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    lililam on I am not a general…
    Propertius on I am not a general…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    lililam on I am not a general…
    lililam on I am not a general…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
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    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    William on What Will the Midterms Tell…
    Beata on What Will the Midterms Tell…
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      Well, I think the South is the capital of slang in America. “He thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow.” “You look rode hard and put up wet.” Refers to someone that looks like they have not had enough sleep or has a bad hangover. “I am going to clean your clock.” … Continue reading Tripping Out in the Deep South … Slang
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      I have mostly avoided the vaccine debate, but let’s take a brief pass. This isn’t because vaccines don’t work. This doesn’t mean I’m entirely happy with MRNA vaccines, I’m not and I think there’s some validity to them having negative side-effects. I’m even more unhappy with the uneven way they were applied, which allowed for Covid to gain repeated mutations […]
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Saturday: Revenge of the Geeks

We see your Jay-Z and raise you one Napoleon Dynamite:

Vote for Pedro!

Er, Hillary!

In other news (speculation):

  • Chris Bowers thinks the FL and MI delegations will be seated, Florida as is and uncommitted delegates going to Obama in MI. OK, let the baby have his way in MI. He didn’t earn those delegates and he’s actually stealing them from Edwards and the others who weren’t on the ballot. If it had been my druthers, I’d have graciously advocated for a revote in MI, as Hillary did. But Noooo. Barry is not above taking what is not his. And we have to remember that if this report is true, Barry walked back his request for a 50/50 split in MI, which would have been worse for him since presumably, that 5% he would have taken from Hillary represented votes of real people who decided they did not want him. So, Ok, Baby Barry gets unearned delegates. His supporters at OpenLeft are not satisfied. Yep, for them, it’s just a matter of grabbing whatever you can so you can win the game, regardless of the voters. Jeez, these people have no scruples. Their parents should be ashamed. In any case, nothing is confirmed and if they aren’t guaranteed to count just like every delegation, it’s all a bunch of meaningless diversion. Not only that but it will pretty much lose Florida and MI in the fall. What a catastrophe. Lead or get out of the way, Howard.
  • The NYTimes in *two* articles saw Hillary attacking Obama. The latest is “Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton’s Attacks” (but then she picked up 3 uncommitteds Go figure.) and Nagorney wrote, “Clinton Uses Sharp Attacks in Tense Debate”. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re watching the same debate. I’ve seen MUCH sharper “attacks” in tenser debates. It appears that words have become redefined and thresholds have been lowered substantially. She was strong and feisty but also on her game and animated. She fairly danced through a challenging debate while he struggled. It takes practice, practice, practice. But her gentle jabs at him were hardly attacks. If that’s the new standard, then Obama is toast against John McCain who isn’t even a great debater but he IS a Republican.
  • One more thing: I want to revisit the WWTSBQ? rantings of the Obamasphere. You guys will just not shut up about how impossible for Hillary to win based on delegate counts and that the SDs should respect the will of the people in their states (except Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, etc). Do you guys realize how incredibly out of touch and stupid you sound? Here is the scenario you envision: They’re going to finish the primaries close to dead even with Obama winning only two big states, one of which is expected to go R and all the rest of his wins in sparsely populated R western states and the racially divided R south vs Hillary’s wins in the big electoral college states, swing states, the east, the west, the south, the rust belt. She’s given stellar debate performances and never thumbs her nose at voters. She is going to have a very strong finish. But if she has only a handful fewer pledged delegates, you want Howard Dean to say,

    “Well, thanks for that very nice performance, Hillary. We’ve decided to award the contest to the token male because, because, well, we don’t know why exactly but you’re a woman. Surely, you’ve faced disappointment before. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry *rolling eyes*, CA, MA, NY, NJ, PA, IN, KY, WV, AZ, AR, OK, TX, OH, MI and all the rest of you I forgot. That’s our decision, so sue me. BTW, Obama and the DNC could use some cash and this DNC convention soiree we are oblgiated to throw this year doesn’t come cheap. Oh, and Jim and his little group of zealots will be contacting you for your canvassing assignments.”

    ‘Cos that’s what it’s going to sound like. Do you guys REALLY believe we’re going to let you get away with that? Not. Bloody. Likely.