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Live blogging the healthcare reform bill: What about the Conscience Rule? (or “All women are Catholic now”)

John Ensign just got done flapping his jaw right now on C-Span about the individual mandate.  It’s unconstitutional, he says, to make people buy insurance.  I don’t know about the constitutionality of it but it certainly is callous and stupid to make them buy insurance they can’t afford and for which there will be no anti-trust regulations or competition among the insurance companies to keep premiums low and affordable.

But, what about the Bush Conscience Rule?  Remember that gift that the Bushies left us before they grabbed the loot and left the White House?  You know, the one where some nosy pharmacist out in East Bumfuck can deny women access to her birth control or some other medical procedure if they feel it violates his/her conscience?  Like, you go to get your Yaz prescription filled for that weekend you planned with your SO and the lady behind the counter says, “Sorry, no.  I’m Catholic and this weekend, you’re going to be Catholic too.”?  Where did I read that Bob Casey was thrilled that Harry Reid’s manager’s compromise would strengthen that?

And where is the female US senator who will stand up and threaten a filibuster if it  isn’t removed from the final bill?  And if she does, will it all be planned theater to make the health care bill go down easier? Will there be a scurrying of last minute negotiations to appease one of our female senators or will all of them decide to forego their own consciences to achieve a pyrrhic victory for the party?

I noticed that they plan to pass this on Christmas Eve.  Will they all light their little candles, join hands afterwards and sing Silent Night?

Round yon virgin, mother and child, Holy infant so tender and mild

And now part of every childbearing woman’s health care policy!

Remember, once you enshrine it into law, you’re going to have to live with the consequences.

Aw, jeez, now Orrin Hatch is blathering.  Shoot me now.