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      Voting for a Republican is saying truth doesn’t matter to you:
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      From a study by his officials: In the report, “The State of Homelessness in America,” even shelters get some of the blame for increasing the number of people who are homeless.The argument: Some people would be able to find their own housing if they were turned away from shelters. “While shelters play an extremely important role […]
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That’s gotta hurt.

Remember, “Friends don’t let friends vote Republican”.  But if they do, blame Howard Dean.

Standard disclaimer: This site is not a pro-McCain site.  The founder is not a Republican and does not intend to become one.  She was a lifelong Democrat.  PUMAs are not affiliated with the McCain Campaign and make no endorsement of his candidacy.  However, some individuals have made the decision to vote for him in protest or simply because he is less frightening than the alternative.


Hypocrisy, thy name is Obamagirl

Yesterday, there was a big kerfuffle over whether John McCain’s latest ads were racist because they featured blonde bimbos like Paris Hilton in the same video with Barack Obama. Well, that’s certainly the pot calling the kettle…er, better not go there. Someone might head for the fainting couch and I am fresh out of smelling salts.

Here is the video, the number one ad for Barack Obama, viewed more than 9 MILLION times, of gyrating suggestive Obamagirl, heavy breathing and dying to get it on with Obama. Now, they might not have created it or paid for it, though she looks like she deserves *something* for putting out so publicly, but it is absolutely true that no one in Obama’s camp has condemned this video of a comely twenty something enticing a married man.

The hysteria is wearing thin among we newly created racists out here. Just sayin’