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The NYTimes misses the point- again.

The latest noise on the Hillary for SOS from the New York Times includes the kissy-kissy stuff about how Hillary submitted to her defeat gracefully and said, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Mr. Obama, who was in the first steps of what would become a strategic courtship, called afterward to thank her. By then, close aides to Mrs. Clinton said, she had come to respect the campaign Mr. Obama had run against her. At the least, she knew he understood like no one else the brutal strains of their epic primary battle.

By this past Thursday, when Mr. Obama reassured Mrs. Clinton that she would have direct access to him and could select her own staff as secretary of state, the wooing was complete.

“She feels like she’s been treated very well in the way she’s been asked,” said a close associate of Mrs. Clinton, who like others interviewed asked for anonymity because the nomination will not be formally announced until after Thanksgiving.

I don’t know whether this is true or just more propaganda.  It’s like the Obama campaign are trying really hard to say, “See?  We were nice to her and she bought into our plans and it’s all hunky-dory and you damn wimmin can shut up about it now.  Get off our f*%^ing case.”

No so fast,  You @$$holes didn’t give Hillary the finger.  She’s a politician.  She knew what she was getting into.  She deserves an apology from the superdelegates who abandoned her.  But if you think we, the voters, are going to let you get away with what you did because Hillary and Obama have kissed and made up and she acknowledges him as her better, you are completely wrong in every way.  We will remember now and for the rest of our lives how Barry nullified the primaries and used all of the Republican dirty tricks to deprive voters in his own party of their self-determination.  And now that he has pretty much accepted that the perks that the Bushies gave the executive branch are good enough for him too, we will be on our representatives backs to repeal them quicker than spit.

It is not over.  It will never be over.  We will be out here watching and planning and looking for every opportunity to call you and your army of sycophantic droogs on every bit of nasty consensus reality you plan to create.  We are going to be knocking holes in it every chance we get.

And the first hole is that we are going to go along with this amicable detente because Hillary now admires Obama.  She’s only in this position because the superdelegates screwed us over.  And if Barry screws up, we will hold him and them responsible.  Hillary will do what a brilliant person with thousands of hours of practice does best- succeed.  The rest of you have yet to prove yourselves capable of anything other than the brutal tactics of a corrupt campaign operation.

You may have a working relationship with Clinton but with the voters you screwed over in the primaries you haven’t gotten even one inch closer to detente.

Saturday: While We Wait…

The New York Times is still reporting that Hillary is going to take the job of SOS although there is no official word from her office. Unlike Tweety Matthews, I’m not reading anything nefarious in the tea leaves regarding the delay of this announcement. Powerful people can set their own terms to some extent and she is probably working out the details that balance what is right for her with what is right for the country. It is as appropriate for Hillary to do this as it would be for any man. You don’t accept a job offer if you’re not going to advance your career and the best time to get what you want is at the beginning. She’s not being stubborn, capricious or exercising her feminine prerogative. She is acting on her best behalf, but with considerably more credibility on foreign policy than Tom Daschle who has suddenly discovered his passion for healthcare reform after decades of work on intelligence matters.

So we wait.

In the meantime, here are some other items that might sthwike your fancy:

  • John West of 300 Delegates wrote a moving piece about what he witnessed in Denver as he was trying to accumulate those delegate signatures.  In Fair Reflection’s Absence, John writes:

    NOT ONE PERSON who voted for Hillary during the primaries/caucuses in American Samoa, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont and Delaware had their vote reflected in the roll call tally by the delegates they elected for this sole purpose. The pledged delegates for Hillary in these states unanimously changed their votes from Hillary to Obama believing they did the voters right by supporting unity and following Hillary’s lead. Was this a fair reflection of the sentiments of the voters when they cast their ballots for Hillary during their primary/caucus?

    To this day, I can’t think back to that moment in Denver without intense anger when my governor took MY vote and the votes of millions of New Jerseyans who voted overwhelmingly for Clinton and gave them *unanimously* to Obama.  If he thinks my white hot anger over that is going to fade over time, he’s sorely mistaken.  Obama and his droogs thought of only one thing during the primaries: winning the nomination away from Hillary.  Obama is not about changing anything.  He is about maintaining the status quo for the Villagers.  That is what Jon Corzine rewarded with our votes.  Honestly, I have never seen a governor behave so disrespectfully towards his voters in the years I have lived here.  Even Christie Todd Whitman was better than this.  But Corzine is a Goldman Sachs guy so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised as to where is interests were, ie, not with his state’s residents.  Well, I intend to bring this arrogant smack to our face up every time Obama screws our state over in the next 4 years.  And for us, that’s going to start happening pretty soon because many of us work for the financial industry that is shedding jobs like crazy these days.  When the townships start hurting for money that is funded almost exclusively by property taxes on those houses of unemployed MBAs, I’m going to be right there, reminding our Governor that he handed our votes to a guy who took off for Berlin during the summer instead of planninn to do something about the financial market that showed signs of an imminent collapse.  If you want to blame the severity of the upcoming recession on someone, look no further than Jon Corzine.

  • Heidi Li recently attended an event at Baruch College in October called Politics, Pundits and Polls: Election 2008.  I haven’t viewed this video of the event yet but it should be interesting.  Check it out.
  • The New Work Times writes about how difficult it is for consumers to analyze costs versus benefits in this new economic landscape in Failing Home Economics.  The lady with the cauliflower dilemma has her own blog called EconoWhiner with helpful hints, plus tea and sympathy, for surviving the recession.

Thursday: SOS

SOS.  Does it mean ‘Secretary of State’ or is it the international distress symbol?

Last night, on Lions Share, Sheri asked us to predict what is going on with Obama’s offer to Clinton of Secretary of State.  I think we can all assume now that a genuine offer was made.  I don’t know what’s going on with the media types immediately indulging in a feast of Clinton bashing but I think they should know by now that it only works with the stupid Obots.  The regular folks out there know the media has some kind of irrational hatred of the Clintons and they trust Bill and Hill much more than they trust the New York Times editorial page columnists.

So what is going on with the SOS position?  I can’t really say except that it is really a waste of time for the rag of record to be going on and on about Bill’s divestiture of his foreign contacts.  He would have done that if Hillary was elected as well.  I suspect that if Hillary is considering this seriously, she’s holding out for some measure of autonomy.  And if Obama is trying to make her say no by burdening her with too many conditions, I think it will backfire.  The longer it takes for him to settle it, the more time she is in the news and the more people are going to wonder why she’s getting the shaft in the Senate while Tom Daschle gets all of the credit as Secretary of HHS for writing a book last February on the healthcare crisis.  I’m searching my memory banks for evidence of his expertise from his Senate days and I am seriously drawing a blank.  More and more it looks to me that there is a concerted effort to keep Hillary as far away from healthcare as possible.  Yes, it is that obvious.

So, what’s in it for Hillary?  Well. the country’s reputation has suffered a significant blow under the Bushie administration.  I can imagine that a person of Clinton’s stature would be very welcome.  She would be America’s foreign president while Obama can stay at home and tackle domestic issues he knows nothing about.  I suspect that the post would make her stature rise and she would outshine him once more.  Even the hateful media would be forced to cover her and people would once again see right through the rotten, nasty, crap coverage she is bound to get.  Hey, she was still winning primaries up until the very last day even after the media told her it was over.  What does that tell us?

As for international distress symbols, we learn today that companies are asking to not have to contribute to our pension funds until the economic crisis is over.  Niiiiice!  Those pension funds have only lost $250 billion lately.  Couple that with the loss of 401k funds and I am really looking forward to spending my golden years with Brook.

I can remember telling my mother not to vote for Bush- both times,  I knew he was going to rob us blind but did she listen?  Did the entire country listen?  I share the Europeans shock that we re-elected him, knowing what kind of person he was.  It seems increidble that the country could be hoodwinked into voting for a person so obviously a kleptocrat and hostile to government.  I didn’t think we could ever make a mistake of that magnitude again.  But with “the New New Deal is off the table” Obama, we may have met Bush’s equal.