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    • Could Obama have fixed the economy?
      I want to revisit this. Obama was the last person who had a real chance to change and fix things. A crisis is an opportunity. FDR used the Great Depression to change America. Reagan used stagflation to change America. Bush used 9/11 to change America. Obama could have used the financial crisis to change America. […]
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The War on Women: the shots heard round the world

Some of you who have been following this blog since the beginning may remember this video.  Others may be new to it.  But it’s just as true today as it was four years ago.  This so-called “war on women” isn’t new and it isn’t an exclusively Republican phenomenon.  Wanna know how I know?  Just watch (and try not to tear up.  This video is like a sucker punch):

Also, Jennifer Granholm says the latest attacks on women are equivalent to “sexual McCarthyism” and the answer to the famous question is, No, they have no shame.

But let’s be honest and truthful because the truth will set us free.  This war was started by the media and the Democrats who put out a political hit on the strongest female candidate in the history of the United States.  It was a political assassination and the Democrats pulled the trigger.  They held no one accountable because it gemmed so nicely with their own plans. They wanted Hillary out of the way so they could anoint Obama and roll in the gobs and gobs of cash his Wall Street sponsors were going to bring in.  Yeah,  a lot of them rationalized their behavior.  I’ve heard every excuse and the people screaming “Third Way” irritate me the most after this president has taken the Democratic party as far right as it has ever been.  Then there is the anti-war crowd who were carefully mined by the Democratic political operatives and who hung the responsibility for two wars exclusively on Hillary’s shoulders and let every man who ever voted for the IWR or wasn’t even in the Senate at the time and therefore, couldn’t be held accountable, have a pass.

You know what, you people who made up stupid excuses and let yourselves be used?  STFU. Your opinions on the “war on women” are worthless.  That was *us* up there in that video getting attacked night after night by Keith Olbermann and Tweety.  That was us that DailyKos was accusing of racism just because we thought our candidate was pretty damn good.  That was us before the election and look at where we are now.  We women got totally screwed by the media and the Democrats who did nothing to stand up for us.  Nothing.  They are responsible for what is happening today.  They left a hole in the social fabric big enough for the right wing nutcases to roll through with the biggest badass truck of misogynistic shit they could drive.

Thanks for nothing, Democrats.

I find the Republicans to be hyprocritical, ruthless, dishonest, cruel and power hungry to the point that they will destroy everything in their path to get whatever they want.  They are like predators.

And Democrats are just sexist fools.