clinton, that Republicans retreat, stand down and run scurrying to their bunkers.   Why do you think Dick Cheney has a permanent scowl on his face?  (Michelle Obama, look out, your face will freeze if you keep making that “scoop mouth!” –  h/t Sugar @ Sugar n Spice Blog.)

We all know that Obama/Biden is going to get the SuperSmackDown of SmackDowns this November 4th – and I can’t wait!  We are only 3 days in the general election and the Obamaphiles are verklempt and going into hyper High School Gossip mode over Sarah Palin as VP.   We need to distance ourselves from the High School Gossip Kool Kidz Krew.   We need to start thinking beyond the election and start regrouping to put Democracy back into the Democratic Party.  We need to support Down Ticket Democrats (but Nothing on Top of the Ticket – N.O.T.) for that impending McCain/Palin win in November, to ensure than they enforce the “checks and balances” to the Executive and Judicial branches as it was intended by our country’s founders.  Primary Election reform is another goal we must make sure is addressed to the post-electables.  

Personally, I have no dog in this election fight anymore and I’m quite ok with that.  Neither McCain nor Obama speak to my needs as a voter.  But the show must go on!  What do you think of Hillary Clinton as Senate Majority Leader?

Rebuilding years

Nothing On Top

N.O.T for Democrats 2008

Three nights ago, Hillary Clinton told us to “keep going” no matter what.  The ‘what’ came today in the form of Sarah Palin for Vice President, running with John McCain.  It was a masterstroke of genius from John McCain and a checkmate to Barack Obama and the DNC.  Many of our coalition members have already written emails saying they are now supporting John McCain out of protest at the way the primaries and convention were run by the DNC.  Some were planning to do so before Palin’s announcement.  Many more Democrats are planning to defect since this morning.

That’s fine.  We won’t tell you how to vote.  Just remember that as attractive as the McCain/Palin ticket is, Republicans have a fundamentally different philosophy about government than Democrats.  Although McCain and Palin may be considered reformers of the Republican party, they are wrong about many issues that Democrats find important.  For example, both McCain and Palin are adamantly anti-choice.  They also have different attitudes towards distribution of risk in areas like health care.  We must not gloss over this.

That is why it is so important to make sure that Congress remains in the hands of Democrats.  This year, we have the opportunity to increase our numbers in both the House and Senate.  A number of these downticket Dems are true Democrats in the liberal and FDR style.  For example, Linda Stender in NJ-07 is very much a progressive like Hillary Clinton: pro-choice, against the war, for rescinding the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  Now is the time to work for these downticket Dems to guarantee that we have divided government in the wake of what will be almost certain defeat for Barack Obama.

To that end, there are some new efforts that I would like to call your attention to:

  • PUMAPac is about to launch The New Democratic Party.  This party is in the model of Alice Paul’s National Women’s Party.  The party will have a platform and goals and will endorse candidates that meet our criteria.  We are still working on the website but we welcome your input on platform and goals tonight on a Lion’s Share edition of NO WE WON’T at 9:00PM EST tonight.
  • The Denver Group, co-founded by Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin, is going to be starting an ad initiative to inform voters about how they were betrayed by the DNC.  The intent is to make the powers that be, the powers that were.  The DNC can not be rewarded for their behavior.  Now is the time to purge the party of the authorirarian elements that shut Hillary Clinton and faithful Democrats like ourselves out of the party.  Please see their page describing their initiative.

Remember, we are strong and powerful because we represent millions of votes that *both* parties want to get their sweaty little hands on.  Now is the time that we call the tunes and make them dance.  But we can only do it if we’re all using the same music.  Find your buddies, stick together, hold hands, watch out for one another and we *will* “keep going” and fighting back.

Here’s an ad for Linda Stender to remind you of the kind of Democrat we need in Congress:

Self-determination and Revolution

Here is the latest from The Denver Group:

“We are the ones no one was expecting.” –Darragh Murphy

Keep the fundraiser going for our presence in Denver.  Contribute here.

Update: Murphy posted that we have met our goal of $4000.00 for today.  Yeah!  The Confluence contributed almost $1000 towards that goal.  Tomorrow, we are shooting for $6000.  Everyone who has donated can sit on their hands so others can step up and help us meet this challenge.

I would also like to thank the many people who contributed to Gary and Mawm’s Great RV Adventure fund.  With your help, they won’t have to panhandle through the panhandles to keep the gas tank full (although we may have to have another fundraiser to get them back.).  Many, many thanks to out generous readers.

FYI- The most read post on The Confluence is Puma Power.  It’s been viewed 22,305 times. 22,306. 22,307…

Don’t forget to tune into Meet me in Denver with Murphy and Friends tonight at 9:00PM EST on NQR.

Thursday: Those Meddling Kids

Way to go, Janis! Your ad catapulted The Denver Group into the NYTimes.  (BTW, Heidi Li has a very nice post this morning that elegantly lays out why the convention must be open and transparent.) In Clinton Supporters Try One More Tack, Heidi Li and Mark Rubin’s advocacy group is prominently featured and what’s more, the Times actually seems to get the point of the FDR ad. Whoa! They *can* be taught.

Update: edgeoforever found another reference to us and The Denver Group at a local affiliate of ABC News.  We are described as “militant”.  Damn, camouflage makes me look washed out and clashes with my hair.  The comments seem to be very supportive at the ABC site.  It’s like, “Well, an open convention *does* seem rather reasonable when you think about it.”

Add that to the list of media outlets that have featured PUMAs or made reference to us as humorless troublemakers. You know, I have no problem with the troublemaker part. It’s only trouble for the people who think we are ruining their beautiful plans.  But humorless?  That just frosts my crockies, Conflucians.

All this media attention is heady stuff but it does have a down side.  We’ve seen some evidence of this in the spam filter.  BTW, Francine, you really need to take a break and cut back on the Kool-Ade.  The Obamaphiles are none too pleased right now.  We are about to ruin everything.  The media is dipping its toe into the water because, hey, the summer is slow for news, even with, or *because* of Obama’s Grand European and Middle East Best President Evah Tour.  A little conflict keeps the news junkies strung out.  Give them a little tease now and then, show a little bit of Diane’s shapely gams on Fox and watch the revenue pour in.

Now, I like the publicity, but the DNC is going to want to squash us like a bug.  You know it’s coming, though, what can they throw at us at this point?  They’ve already called us every nasty name in the book including racists, though I draw the line at Republican.  So far, we have been immune to guilt trips, the sweet enlightenment of reason and ridicule,  That leaves only a few options.  The most powerful is to divide us from within.  I’m not being paranoid.  Obama is the presumptuous nominee because the Dems were divided from within.  C’mon, John Edwards would have been a perfectly suitable candidate but he was ignored by the media.  Barack Obama was a much more potent adversary for Hillary Clinton because he pitted two vital constituencies of the Democratic base against each other.  Oh sure, the DNC loved him as well but they stupidly fell right into the trap the GOP laid for them.  The DNC pissed off its biggest voting bloc for the smaller one that has no chanve of expanding outslde of the party.   But nevermind.

My point is, they have done a lot already to get us to shut up, sit down and go away but we seem to be holding out.  So, they will have to send in the SWAT team to take a wrecking ball and split us into factions.

Hmmm, how do we get around that one?   Think, think, think.  I know!  Let’s first keep the mission simple.  If there is no mission creep, there won’t be a lot to argue about.  So, as our goal, let’s get Hillary;s name nominated at the convention in Denver.  Let’s not look beyond Denver for the time being.  Simple goal, And let’s try to keep our egos in check.  We are all in this together.  We all have a role to play.  Some of us are writers, some of us are organizers, some of us are media persons.  None of us can succeed without the others and none of us are better than the others.  We only get to be famous if we succeed.  Otherwise, we’re merely pains in the ass.

Now, Conflucians, the $%&@’s about to hit the fan.  Find a buddy, hold hands, stay together and look both ways before crossing the street.  We will be ok if we stick together.

Of further interest: Terry Gross on Fresh Air recently interviewed Ryan Lizza. Lizza wrote about Obama and his Chicago ties in the New Yorker.  It’s pretty clearr to me that Terry is in the tank for Obama.  Her voice almost sparkles when she talks about his book “Dreams of My Father”.  Earlier in the primary season, she interviewed political watchers and the fawning over Obama as better than sliced bread really grated on me so I’ve had to avoid some of her podcasts.  It made me think less of her as an interviewer and generally, she’s unmatched.  I’m not surprised though that she went for the affluent liberal schtick.  But Lizza seems a bit more grounded, especially when he says, ” Obama is incredibly lucky to have always been at the right place at the right time”.  Yes, indeedy.  Don’t miss the section where they talk about Trinity Church.  It sounds like Lizza was intially willing to cut Obama a break on his genuine religious conviction and later came to a more level-headed conclusion.  Listen and critique: Obama and the Chicago Establishment.

The Honeymoon is Over

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of thunder.  Almost immediately launched into a Bob Seeger song, then realized that it wasn’t a very good omen for a week at the beach.  Indeed it wasn’t.  The thunderstorm that passed through my undisclosed location at the shore shook the condo and made my bed vibrate.  The sky brightened in the morning but darkened again in the afternoon as we sat on the beach, towels wrapped around us, lips blue as the temperature plummeted to a balmy 70.  The cocktail party in the evening made up for it.  Lots of goodies and plenty of gin and tonics.  I forgot about the weather. This morning promises to be a bit more summerlike. I will venture back to the shore after renting a bike for Brook for the week.  Everyone is still asleep in the condo so I thought I’d update everyone.

As you can tell by the title, all those personality quirks and shortcomings that we glossed over during the orgasms of infatuation are now clearly in evidence now that the afterglow is wearing off.  It looks like he is the “turns over and goes to sleep kind” who probably wouldn’t retrun calls if he were single.  But now that the Democratic party has married him, they are in a bit of a bind.  He swept them off their feet and it is going to feel really awkward to want to divorce him.  But when even Big Tent Democrat starts writing stuff like this, you know there is a problem.

We tried to tell them that he was no good. Anglachel has a followup to some of her earlier posts and warnings in Classification.  We saw it coming, he only married the party for the connections but it was always the money he was after.  And considering who has been promoting him, the affluent liberals, libertarian Democrats, disaffected former Republicans and the young, are we really surprised he ditched his old lady as soon as he could?

What about an annulment?  Yeah, maybe we could scotch the whole deal in Denver.  No hard feelings, Barack, but we were both drunk in Vegas and we should just go our own ways.  Heidi Li has been gazing at the legal tea leaves and it looks like Obama is trying to force Clinton into some kind of prenup where she agrees to give up all possibility of nominating speeches and roll call votes in Denver in exchange for help paying off her campaign debts.  We can’t let this happen, guys.

Denver is becoming the new operant word.  The Just Say No Deal conference call last night was full of references to Denver.  After a minor hiccup last week, the coalition has come together and Diane is doing a masterful job helping to coordinate all of the moving parts.  We will be rolling out information gradually but there are a few things I’d like to make you aware of:

  • The most important thing for all of us right now is spreading the word by any media or means necessary.  You can do your part in any creative way you can think of.  I suggested that PUMAs “mark their territory” in some organic way using natural elements such as sand, grass, shrubbery, or flowers to spell out PUMA.  Print it and let nature take its course.  Murphy is trying to arrange for Aerial ads over the east coast, CA and TX.  She calls them “air raids”.  The ads are pretty reasonable as far as cost goes but PUMApac could still use donations so if you can send a tenspot or a yuppie food stamp, go to PUMApac and make a donation.
  • The credentials committee is scheduled to meet sometime in July, we believe it is July 21 in DC but we’re not absolutely sure.  I’m sure that the DNC would like to keep this soiree small and personal, you know, just a few invited guests, very low key.  F^*# that S#$*.  The last thing we want is for it to fade into obscurity.  We want to make sure the whole world is watching. To that end, we may need prot, er, celebrants at the location.  We will let you know what you can do as soon as we pin this sucker down.
  • PUMAPac needs publicity.  PUMApac will be working with RiseHillaryRise and it is anticipated, with The Denver Group to hammer out an easy to digest message about what we want to see in Denver.  These groups have been very busy building regional and state organizations.  Honestly, Conflucians, I am astonished at the way this has come together in the past month.  The energy is out there just waiting to be tapped.  There is a whole nation full of discontented Democrats who are ready to eat raw meat over the way Obama was appointed.  Pretty soon, there will be interactive state maps with coordinators for arranging caravans to Denver.  There is imminent opposition research coming from Paulie Abeles group and there will be an 800 number for non netsavvy potential PUMAs.

YOUR job, should you choose to accept it, is to continue with the energy and joy with which you embarked on this course of setting things to right.  Nothing is settled until the balloons drop in Denver and from what Heidi Li writes, it looks like Obama and the DNC are fretting over uncertainty.  That gives me hope.  And even if we do not prevail in Denver, we can make our voices heard in November so that the DNC will never again forget who really calls the shots- the voters.

OK, Conflucians, I hear the condo stirring.  Off to make some coffee.  Ciao, Caros!

PS.  Thanks Kbird, Mawm and Gary for keeping things going in the morning.  I appreciate having something to read.  😉

Saturday: What we want and when we want it

Good morning, Conflucians and PUMAs!  Today is the first day of my vacay at the beach.  Yesterday was cool and dreary aaaaannnnd so is today!  I hope we’re not seeing a theme here because that would su, er, be of low quality.  Well, in any case, I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I have *once again* managed to put everything off until the very last moment  Yeaahhh!  I *love* a stressful morning.  It gets my blood flowing.

All in all, guys, I think we’ve had a great month for an online movement.  It looks like we have stemmed the tide of Democrats who thought they had nowhere else to go but Obama.  We’re in the news and on our own radio station and we even have Donna Brazile’s attention.  Well, done everyone.  Thank you Diane and Will and everyone in the Just Say No Deal coalition.  As Murphy would say People United Mean Action.  Now, what are the next steps?  Well, there are many exciting ideas that are being put into action.  I will be sharing some of them with you in the near future but there is no doubt that we need to tell the nation and the DNC what it is that we expect of them.  And the place to start is a fair, open and transparentl convention that The Denver Group is working for.

PUMAs, I can think of nothing so reasonable to demand than that all delegations are counted fully, that delegates are awarded according to the votes that were cast and that all voters have their wishes recorded publicly through a roll call vote for all candidates who participated in this season’s primaries.  In fact, I can’t think of why the DNC thought they could truncate this process without penalty in the first place.  It is the breadth of arrogance in the DNC that has brought us to this point.  Did they think no one was watching?  It may be very true that only the political junkies watch C-SPAN but even those Democrats that actually have a life know that something is wrong when up to 32% of them decide they will not vote for the party’s nominee.

So, how do we get the word out?  Well, that is the mission of the next month.  Our mission is to demand an open convention.  PUMAs, this is not a radical request.  It is a very rational one.  Any voter in a state that spent millions of dollars on their primary and who will not get an opportunity to declare that state’s choice should be outraged by that.  That includes voters in CA, NJ, NY, MA, PA, OH, TX, AZ, FL, MI, WV, KY and many others where Clinton won decisive victories.  Those primaries cost millions of dollars that could have been used to pay for gifted and talented education, senior citizens services, mass transit, energy costs for the poor, state health insurance programs for children who don’t qualify for SCHIP, green space initiatives to keep local farmland as farms, beach erosion programs, to fix bridges and roads, and on and on.  Instead, those state legislatures committed millions of dollars for a primary when the DNC had apparently rigged the process for the anti-Clinton candidate.  To me, that smacks of fraud of the taxpayer’s dollars.  Don’t think so?  Why don’t we ask Floridians how they felt about the prospect of having to conduct a new primary at more that $15 million dollars?

This is your task for the week and the month. Time is of the essence.  Think about it.  How do we get more Democrats to realize what is going on?  How do we get a fair, open and transparent convention?  What kind of message would be most effective?  So, think about it Conflucians.  I will be checking in while I’m on vacation but I might not be here first thing in the morning.  Also, there will be activities going on in the week ahead.  Tomorrow, NO WE WON’T on blogtalkradio will be having a conversation with Harriet Christian and Paulie Abeles about their experiences with the DNC and the attacks on their characters.  Synchronize your watches for that.  On Tuesday, July 8th, Diane will be havig a cocktail party with a TV crew from Japan and we’ll be doing a virtual cocktail party here.  It would be great if other PUMA sites would join in virtually as well but more details about that when the time comes.  We’ll lift our Causmos to one another and PAR-TAY!

So, for now, ciao, Caros!

Wednesday: Across the Divide

The party sure is divided.  Yep, I’m thinking Grand Canyon territory.  The party loyalists, their eyes glazed and glittering with feverish intensity, are screaming UNITY with an urgency that belies the reality of that claim.  Witness Debbie Wasserman-Schultz last week on Larry King Live insisting that Obama addressed the Women’s Congressional Caucus and everything was fine now.  There were air kisses and make-up sex and no, no one had an orgasm but they sure did come close!

As the Cry of the PUMA video says in it’s final frame “Simply proclaiming UNITY doesn’t make it so”.  And may I say something to the party leaders that I’m sure they will ignore, because why start paying attention now?  It isn’t Hillary’s job to unify the party. I know, I know, this comes as a shock to some of you but it’s true.  Hillary is not the presumptive nominee.  If you wanted her to unite the party, something that would have been a piece of cake for her, you shouldn’t have *selected* the guy.  You should have let the election process play out without a year’s worth of interference.

Hillary *could* just sit out the rest of the primary season and work on paying off her campaign debt.  Just like Joe Biden and Chris Dodd and John Edwards, nothing more should be asked of her but her support.  There is no need to drag her along on some dog and pony show where she is forced to ask her reluctant and adamant supporters to vote for Obama.  Either we will or we won’t. The party is behaving like evangelists who will not stop trying to convert us in spite of years of persistence and emotional blackmail and shaming and every other trick in the book. We got the message.  You can stop now.  Some of us LIKE being heathens. If we’re not going to paradise with you, maybe it’s because the thought of spending an eternity with fundamentalist evangelicals makes us physically ill.

But whatever.  It looks like some of the blogosphere are starting to figure out what’s causing the rift, some more cogently than others.  For example:

  • Did you know that Markos is a racist??  Yeah!  Yesterday, he decided to withhold his maxxed out contribution to Obama. (No, I am not providing a link) He claims that he hasn’t given a dime to any of the candidates during the primaries, no doubt to preserve the credibility of his famed impartiality (snort!).  But yesterday, Markos realized that Obama’s turn to the right was unacceptable.  There are a lot of things he could overlook, like throwing working class, elderly, women, gays, asians, latinos and Muslims under the bus and using Rovian campaign techniques to destroy Bill and Hillary’s characters when it comes to race.  No, those things were OK.  But when Obama shoved the Dirty F%&@ing Hippies under there, that’s when Kos blew the whsitle.  Well, we won’t say we told you so but we *did* mention on more than one occasion in the comments that Obama was going to have to turn to the right after he snagged the nomination but the Kossacks would have none of it.  And he will probably have to continue going right now because he’s on a bit of a slippery slope.  The more he goes right, the more votes he loses in his base, the more he has to go right.  That’s because he doesn’t have any core Democratic Principles to begin with to know where to stop.  That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you all this time, Kos, but you and your “shrieking band of adolescent zealots” just keep calling us racists.  You might as well send the $2300 bucks.  After all, as the party leaders have told us, “Where else are you going to go?”  Oh, and look for your “Now that you’re a Racist” welcome package in the mail with brochures on our program and coupons for free gifts.  It will arrive in a white envelope.
  • Speaking of “Where Else Are You Going to Go?” go read Anglachel’s brilliant piece on the subject titled “No Where Else To Go”.  I’m starting to get the feeling that the Clinton supporters are being punished by the Stevensonians because so many of the working class defected to the Republicans during the 80’s and 90’s.  Nevermind that the rest of us didn’t or that they have come out of their trance now and want a true Democrat this year.  They ain’t gonna get one.  The party elite is determined to hold us down and force Obama on us and they are filling the void of the country club voters that the Republicans deserted in their quest for world domination through movement onservatism.  For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s over yet.  There are still two months and a lot could happen between now and then especially if we make a lot of noise and Obama keeps alienating people like Kos.  For sure the swing voters he is courting right now don’t want anymore moralizing on patriotism, faith and race.  They just want to be able to fill their gas tanks.  Go read the whole piece.  Well worth it.
  • Heidi Li Feldman is trying to give the DNC one last chance to heal the divide before we take our votes and walk.  She has set up The Denver Group whose goal is to persuade the party to conduct the convention in a fair, open and transparent manner.  The means to do this are through advocacy for the millions of voters whose votes need to be honored at the convention.  This may require buying media so The Denver Group is accepting contributions for ads.  Please take a look and if you have the means, contribute to this worthy cause.

The blue PUMA is actually the old logo for my alma mater’s mascot, the Pitt Panther from the University of Pittsburgh.  I completely forgot that the panther is really another name for PUMA.  It must be in my blood.  And remember, JustSayNoDeal,