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Ponderables from the mail box

I’ve been getting some interesting mail in the last couple of days that I thought are worth sharing with the rest of the class. There’s a bit of tea leaf reading involved. Let’s have a crack at it.

The first bit of news comes from a PUMA in PA.  We’ll make her anonymous for right now. She has the following news flash about what took place at last weekend’s meeting of the PA State Committee.  As it turns out, the meeting had to be adjourned for lack of a quorum:

The lack of a quorum prevented any business from being discussed at this past weekend’s meeting of the PA State Committee.  No yard signs because all the money is going to something like 63 offices being opened across the state http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/PAFieldOffices/ for the big O.  Those headquarters are over-run with college kids but the political pros who get Democrats elected avoided the meeting where they’d be urged by paid DNC operatives to get out and support the ticket.  (They won’t.  The delegation is still getting over the scene at Denver, and the directive to not sign the petition of 300.)  With a democratic registration edge of 1.1 million in the state, they think they can win the General when Obama lost to Clinton by nearly 10% in the primary!  Don’t they realize that a lot of those registrants and switchers from R were supporting HRC?

Ruh-Roh, doesn’t prime canvassing time happen right around midterms?  If I am reading this correctly, there is a bit of a sticky wicket in PA.  There isn’t enough money for yard signs and the delegates are in no mood to lift a finger to help Obama.  Any predictions on what will happen next in PA?

This next one is from Michele Thomas of 300 Delegates.  She found a blurb in Commentary about who is backing Obama and why:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac survived scrutiny by manipulating, cajoling, and lobbying politicians and hiring board members who were politicos (e.g. Jamie Gorelick) rather than mortgage gurus. They hired lobbyists, gave massive donations, obtained nice tax breaks, and sailed below the regulatory radar screen.

Of the 354 lawmakers who received money from Freddie and Fannie between 1989 and 2008, Sen. Chris Dodd received the most. But next was . . . drumroll . . . Barack Obama. Yup. And he was only there for three years. Not too much went to John McCain, about a sixth of what Obama received (h/t Glenn Reynolds.)

But, you say, maybe all the Fannie and Freddie employees who gave money just “liked” Obama. That might make sense with ordinary institutions. But these two had a game plan to influence and sway lawmakers for the purpose of keeping them on the government gravy train and out of the regulatory line of fire. It’s no coincidence that they “liked” Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd best of all.

So it would appear that this is precisely what Obama has been railing against: Washington insiders lining the pockets of other Washington insiders while the taxpayers ultimately have to foot the bill. The Agent of Change, it seems, didn’t exactly walk the walk on this one.

Actually, Hillary herself received slightly more than Obama but then, she’s been in the Senate twice as long and in her case, there is very little evidence that she trades her support for money.  Can we same about Barack “I was against FISA before I was for it for my Invesco Field speech” Obama?  It’s interesting that John McCain isn’t getting much money from them.

Obama’s got a bit of a credibility problem when it comes to blaming the Republicans for the crappy economy, seeing as he admires Ronald Reagan and wants to work with Republicans in a post-partisan world.  If you want to hold them accountable, you may have to say and do things in committee that will cause them not to like you very much.  But confrontation is sooooo unpleasant and partisan and stuff.  We musn’t have that.  Well, it’s not like I trust him anyway so I will not be shocked when he caves to Republican obstinancy the first time he tries to work something out with them.  In the Senate, that is.  No way is he making it to the White House with the way New Jersey and New York are shaping up.

One more thing:  Tune your cat channels to Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio (PURrrr).  We’ll be talking about the 30 Percent Solution, Barbra Streisand, Penis Years and a whole lot more.  That’s tonight at 10PM EST on Conflucians Say.