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      There’s been a vast amount of foolishness in the discussion of this. Labour lost for two main reasons: Their base was split by Brexit, and in a real way, no “positioning” could avoid this. There was a vast propaganda campaign against Corbyn in particular and Labour in general. What urban liberals don’t seem to understand […]
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Oh noes!

Expect huge ratings for the Teen Choice Awards tonight:

In what could be perceived as an attempt to be edgy or an homage to ice cream distributors (they probably don’t get enough credit), Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus pole danced on top of an ice cream cart at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday afternoon (the show airs on Fox tonight at 8 p.m.). Personally, I never dropped it like’s it hot when the ice cream truck came ’round the neighborhood; I usually just went straight for a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair bar. Call me old-fashioned. But the stripper-esque choreography, coupled with Cyrus’ questionable red-carpet attire, came off completely inappropriate and ill-advised.

We see this same kind of fauxrage whenever a female teen star grows up in the spotlight.  Miley Cyrus became famous portraying Hannah Montana for Disney. Now she is transforming into a underage sex symbol. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are two other former Disney vestal virgins who shed that image quickly after they left the mouse house.

But don’t kid yourself, their sexualization started years earlier.


Once upon a time these young women were expected to project a public image of innocence and virginity well into adulthood, even if in reality they were far from innocent.  But that image is just one of the two sexual images allowed for females in our sexist culture.

How come nobody worries about the sexualization of boys?  Because boys are expected to become sexual as a sign of reaching manhood.  After they have sown their wild oats with a few bad girls they are supposed to settle on a good girl to marry.

I guess I’m jaded but I can’t work up any outrage here.   YMMV.  It’s not that I approve, but  Miley Cyrus isn’t my daughter and her image and behavior are none of my business. I already know too much about her personal life as it is.  First it was her Vanity Fair pictures and last month it was her appearance in Elle wearing a push-up leather top and “hooker boots.”

This whole thing is so predictable – millions will tune in to watch the show, and many of them will stare avidly at this young woman while tut-tutting the sexual imagery. I’ll be watching the Giants and the Dodgers.

BTW – You don’t really think Miley came up with this transformation all by herself do you?


Don’t forget that when Britney and Christina went “bad” they also got very rich.

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