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      So, back in the 80s, when I was young, green and wet behind the years, one of the great thinkers about how to help poor people was a guy named Hernando DeSoto. (Great name, aces on parents!) DeSoto, who was mostly concerned with Latin and South America had one big idea: the reason that poor people were fucked is they didn’t have clear ownership of what they […]
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Friday: If Obama doesn’t condemn misogyny, we will resist

Heidi Li has a post up today about the pernicious effect of unchecked misogyny:

Some people have asked me why most mainstream media does not report on the misogyny that I claim has been and continues to be fully evidenced this political season. Answer: misogyny sells. That is, of course part of the the problem, and part of why we need our top political leaders to object, over and over, to misogynistic portrayals of women.

Just as Nixon and Reagan tapped into racial resentment in the American electorate to bring us decades of Republicans in the White House, Democrats have tapped into misogynism to win it for Obama in 2008.  In both cases, the antagonism, prejudice and bad behavior had been held in check by societal norms but was released when the candidate and the media gave silent approval.  It isn’t possible for us as a society to change the way people think.  That happens over time.  But it *is* possible for us to reinforce rules of acceptable behavior so that we all live together in some kind of detente that keeps people from getting hurt, either emotionally, financially or physically.

The Obama campaign and the DNC has done away with all that.  They know that “misogyny sells”.  For men and women who feel helpless to change their own circumstances, misogyny gives them a place to direct their anger and take power.  Women become the convenient scapegoats like the stereotypical African American “welfare queens” who didn’t exist or German Jews after the Armistice at Versailles.

But misogyny goes even farther than this.  Misogyny is rooted in our great religions.  It prevents women from ascending to positions of power in the Catholic Church.  It has been used in churches for millenia to make sure that women know that their bodies do not belong to themselves.  It has only been in the last century that women, through advances in pharmacology, have been able to break the “biology is destiny” cycle that kept them relegated to second class citizenship.  In the last 50 years, women have struggled mightily in the workplace for economic livelihood, self-fulfillment and respect.  Anyone who wants to know what that early period was like should watch AMC’s Mad Men to see what unchecked misogynism is like.

Even before the election of 2008, those of us in male dominated careers still have a tough time of it.  We see the “Chris Matthews Effect” on a daily basis.  Men have a very difficult time acknowledging the accomplishments of women and women have a tendency to reinforce the notion that our achievements are based on luck or some personal connection instead of hard work, intelligence, insight or creativity.  We struggled with male professors who gave their time and praise to our male colleagues.  We often find ourselves criticized for being “difficult to work with” or not properly deferential when we challenge male colleagues at work.

The misogyny that the Obama campaign, the DNC and media have unleashed is going to be very difficult to put back into the bottle after the election is over.  There has been only one good thing to come out of all of this.  Women are now more aware than ever that the issue of abortion has been used as a political football by both parties as a way to control women voters.  The Democratic party has been revealed to take no real interest in the wishes of women.  18 million voters, many of them women for Hillary Clinton, were easily dismissed and their votes relegated to the circular file.  It was *expected* that they would just fall in line and hand over their power in November.  This actions taken during the primaries and the convention show us the deep rot of sexism that runs through the party.  They are so used to taking us for granted that they feel they don’t need to try to win us over and they have no comprehension of the damage they have done to their most faithful constituency.

Republicans, on the other hand, know that if you want to win, you have to rely on all of your players.  John McCain may have fought the inclusion of a female on his ticket and maybe he’s not entirely comfortable with it.  But you have to admire the courage it took to do it.  He’s a little like one of the baseball team owners who relented to give Jackie Robinson a crack at the big leagues.  If McCain and Palin win this election, things will never be the same.

That is why we resist the Democratic party this year.  We want real change and we’re not going to get it with Barack Obama as president after he has unleashed the monster of sexism that lurked beneath a thin veneer of comity.  It is on his shoulders to do something about it.  We hold him personally responsible because misogyny sells and he has reaped the benefits all season long at our expense.

Scratching Post Happy Hour Friday – The DNC can’t say we didn’t warn them

It’s an after work Friday Happy Hour at the Scratching Post!  2 for 1 specials on well drinks and a FREE Long Island Iced Teas for everyone in honor of Universal PUMA High Priestess Supreme, Ms. Harriet Christian, a true Working Class Hero.  If you can, please buy a Pink PUMA for Hillary so she doesn’t have to be clean up janitor lady for the Obama Campaign mess here, and can concentrate her time in helping Down Tickets Democrats and fulfill her honorable role s a Senator of NY.

Harriet appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show from the Republican National Convention.  O-bot troll prophylactic: some of us PUMAs aren’t following the Republican ticket as Harriet has freely chosen to do, but because the 2008 DNC decided to commit voter fraud and ruthless sexist propaganda to oust the popular vote winner, this is what happens:

Remember Harriet, lifelong Democrat and diner waitress who campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton?  here’s a reminder:

As a proud feminist Latina with Afro-Carribean roots, I do not feel that what Harriet Christan said was in any way r*cist.  She told the truth as she lived it and saw it in person at the RBC meeting.  Our Infantry Co-Commanders and PUMAmobile Denver trekkers GaryChapelHill and Mawm also witnessed the hijack and voter fraud on May 31st 2008.  Our PUMA Delegates witnessed firsthand reports from the “Hotel Roll Call vote” from the 2008 DNC and how 18 million votes were thrown under the proverbial Obama bus.  No more.

So Harriet, even though I probably won’t vote for either of the major parties this November, I salute you today for being that Working Class Hero, like John Lennon sang of in this song.  Raise those killer Long Islands for Harriet and to all those Working Class Heros that aren’t down with their vote being thrown in the trash for the sake of “party unity.”

¡Que viva los PUMAs! (Long Live PUMAs!)

For my daughter’s sake, don’t go there Keith

This is message to Keith Olbermann,

You *used* to be my nightly news guy. My 12 year old daughter, “Brook”, and I used to watch you faithfully. We recorded you on our DVR. But you turned on us, Keith, with your partiality towards Obama and hostility towards all things Clinton. MSNBC went full tilt in the sexist direction and as a result, we removed you from the DVR and we don’t watch your channel at all anymore. I want her to believe that there are no limits to what she can do and MSNBC undermines my parental encouragment.

Now I understand you are going to do a self-righteous comment tonight, highlighting the illusory offensive racism of the Clinton campaign. No doubt you will sprinkle your 3 minute hate with pictures of slaves and sharecroppers and shame us all into remembering how bad african-americans had it and have it. And all of this is very true. They *do* have it worse off than we privileged white people. No one is going to argue with that. But if you think you can paint Geraldine Ferraro as a racist because of an unfortunate proximity of the word “lucky” to the word “black” or paint the Clintons, who are life long advocates of healing the racial divide as being latent Klan members, you will find out that it will backfire in the most spectacular way.

Because here’s the truth of the matter, Keith: Woman is the ni**er of the world. And every time you and Tweety and Obama and David Axelrod go off on the Clinton campaign like this without curbing your own speech and body language, you reinforce that message. And whenever Kerry or Kennedy or Dean don’t stand up and demand respect for Hillary from you and condemn the words that flow out of your mouths when Tweety refers to her as ‘babe’ and Obama tells everyone that she gets angry at him when she’s feeling emotional, you reinforce that message. And any time Howard Fineman or Jonathan Alter or Eugene Robinson appear on Countdown with you to say how it’s urgent for the sake of the party that Hillary drop out of the race in spite of the fact that she has *earned* more votes in more crucial states than Barry ever has or will, you reinforce that message.

So, go ahead, Keith, make my day. If you still plan on having your special comment tonight where you drag Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro through the mud and expose them to shame and ridicule, I will have Brook sitting with me to watch you one last time. And I will carefully explain to her why men in power are never to be trusted to consider anyone but themselves. And that with this special comment, you are not sticking up for the african-americans out there who have nothing to fear from Clinton. You are sticking up for your *own*- the guys. And that the battle for equity had only reached the end of the beginning when I was in college. And that now it’s her battle to fight. And YOU are the enemy.

Sincerely and with all my heart,