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      So, back in the 80s, when I was young, green and wet behind the years, one of the great thinkers about how to help poor people was a guy named Hernando DeSoto. (Great name, aces on parents!) DeSoto, who was mostly concerned with Latin and South America had one big idea: the reason that poor people were fucked is they didn’t have clear ownership of what they […]
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Matt Yglesias Spills the Beans

Ok, which one of you pointed me to this insightful piece by Matt Yglesias? Was it YOU, Lambert?
Anyway, I think somewhere about a month ago, I made a comment about how Obama wins by suppressing the Clinton vote, not by actually, you know, *winning*. And Matt Yglesias lays it all out before us as to why the big boyz are screaming for Hillary to get out because The Math is against her. Here it is in Matt’s own words:

I think if voters better-understood the situation, they’d be much more inclined to vote for their second-favorite Democrat in the race, much less eager to do volunteer work for Clinton, much less inclined to donate money to her campaign, etc. But people won’t understand the dynamic unless it’s explained to them by credible party leaders.

There it is in all its maggoty ugliness. They are trying to make Hillary supporters stop volunteering, donating money and voting for her. How delightfully nasty. Fess up! Some of you even let them get to you, didn’t you? You stumbled on this site after hearing this from the Kossacks and Talkingpointsmemo and Chris Bowers and thought, “What’s the use? Even if I work my ass off, we can’t win.” I *know* you did because I have the comments that prove it.

The evil geniuses who run Obama’s campaign and the @$$holes in The Gang of Four (Dean, Brazile, Pelosi and Kennedy) have learned a lot of disgusting little tricks from the Republicans. Like, if you make people believe that Hillary doesn’t have a chance and you do this relentlessly over the next 5 weeks, maybe the voters will give up on her just as we gave up on Gore after the 2000 election. Sweeeet!

Rove made it so easy. Just copy his game plan. Don’t like pesky voters who won’t support your anti-Clinton candidate? Just disenfranchise them. Hate those annoying primaries with their long hours and secret ballots? Flood the caucus and make it so rowdy that precinct captains are intimidated, sorta like a Brooks Brothers Riot. Anyway, those stupid, old shift workers will never show up to vote for your opponent. If you want to keep her voters home and passive, just propagate the meme that even if she wins all of the remaining primaries, which looks like a distinct possibility, it merely delays the inevitable. And don’t forget that no Republican campaign against a Democrat is complete unless you make the outcome against you look somehow illegitimate, so tell everyone that it is unfair if the superdelegates break the tie.

Yglesias is wrong if he thinks Obama is our second favorite. I’d rather write in Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich at this point. At least I’m fairly certain *they’re* Democrats. I don’t know what kind of construct Obama is. And Edwards better get off the fence and do something if he doesn’t want his policies to be trashed by this imposter.

The Gang of Four want a charismatic candidate without a legislative past. He doesn’t have to earn his coalitions; they are gifted to him. If he wins the nomination, he will be beholden to The Gang of Four and the legislators in the Bush Dog states. And they are putting him forth not for his own value but as the “anti-Clinton” candidate because she is a Democrat with a strong political personality and Obama is weak politically in comparison and easy to manipulate. That’s the whole story, guys. That’s what it all means. And all the pieces make sense.

I think the Clinton campaign knows what it has to do to combat this meme but it will take a lot of troops on the ground in PA to turn this around. Even the strongest among us succumbed to it. The average voter needs innoculation. I’m going to do my part in a couple of minutes with my sister so she can tell her friends not to listen to it.

Fight it any way you can. There *is* a choice left. Our votes *do* count and we *can* turn this around. In this game, it’s not how you begin but how you finish that counts and as Shakespeare said…

“All’s Well That Ends Well”