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      Yesterday I had a brief article, which noted a general rule, “only things the rich and powerful believe will benefit them will be done” and applied it to shortages, suggesting that if the rich and powerful are benefiting from them, no serious action will be taken to end the crisis in countries where that is true. I wanted to note that this is a general rule. […]
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Nightcap- New Old Friends

Joe’sIt’s getting late. But some of us aren’t ready to call it a night yet. So much going on and our minds are working overtime to take it all in and make sense of it. But we need to wind it down, kick back, relax, feed our cells (that means you gqmartinez)

So, we’re hanging out at Joe’s. It’s always cool and dark here. The bar is a long gleaming wood affair that Joe keeps in tip top shape with daily doses of lemon cream polish like the kind my grandmother used to use.

There are small tables and chairs and dark secluded corners. That blonde singer is back. She does the blues so well, like she feels it deep down. “The eagle flies on Friday…Lord have mercy on me”

Set’em up Joe. I’ll have a Baker’s bourbon OTR.

Nightcap- Tuesday in February

scotchI’m beat, guys.  I’ve been dealing with Excel all evening.  It makes me want to rape and kill.  So, I’m heading over to Joe’s for a nightcap.  There’s no crowd tonight.  Just some tables near the music and a long wooden bar gleaming in the low light.  Joe polishes the heck out of the bar.  It’s his baby.

The singer is new tonight. I’ve heard her play down at Blues Alley.  She’s sooo soothing…

Set’em up, Joe.  Make it a Macallan’s 12 yr old OTR.  Ahhhh….

Nightcap- Friday in February

whiskeyThe days are lengthening and the light is lasting longer but sometimes I just want a lowlight place where I can forget my cares, have a drink and relax with some good music. Joe’s always fits the bill. There are no ferns here. Just a long polished bar and some scattered tables in the shadows.

Tonight’s singer has an unusual sense of timing. She sets up a sort of tension that keeps the listener waiting for resolution. Such are our times.

Set’em up, Joe. I’ll have a Maker’s Mark. What’s new?

Nightcap- Post Super Wednesday

water of lifeI can’t figure out why I feel so battered. I have never seen anything like the mobilzation against Clinton. But the funny thing is that she is proving her claims correct: she can take what they’re throwing at her, she can be down in the money count- she still wins, by a LOT in the big states where it counts.

Joe, I’ll have a Basil-Haydens light on the ice. Heck get me an ice pack. I’m black and blue and finally know exactly how she feels. Gotta get up tomorrow and do it again.

This is a nice bar, not too demanding. The lights are therapeutically dimmed, the music slow and sultry. Who’s the piano player? Well, whoever she is, she knows exactly what I want:

Set’em up, Joe.

Nightcap -Wednesday

scotchWell, we’re at Joe’s tonight. I don’t know about you but I need to relax from the primary wars and this is a nice dark and cool place. We’re all friends here.  There’s a long bar of some rich polished wood. No ferns. The music is so good tonight, I may not go home. There’s a great sax player and the singer, ahhh, pure aural sex.

Set’em up Joe. Nothing fruity. A nice smoky scotch would be perfect.

Wanna dance?


scotch otrWell, it’s been a busy week and the 12 yr.old is downloading episodes of Ugly Betty, sucking up all of the bandwidth.

I’m having a nightcap with Joe, the late night bartender tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll host the Clinton Cocktail Hour. I had one nearly every night this week but no one showed up so I let Rico and Florence take the evening off.

But this is a cool place. It’s nice and dark, no ferns. The whiskey is good. The pianist just can’t seem to leave. And Frank is sitting at the end of the bar…

Joe, I’ll have a scotch. Rocks. So you have anything smoky?

Please drink responsibly and tip Joe generously.

Update: Dear Readers, a lot of you have read my “About Me” profile and know that I work in pharmaceutical research. But what you don’t know is that recently, a number of my former colleagues have died from various cancers. I don’t know if there is a correlation. In some cases, there may be, in others, not. It is a high risk profession. Everyday, there are thousands of dedicated scientists around the country and the world who handle hazardous biological and chemical substances, and who assume the risk for you so that you can pull yourself out of depression, lower your cholesterol for your family, and beat another tumor. Unfortunately, the cures do not always come in time for them. I would like to dedicate this nightcap in memory of my most recently deceased former colleagues, Hassan Elokdah and Kevin Haraki who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of cures for others. Thank you for all you have done and may your creator welcome you with open arms.