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      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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A condition of harmony? Or enforced allegiance?

I found a note (in my handwriting) on the passenger seat of my car a this afternoon: “HD’s Soviet-Style Convention” it said. And I would LOVE to write something about that. My eighth grade teacher was OBSESSED by the Soviet Union and she spent an entire eight weeks covering it’s history and The Communist Manifesto. So you’d think I’d have some background on the issue. But I don’t. That was the first class I ever flunked — and the story of why I wasn’t held-back a grade in punishment is part of the family mythology to this day.

Still, I remember one thing: they didn’t go for public disagreements in the Soviet Union. They liked a show of unity. Where the “show” was more important than the “unity”.

Sound familiar? Continue reading

Tuesday: Michelle calls us liars

From The Billings Gazette, we have the heartwarming story of Michelle Obama and her real feelings about bloggers:

“The way this campaign has been run is the way we need to be forever,” Obama said. “Don’t trust bloggers or someone else’s opinion, because people lie.”

Well, that’s certainly a frightening concept, that Obama might actually run the country in the same way he has run the campaign, with rampant misogyny, hooligans threatening the opposition, theft of votes, campaign PR guys just making $!#% up about RFK and attempts to quell dissent. Yeah, four years of that sounds just peachy.

Of course, bloggers need not apply for commentary on the Obama administration. It is a forgone conclusion that we lie. Gee, and all this time I have been trying so hard to keep things like Rezko, Ayers, Wright and Farrakhan off the front page of this blog. After all, I can’t prove there is any direct criminality between Tony Rezko and Barack Obama. They might just have been drinking buddies. And Ayers and his lovely wife have paid their debt to society. Or someone has paid the debt for them. And Wright is *retired* for Gawd’s sakes. Besides, we all know that Barry was in the bathroom taking a whizz when Wright was pontificating about our collective white guilt. As for Farrakhan, just because the Obama campaign has been busily crafting pre-damage control transcripts of an alleged panel discussion featuring Michelle and Farrakhan doesn’t mean it actually happened. Then again, if imaginary voters can count in Michigan, maybe imaginary videos really exist too.

Ohhhh, so is *that* what this is all about? Is Michelle trying to marinate the press to discount anything that appears in the blogs about the alleged videotape that we take great pains to not discuss because we haven’t seen it (because, for all we know, it’s as real as pixie dust)?

But Michelle, there are so many other things that are perfectly true about dear Barry. We don’t have to resort to rumors and innuendo. Like, we could probably trust our lying eyes last weekend when Barry was awarded 59 delegates he did not earn, 4 of which were the result of direct theft from another candidate. Hard to discount that since The Confluence had two eyewitnesses to the event. And while it is true that Barry didn’t force the RBC to give him the unearned delegates, he took them anyway. At no point in time have we heard him say, “No, no, I don’t need these unearned delegates to win. And please give these 4 delegates back to Hillary because to take them would be stealing and that would be WROOONNG!” I did not hear him say that. Did any of you PUMAs hear Barry decline the stolen delegates awarded to him by the corrupt and obviously partial RBC?

And while it is true that Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger have been “caught on tape” as MSNBC would say, it would be unkind to say that Barry agrees with anything they say. After all, that would be like guilt by association. We all noticed that Barry separated himself from Trinity UCC just a couple of days ago. It took him twenty years but who among us doesn’t understand procrastination?

It’s not like we have to lie when the truth is so much more entertaining and outrageous. And we promise not to bring up the Farrakhan thing until it actually surfaces or until Barry’s campaign produces an official transcript. After all, our credibility is at stake here.



I’m sure they mean well

Regarding her husband’s safety, Michelle Obama had this to say about Hillary Clinton’s factual recount of lengthy primary seasons:

I’ve talked about this before. Barack is probably safer now than he was before. Kids are dying in the street in our community. They get shot walking to class, sitting in school, taking the bus home. They are dying in the street…. Send us good vibes. Pray for us. Think positive thoughts. But most of all, be vigilant. Be vigilant about stopping this kind of talk. It’s not funny. You don’t have to like Barack to dislike that kind of talk. Be vigilant about stopping that kind of talk.

Because after 61 years, it’s no more Mrs. Nice Guy for Hillary. Now she means business.

What’s that you say? Nancy Pelosi is growing a spine?

In an interview with her hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, the California Democrat said she is prepared to “step in” if the presidential race does not resolve itself by the end of next month.

“I will step in,” Pelosi told the paper. “Because we cannot take this fight to the convention…It must be over before then.”

Didn’t she put a deadline on Iraq War funding? And how did that go? Hmmm, why is enforcing party discipline to stop Hillary from forcing a brokered convention more important than enforcing party discipline on the Blue Dogs over Iraq war funding?

And when Father Pfieger holds one white woman responsible for the troubles of all of the African-American community…

…he didn’t mean for us to take it literally.
Because some of us innocent citizens out there might take it the wrong way and hold the party responsible for subjecting us to contemptuous people and disrespectful candidates who treat us like $%^*.
(Bless their hearts)

Michelle says: “I want to rip (Bill Clinton’s) eyes out.”

Yep, she really said it.

Then she said she was kidding.  Sort of like Al Franken’s “Kidding on the square”  In other words, she really meant it but she thought she could make it sound funny.


Ok, let me try it:

“I want to kick (Michelle’s) ass to the curb”

It was a joke.  Lighten up.


“I want to make (Michelle’s) teeth fall out.”

Kidding, KIDDING.  Can’t anyone take a joke?

Ok, you try.

The Kennedy Image Masters at Work

Ok, we know who Obama is trying to channel. We know he got the Hyannis seal of approval. But do he and Michelle have the same stylists as the Kennedys? It sure looks that way.

Take a look:


Tell me I’m dreaming, I know for sure that the pink boucle jacket of Jackie’s suit had 3/4 length sleeves because here’s the pic that shows it:


Jeez, even the frickin’ hairstyle is the same. And they call Hillary inauthentic. Look, I’m not trying to be tasteless here. After all, it wasn’t *my* idea that Michelle Obama wear an almost identical suit to the one that Jackie wore that fateful day. But you’d have to be crazy to think this is just a coincidence.

Yeah, she’s cynical alright

The Anointed One defends his wife (‘cos, see *he’s* allowed to come to her defense):

Barack Obama, interviewed on WOAI radio in San Antonio, Texas, expressed frustration that his wife’s comments became political fodder.

“Statements like this are made and people try to take it out of context and make a great big deal out of it, and that isn’t at all what she meant,” Obama said.

“What she meant was, this is the first time that she’s been proud of the politics of America,” he said. “Because she’s pretty cynical about the political process, and with good reason, and she’s not alone. But she has seen large numbers of people get involved in the process, and she’s encouraged.”

Oh, my, must stop laughing. *wiping tears from eyes*
Honey, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.   But this is what happens when the media starts beating up on your favorite woman and no one steps in to stop it.

What goes around, comes around.

WTF Michelle? Her “tone”?

Ok, first it was Barack who said he didn’t see any problem making suckers out of Hillary’s supporters but *his* supporters would just let the rest of us go to hell if Hillary is nominated.

Now, it’s his wife, Michelle. She “has to think about her policies… her tone” and that will help determine whether she would work for her if she is the nominee. Just watch for yourself:

Michelle, 16 years ago, Hillary Clinton made a boo-boo. The demographics still favored housewives who didn’t work outside the home. We were in the midst of the Mommy Wars, which are still going on today but not as viciously. And there was very professional Hillary Clinton, private lawyer and first lady of Arkansas, answering some dumb-ass question about why she decided to have a professional life and she said something to the effect: “Well, I guess I could have just baked cookies and had teas but I decided to have a professional career.”

Well, you’d have thought she just ate a live infant on TV after plunging its dagger into its still beating heart and draining the blood from the tot. Cookie bakers and tea drinkers across the nation were enraged. Stay-at-homes and full-times nearly came to blows. It was an international incident. But she recovered, went through 16 years of hell and started the SCHIP program.

Now, YOU come along, Michelle. What have you done in the past 16 years? You’ve been the wife of a senator for 3 years and you’ve had a job. But were you ever expected to serve as the first lady of a state for 8 years? Were you ever first lady of a country for eight years? Were you ever a Senator yourself for 8 years? Well, Michelle?

Where the f%^& do you get off telling us whether you approve of Hillary’s “tone”? And why does that trump whoever is going to be the next Supreme Court nominee? What a arrogant and selfish thing to say, Michelle. You and Barack need an attitude adjustment. We’re not talking about a popularity contest here. This is about running the country. And if you and Barack can’t get on board in driving the Republicans out, you need to stay in Illinois.

Oh, make no mistake. We KNOW why you were chosen to deliver this message. Because Barack can’t anymore. The “tone” remark would look sexist coming from his mouth. But not yours?

How stupid do you think we are Michelle?

Update: We need solidarity going into the fall election. If this selfishness bothers you, drop Obama a line and ask that Michelle make amends to the rest of us who have put up with enough Republican rule.

Obama bravely swings at softballs on GMA: They’re ganging up on me!

WATBBarack Obama dried his eyes and went on GMA this morning to accuse Bill Clinton of distorting his record. GMA provided tea and sympathy:

Q: Do you feel at times that you’re taking on two candidates at one time?

BO: (chuckling) Well, you know, there’s no doubt that having President Clinton on the trail and attacking, spending most of his time attacking me, uh, can be a distraction during the course of the campaign. But anyone who has heard my wife Michelle on the stump knows that she is an incredible asset so I feel that it balances out.

I agree, his wife Michelle is a great campaign speaker. In fact, I remember not too long ago that she was saying, “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House.” I’m sure she was talking about Nancy Pelosi but you get the point.

Jonathan Alter thinks that Hillary can’t control Bill. There he is, running around the country, shooting his mouth off. It’s almost like “she’s in two places at one time”, Alter said this morning on Morning Joe. Now, I ask you, is that fair? I mean, it’s *nothing* compared to the Swiftboating attacks that the GOP is assembling for Obama should he win the nomination or the endless investigations and smearing of the Clintons when they were in the White House. It’s not like his personal reputation has been dragged through the mud relentlessly and he hasn’t been called a “congenital liar” on the OP/Ed page of the “Paper of Record”.

But it is sooooo unfair. It just looks like if you elect Hillary, you get the greatest mentor in the world to go with her. It’s just mean. And he tells falsehoods and inacuracies about Obama’s record. You can’t believe anything he says.

Ok, Ok, take a powder, Bill. Get some rest. You have to save your strength in case Obama gets the nomination.