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Dear Donna, Sit on it.

Myiq2xu found this comment from Donna Brazile this morning regarding the appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand:

Political strategist Donna Brazile noted the contrast between the excitement surrounding Obama’s inauguration this week and the general public attitude toward women in office, one that she said helped drive Kennedy out of the running.

“Obama inspired us to turn the page, and now women seem stuck in the table of contents,” she said.

Donna Brazile, the most hated woman in America

Donna Brazile, the most hated woman in America

Noting that women still make up less than 20 percent of both houses of Congress, Brazile said: “The elevator to our future growth in the Congress is still stuck in the lobby. It’s time we hurry history.”

Ahem.  Where to start?

First of all, here is *my* comment about Caroline Kennedy from yesterday:

There are several legitimate reasons to not support Caroline:
1.) she is not nor ever has been a politician. She is a socialite. There’s nothing wrong with being a socialite but politics does require a certain passion for the job.
2.) she doesn’t have the right personality for being at the mercy of a lot of people who want her attention. Again, not a problem for a private person; deadly for a politician.
3.) given items 1and 2, why in Gawd’s name would she ever apply for the job unless she was being asked by her uncle and felt like her name would give her an easy pass? And yes, princess is the correct term and unique to CK. It is not sexist to refer to her as a princess since prince would just have easily applied to her brother. She gives the impression that she is contending for the seat out of a sense of noblesse oblige.
4.) she doesn’t have any opinions on policy. She’s an apolitical slow learner in a family of gifted pols. She resembles her mother, who was a terrific fashion plate and editor but not really a person you wanted to blog politics with.

My only question is: had we known all of this about Caroline when she endorsed Obama, would it have carried the same weight? Now that we know her to be a private but politically shallow socialite, would any one have cared who she endorsed? It was the magic of her name that brought Obama success. Now that magic is gone. She had one chance to be a serious contender and we found that she’s just an amateur with a royal pedigree.

There’s nothing sexist about that, Donna. Caroline was more unsuited to be an interim senator than Sarah Palin was to be vice president. Not only that but Sarah can talk very eloquently, uses million dollar words and doesn’t seem skittish around the press, provided they don’t bait her with inane questions and splice her interviews to ribbons.

Donna, you are confusing sexism with classism. Sarah Palin was a self made politician with humble roots therefore it was ok to treat her like a f^&*ing c^&t. Caroline Kennedy is a socialite from a well connected family therefore we must treat her like a lady. Sarah doesn’t deserve any respect because she’s a working girl. Caroline deserves to have her ass kissed because she is too removed from the revolting peasants to get her fingernails dirty. Which one of us is being sexist now? I mean, why don’t we bind the feet of all of the future female politicians that you approve of so we will know what they look like and stop wasting our time supporting people with actual merit?

Donna, why are you even bothering to cozy up to women now? Didn’t you go out of your way to tell us that we were the “old coalition” and we weren’t needed anymore? Is it the zeitgeist?  Have you figured out that we’re royally pissed at having to wait to see a well qualified woman make it to the top? You had a hand in that when you propped up Barack Obama’s blundering campaign by fixing the RBC committee to throw its weight behind him. Yes, you heard me right. Obama ran a terrible primary campaign. It was so bad that you had to help him cheat in order to “win”. He ran through money like a sieve in big states that he lost decisively, and he took his name off the ballot in Michigan. He screwed up in Michigan. Michigan should have been his death knell politically. What kind of f^%*ing moron takes his name off the ballot in a state he has to win? Everyone and their brother knew MI and FL were going to have to count. But when your committee realized he was in trouble, you socially promoted him, gave him a pass and redistributed the delegate wealth so that Obama could *look* like he was ahead. You helped to elect a weak candidate who ran a bad campaign and relied on psychological manipulation and stagecraft to score the WH. And he was even in danger of losing that until the economy tanked and his campaign took a hatchet to Sarah Palin’s reputation. YOU had a hand in that. Please do not lecture US on sexism. You burned Hillary Clinton, depriving her of possibly her only chance to be president and our only chance to have a president who actually understands government in a time of crisis. Thanks for nothing and STFU.

And what did Hillary deserve, Donna? Did she deserve to be treated like a corporate prostituting, calculating uber bitch? I think not. No, I think she deserved to be treated like this:

Now, go away, Donna before we taunt you a second time.