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      Stumbled across this lovely chart the other day. The core fact most people, including the folks in the “best every world” Panglossian movement (like Pinker) don’t seem to understand, is that even if they were right (questionable), the prosperity we have is based on burning down our house. “Sure is hot! Hottest it’s every been!” […]
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Tuesday: Princess Caroline- Mean Girl

Intensely private Caroline Kennedy, socialite and *part* part time volunteer for the City of New York’s Department of Education (when she can fit it into her intensely private life), has decided she has the qualifications to take the seat of the junior senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, commoner upstart.

According to Politico, Kennedy has been taking snark lessons from Al Sharpton:

Kennedy spoke with Sharpton on Monday, and he said he told her about another “lady that wanted to run for U.S. Senate [who] came to Harlem, to the House of Justice, and they told me she wasn’t qualified; they told me she was just there because of who she was married to — and that was Hillary Clinton.”

Sharpton said Kennedy chuckled.

Titter-titter! I’m not sure I get the joke.  Let’s compare the two ladies individual qualifications, shall we?

Hillary Clinton

Lady Caroline Kennedy

Former First Lady

Daughter of Former First Lady

Champion of health care reform

Champion of intensely private people

Practicing lawyer before WH gig

Non-practicing lawyer

Worked for Children’s Defense Fund

Has children

Knows how to campaign

Gave her blessing to Barack Obama

Won two elections for Senate in NY

Largely self made with mentors

Eww! You have to shake hands for this job?

Has a powerful uncle who will throw tantrum on her behalf

Worked tirelessly for racial equality all her life

Worked for women’s rights as human rights

Fundraising powerhouse for downticket dems

Content with Obama campaign’s portrayal of Clinton as a racist

Cool with “Hillary Clinton

only won because of Bill”

Uncle Teddy has promised that NY will finally get the attention it deserves (he has been withholding)

Well, I’m convinced.