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Live Blog: Presidential Prime Time Press Conference

Obama 2008

Should we start calling him “President Prime-Time?” The Prez has been everywhere on TV lately, making questionable “jokes” on Jay Leno, giggling uncontrollably on 60 Minutes, and making one policy announcement after another in his ongoing quest to put Wall Street in full control of the U.S. Treasury and turn American workers into indentured servants. It’s gotten to the point where even the Koolaid-slurping NY Times is questioning whether Obama is a bit overexposed.

Had enough yet? Tune into CNN and you may find President Obama’s latest public town hall meeting. Flip to NBC and you might come across the president yukking it up with Jay Leno. Turn to ESPN, and there he is giving his college basketball picks. Click over to CBS and there he is once again, chatting with Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes.”

Mr. Kroft at one point asked Mr. Obama if he was “punch drunk.” If he was not, a lot of others must be by now.

But the blitz is not over yet. Viewers hoping to escape reality won’t find their reality television at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, since the president will once again command the airwaves with a prime-time news conference, this time on all the major broadcast and cable news networks.

If you can stand it, turn on your TV or watch on your computer as Mr. O tries to convince us that AIG, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Citigroup really aren’t robbing us taxpayers blind and destroying America’s future. Can he do it? I say no. He’s had his Katrina moment, and the bitter gun-toters out here in the provinces aren’t going to buy it.

Riverdaughter always suggests tivoing a program and watching it the first time with the sound off in order to pay attention to body language. I don’t have a Tivo, so I’m going to watch as much of the press conference as I can stand before I hit the mute button. My big question is, will Obama ever look directly at the camera or will he just swing his head back and forth between the two telepromters as usual? Plus, I’m kind of hoping Dear Leader will break into hysterical laughter again.

Please join me in live-blogging whatever Dear Leader reads off his teleprompters tonight. ABC News summarizes the issues that may come up in this latest “dialogue with the American people.”

SEC Beatdown – We Want Our $$ Back and Verbal BS!!

SEC BEATDOWN – Brought to you by NY Rep. Gary Ackerman

WE WANT OUR $$ BACK – Brought to you by OR Rep. Pete Defazio

Do you think we’ll get our money back? Do you think the SEC will do their freakin job? For some reason the hope gene has escaped me and the reality gene is dominant. So this is probably just some grandstanding but the visual outrage does provide a small amount of comfort.

I was going to end my post but I just have to add this. What good is a press that fawns like this over a man who is reading a teleprompter? A TELEPROMPTER!!!!! Just remember that four syllable word while listening to this verbal Bull$hiite. I am sorry to make you watch, but you must be reminded every now and again of the propaganda unit dispatched by the Executive Branch of the United States of America. This viewing exercise will build up the BS immune system.

Everything just seems so pre-orchestrated, sort of like this:

Tuesday: Om Mani Padme Hummmm

Okay, guys, today is the big day. It’s really big. It’s high stakes. It’s do or die, now or never, fish or cut bait (whatever that means).

I can’t watch.

If you’re like me, the anxiety at some point crosses a critical threshold and it just becomes impossible to focus. Panic sets in, heart starts to race, coworkers seem like obnoxious interlopers. Don’t let it get to you. If you have xanax, take it. Otherwise, take periodic breaks during the day and focus on something else, like, er, work! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Try to finish a project. Write your monthly summary. Balance your checkbook, unless this contributes to your anxiety, in which case, don’t. Or read some of the tasty links below.

One announcement: Occasionally, something you wrote may end up in the moderation queue. Don’t take it personally. There are trigger words that automatically dump comments there. These words are mostly innocuous but when used during this primary season, they need to be examined in context. Most of these comments are fine and I approve them. However, I live on EST and when it gets late, I fall asleep and the queue doesn’t get cleared until morning. If your comment got stuck in the queue overnight, I hope you’re not too PO’d. It keeps the riff-raff out and I really do read every one.

  • redstar, who got stuck in the queue last night, sends this account of her campaign experience in San Antonio. An expanded version of her report can be found at The Redstar Persepctive. I love reading on the ground reports so if Tucsonlynn or redstar post updates, I’ll move them to the front page. You can find redstar and friends at The Hillary 1000.
  • A couple of you wanted videos of Obama’s ill-fated press conference from yesterday. So, here they are. I watched them with the sound off and I don’t think he’s being deceptive, although he does look a little panicky about 1/3 of the way in. His hand motions are very distracting but he’s using his right hand, meaning he’s thinking mostly left brain and therefore more analytical? Is that how you interpret that? I read somewhere that lying is accompanied by shifting eyes up and to the left, as if to access the more creative part of the brain. (Here’s another lie detection page) Anyway, it didn’t strike me that he was fibbing about anything although his answers were rambling and labyrinthine. It’s probably better for him if he doesn’t go on at length. The less said the better. What am I thinking?! If the press wants to misread everything he says (“He is the messiah. Only the true messiah denies his divinity.”) let them. He’ll learn, er, but hopefully not before Clinton beats him.
  • For those of you who really want to take your mind off of the primary, see The Tolkien Crackpot Theories page. (The one concerning Tom Bombadil is a dirty campaign slur put out by orcses) And this poem comparing Lembas to Twinkies is a classic:

    All golden Twinkies do not glitter,
    Not all consumed Twinkies are tossed;
    The old that is preserved does not wither,
    Their yellow-dyed color is not lost.

    In the stomach a fire shall be woken,
    A Tums from the bottle shall spring,
    Renewed shall be revulsion unbroken,
    Hostess cakes again are the thing.

  • One more thing: In case you didn’t set your DVR, here is part 1 of the showdown between Jon Stewart and Hillary Clinton.

Add your favorite distractions to the comments and hang in there.