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pinky and the brain

  • Even NewJerseyans can be dim sometimes. This article from NJ.com highlights the campaign stop that the Big Dawg made in Camden. The media and Obama’s campaign has been somewhat successful at shutting the Big Dawg up. But it’s sorta in his nature to not hold back. Actually, I don’t have a problem with that but it has to be done very carefully. He’s larger than life and that kind of stature always comes with a proportionally sized magnifying glass. On the other hand, Obama will never be able to relax as long as the Big Dawg is out there. But getting back to stupidity. The Clinton campaign has NOT been playing the race card for one simple reason- Hillary can’t win black voters by doing it. Accusing them of doing it has been very successful but it doesn’t parse logically. As for the Jesse Jackson statement, just because something is true doesn’t mean it was meant to be racist. Obama was always going to be favored in South Carolina. He pulled out all of the stops and spent a lot of money there which meant that Hillary had to campaign there as well in a state she was guaranteed to lose the minute Obama announced his candidacy. But that’s because it was South Carolina. And anyone can see that Obama is an intelligent, charismatic candidate. The state that started to put things in perspective is Florida because there was little campaigning done there, the population is quite diverse and it appears that experience *does* matter. But, whatever. I just hope that when this is all over that Obama makes amends for driving a wedge into the heart of the party.
    There is plenty of visual evidence that the Obama campaign is making its stand in black neighborhoods. The borough of Somerville which has a diverse population in the midst of the mostly white and asian central NJ suburbs is festooned with Obama signs. Oh, Hell, I actually like Obama, OK? I said it. I will work like a fanatic for him if he’s the nominee. But I want the best qualified person to be in the WH in Jan, 2009 because it’s going to be so bad that even the best will be over her head.
  • I have to agree with Digby on MSNBC’s coverage of the Florida primary last night. I had to turn Countdown’s coverage off, last night. That’s how bad it’s become. The anti-Clinton theme fairly jumps off the screen. And not just from Tweety. Plus, they’ve relegated Norah “Betty Crocker” O’Donnell to standing in front of a scoreboard distracting us with weird catalog model hand positions. (Do models and women broadcasters take lessons in that subject?) And I don’t even like Noron but I don’t like to see women subjected to silly Vanna White status. Can’t you make her wear a nice pantsuit so she can stick her hand in one pocket while she gesticulates with the other to make her point? Better to just replace her altogether with another Rachel Maddow and let Tweety stand at the scoreboard with nothing much to say. C’mon, guys, do you have to be so obvious? If you’re going to turn into another outpost of DailyKos Obama delirium, I’m going to start hanging out at CNN more. Think about that, KO, Anderson Cooper will be stealing your mojo. Anderson COOPER.
  • Florida *did* count. I suspect that next Tuesday is going to be huge for Clinton but between now and then, the media is going to pull out all the stops to show how young and sexy Obama is and what a dried up old prune Clinton is. That goes doubly so with the supporters. All the Obamaphiles will look like Sports Illustrated athletes and swimsuit models. All Clintonistas will look like Bea Arthur and short indigenous Honduran illegal immigrants who collect the shopping carts in the local grocery store parking lot. They will conveeeeeniently forget that there are many well educated 40 something women pulling in decent salaries that can’t wait to push that big lumenescent Hillary Clinton button on the Sequoia voting machine. Oh, yeah, baby, Tuesday is going to be great. It’ll be just me and several million of my fellow New Jerseyans pushing Hillary buttons all day long. Orgasmic. Tweety will never know what hit him.
  • Many of you Kossack alums who I love dearly will have received invitations to post here. And I really mean it. Please take me up on the offer. You can probably tell that I get a little crazy when I’m by myself too long. At first, I didn’t think that anyone would read this outpost. Kos had assigned me to raving and blathering in the dark and scary wilderness outside the warmth and light of the palisade. But it’s actually not too bad. In just over a week, I’ve gotten more than 1000 hits. I’ll never be a big orange satan and I’m not aspiring to it. That would be a full time job. But even as a part time job, it’s a bit time consuming. So, I would really appreciate some lucid voices. If you guys are holding back because the name of the blog is too closely identified with me, we *could* change it. I found the page (among many administrative pages) that will allow us to do so. So, if that’s the only thing holding you back, give me a new name and start posting!

Noron and AB Stoddard lower collective female IQ

Betty CrockerHeard just now on MSNBC:

Norah O’Donnell: How much will the party face a sort of *wrenching* internal debate no matter who wins the nomination? I mean, just how damaging is this nomination fight?

AB Stoddard: I think it’s doing terrible damage already, and, of course, everyone is talking about the fact that the February fifth conclusion is not going to be met. We’re going to be looking at this delegate, you know, pile up for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton probably through March fourth and way beyond. I think tht they are asking questions about how much of a role race played but also how much of a role Clinton fatique is playing. What, what, what these tactics from the Clinton campaign is stirring up among Democrats and especially among party elders is the feeling that if they return to the same old sort of “win at any cost” cynical politics, they’re going be weakened going into the general election.

JAYsus, can we please get these two princesses of conventional wisdom off the fricking TV, for gawd’s sakes? Haven’t they been spouting this crap for a couple of years now? And does anyone care? Who gave us Clinton fatigue, AB? And tell me how it could possibly be that the party elders are going to stand back and let the party be ripped apart by these cynical “win at any cost” politics? Barack seems to be quite at home with such tactics. If anyone has been stirring up the race card, it’s been Obama since Hillary has absolutely nothing to gain from it.

And that’s another thing, how stupid do they think we are? Just because they keep repeating this drivel about how Clinton is playing the race card doesn’t mean that it parses logically. In fact, the charge makes absolutely no sense because the results don’t accrue in Clinton’s column. Racial identity politics only work for Obama in this race.

Please put Rachel Maddow on more. I can’t take the Norah “Betty Crocker” O’Donnell anymore and AB Stoddard has the intellectual curiosity of a table lamp.