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    • The Rule of Alienation and Stability
      One of my favourite sights is to see people complaining that marginalized people don’t understand that their support for Bad Politician-X results in fucking themselves. “Sure,” runs the line, “their lives suck now. But they’ll suck even worse if this guy gets into power.” This is often (but not always) true. It is also irrelevant. […]
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Obama Post-Transcendent Speech MadLib

As we all know, Obama has delivered the most transcendent speech of his short political career coming up this evening. Oh, I know he hasn’t given it yet, but why wait to heap praise on him? Surely, it ranks right up there in the pantheon of speeches for the ages: “I have a dream”, “St. Crispin’s Day”, “A Day that will *LIVE* in infamy”. But how will the media cover this speech of speeches, all nice and crisply displayed by teleprompter, delivered in front of Greek columns as Obama emerges from a nonsequitor section of an old Air Force One? How orgasmic can it get for Tweety and KO? Here’s an old madlib, dusted off an updated for the occasion.

Post Speech Script

_______! Was that ________ or what? Obama just _________ the _________. He was _____ and fresh. That set framed Barack _______ and the Greek columns appear to be ________ his _______. I just felt a ______________ in my __________. What a historic _________. His speech on this anniversary of MLKs speech on _______ was __________, ________, and _________. Hillary could never ________. What an amazingly perceptive grasp he has on __________. Do the voters of _____ see what they have in this guy? His supporters are all so ________ and _________. I think he’s finally put their fears of _____ to rest once and for all. Andrea, you’ve been at local Clinton headquarters. Have her _____ and _______ supporters come to accept that he’s ________? Do you think that her ______ has ruined his ________?

Have at it, Conflucians!