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Booman Writes a Stupid Post

He waves his tiny fists and wails.  Like we care.

If you supported Obama during the primaries, you know who you are and this does not necessarily apply to you. For the rest of you, you spent the primaries either shilling for Clinton and telling us our guy was all talk and no show, or you spent them bitching that David Plouffe wouldn’t respond to and obey your emailed wisdom. As soon as he won the presidency, you started bitching about his appointments. As soon as he became president, you started bitching about his messaging, his framing, his agenda, and his lack of deference to your opinion. I want to know where the point was in this process when Obama was supposed to conclude that you were his allies and that you were responsible for his victory. When was he supposed to conclude that he owed you something, or that you had any respect for him, or that you credited his good intentions, or that you understood the myriad responsibilities of the job might mean that your pet issues might have to wait six months, a year, or two years to get to the top of his agenda.

You call him a warmonger, but he gets the Nobel Peace Prize. He ends torture and allows his Attorney General to investigate it, and you call him a torturer. He tries to enact health care reform with a robust public option and you accuse him of seeking every opportunity to sell-out to the insurance industry. He bails out the cratering financial services industry and prevents a second Great Depression, and you accuse him of selling his soul to corporate CEO’s. I’m not saying that all of these criticisms lack validity. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t advocate for the things they care about passionately. I just want to know where you get the fucking idea that an anonymous White House staffer who gets asked about all this criticism would feel obligated to show you deference and respect.

Gosh, it’s hard to know where to start.  How about defining who we are, because clearly, as Clinton shills, Booman is addressing his temper tantrum to us. Let me clear up some misconceptions for him.  We are not Tea Partiers.  We are not Birthers.  We are not Republicans.  And despite what the people who are closest to us politically continue to think, we are not racists.  That word continues to be flung around by people who should know better.  We know our own hearts and shouldn’t have to keep defending ourselves.  But whatever.  The evidence should speak for itself.  As a scientist, I don’t believe in hiding data and evidence.  I haven’t changed a word of what I have written on this site.  So, I challenge anyone who doubts my honesty on the issue of race to comb through our archives and find the smoking gun.  You won’t find one.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up, what are we?  Well, we are Democrats and former Democrats.  We are liberal to moderate (check our credo).  We supported Clinton because as we so accurately pointed out last year (again, check our archives), Obama was not ready for the big leagues.  We thought he would be a weak president.  We thought that whoever was backing him would like him that way- vulnerable and dependent.  We thought that government would be so broken after Bush left that it would take a person who had intimate knowledge of how the White House and government was run to hold things together.  We thought Hillary Clinton fit the bill.

Now, the $#%^ is hitting the fan for Obama, who by the way, did not come to the White House without leaving a trail of destruction in his own party in his wake, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Over and over again in the past month, I have heard the following excuse offered by his defenders: “He inherited all of these problems from his predecessor.”  No $#@%, Sherlock.  That’s why we wanted the other Democratic candidate for President.  But you guys were so intent on having your little hissy fit and throwing your macho act around that you completely lost your minds and weren’t paying attention to the signs that you had picked the wrong horse.  So, instead of getting a break after eight long excruciating years of George W Bush, you saddled us with a guy who is so over his head that the best he can do is continue the Bush-Cheney agenda.  In everthing.  You name it: Finance, health care, the wars.  He’s there.  And the reason he’s there is because he was a product who got to the top by shmoozing and NOT by believing in core Democratic principles.  He isn’t for equality or saving the middle class or not screwing the poor or anything like that.  He is for Obama.  I’m not saying he’s a bad guy or a good guy.  I’m saying he’s an amoral guy.  It’s all about him.

So, that’s where we are.  Did Obama deserve a Nobel Prize for having good intentions?  No, I think the Swedes were very wise to step away from the Peace Prize and leave it in the hands of some smelly lutefisk eaters in Norway who think they are doing America a favor by giving us another teachable moment on race while completely ignoring the fact that this guy never has to actually do anything before accolades and prizes and the office of the most powerful person on the face of the earth is awarded to him.  But I digress.

My point, and I do have one, is that Booman is completely clueless about the nature of the president’s power.  The President derives it from the people who vote for him.  If he doesn’t have enough votes, he has to vacate his office.  So, now his henchmen are complaining that the left isn’t onboard with his agenda.  We aren’t supporting him.  We aren’t sufficiently cheerful.  According to them, we sit around in our pajamas all day and blog.  No, actually most of us have real jobs in the real world.  Or we have no jobs in the real world.  Or we are about to lose our jobs in the real world.  We are scientists and psychologists, economists and clowns.  We are overeducated, working class and both at the same time.  We are creative class and laborers and stay at home moms.

And *OBAMA* is supposed to be the president for *ALL*  of us.  Not his select few.  Not his Whole Foods Nation pep rally support crew.  Everyone.  Unfortunately, it is people like Booman who failed to make that clear to Obama last year when they allowed him to get away with political murder in the primaries.  He threw group after group under the bus.  People who were lifelong Democrats suddenly found their votes either taken for granted or unneeded.  Those voters were sometimes explicitly disenfranchised by the machinations of the party itself.  In all that time, Obama did not protest, did not protect those voters’ rights, did not show them any respect.  We’re not going to get over that anytime soon.  We are watching him and if he doesn’t deliver, he will not get our votes in any future elections.

This is the point that Booman fails to get.  It is OUR right to withhold our support from Obama until he starts addressing our concerns.  If the president doesn’t like how the electoral dynamics are playing out, it is up to him to change his behavior.

It’s called discipline and we are enforcing it.

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Dear Claire, save your breath

After all, you didn’t use it when it would actually, you know, count. From the NYTimes this am we have Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day:

The Obama campaign will fight back, after waiting a respectful beat or two. In conversations with Mr. Obama and his aides, “I’ve tried to make sure that everyone understood that these women have a right to feel frustrated and angry,” said Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, an important ally who is one of his leading emissaries to women. “To try to make that less than real is a huge mistake.”

As he declared himself the nominee on Tuesday, Mr. Obama cut a particularly woman-friendly figure on stage, dedicating his speech to his grandmother and affectionately bumping fists with his wife, Michelle.

Indeed, descriptions of those women, along with his mother and daughters, will be regular features of Mr. Obama’s speeches, Ms. Sebelius said. Women will ultimately choose Mr. Obama not because of symbolic overtures, she added, but because of his stances on health care, the economy and education, areas where his positions closely resemble Mrs. Clinton’s.

The key, Ms. McCaskill said, is approaching Mrs. Clinton’s supporters with utmost humility. And, Ms. Backus added, that is not always the strongest suit of the young people who are some of Mr. Obama’s most enthusiastic supporters.

“Not nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh,” Ms. McCaskill said, making a taunting sound. “We need them very, very badly, and we shouldn’t be able to be afraid to say that we need them.”

What is the Obama campaign saying here, Claire? It’s going to gives us a few days to get over it before it launches a new offensive at us? That we’re just another enemy that needs to be subdued? Do you think we don’t have the sweeties psychological warfare all figured out?

Jeez, Claire, where were you before now? I guess it was Ok to let all of the intimidation and caucus manipulation and voter suppression and misogyny go on while your guy was winning. You have allied yourself with a man whose enablers sat on Hillary Clinton’s delegates in Florida and Michigan. You are with the man who cut the voters’ voices in half in those two states and stole four of her delegates. The RBC gave him HER delegates using the most ridiculous rationale imaginable. We saw it. The whole country was watching this travesty that was played out like the antics of a high school student council handing the election over to the popular BMOC.

This isn’t high school, Claire. This is the most powerful nation in the world. The time to speak out, to get your forces under control, to listen to us was before it all went down. That was when it was important to behave responsibly, to act ethically with all voters in mind, to not piss off your biggest voting bloc.

You and the other Obama superdelegates have zero credibility with us. ZERO. We won’t listen to you. We can’t be “reasoned” with. We aren’t stupid people who need to now be soothed. We’re adults. You had your chance to make your case to us and you blew it. You and your media can have a summer long lovefest for all I care. I’m not listening to you. I have more important things to do that make sure your hollow prop of a candidate gets enough votes to push him over the finish line in November.

It’s my vote. You are not entitled to it and I am not giving it up to anyone I can not respect. And I don’t have to listen to you.

PUMAs, I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating: Turn off the media. Watch only CSPAN. Be careful what you read. If it feels like guilt, it’s probably David Axelrod upping the Haka. We have to stick together and not let anyone or anything get under our skin. Remember, this is the guy who wouldn’t campaign in Kentucky because he thought the Applacahian vote wasn’t worth his time of day. This is the guy who took delegates away from his opponent in order to “win”. This is the guy whose enablers have been screaming for Clinton to quit since Iowa. And most of all, this is the guy who LOST CA, NJ, NY, MA, PA, OH, TX, FL and MI. He LOST them. No other Democratic nominee has ever been allowed to fail so spectacularly. We do not reward failure. We do not reward sexism. We do not reward cheating. We do not reward disrespect.
Turn off the media. Turn off Claire McCaskill. Turn off Barack Obama.

I’ve Overestimated Chris Bowers’ Intelligence

Or has he underestimated ours?

From his post SuperTuesday analysis:

There are only two paths to the Democratic nomination now. One path, for Clinton, is based on her maintaining a tie or a narrow lead among pledged delegates, thus allowing her to seal the deal through a rules and bylaws engine that focuses on superdelegates and the Michigan / Florida delegate seating process. The other path, for Obama, is based on him taking a narrow pledged delegate lead, and then slowly building that lead through a string of victories that will eventually make Clinton’s super delegate lead a democratic farce, and her Michigan / Florida claims irrelevant. Which situation are we in now? Well, unless one is simply incapable of counting pledged delegates and simultaneously blind to Obama’s gaping caucus advantage and resource advantage, you simply have to conclude that the latter scenario is more likely now.


Like California and NY and NJ and MA, FL and MI voters are just going to cry uncle when Obama has them in a choke hold. “Ok, Ok, we give in. You can be the nominee. We didn’t know what we were thinking. We just let that most densely populated, most diverse, most tech savvy states status thingy go to our heads. Oh, and women forgot to check with their husbands before they pushed the buttons. We’re sorry, sorry, SORRY! Ow, ow, ow, you’re hurting us.”

Chris, if you and the rest of the big blog stores and the media keep this up, there is going to be a backlash and it isn’t going to be pretty. Obama is not going to be the nominee by the big states graciously conceding our delegates to him because he won more Utahs and Alaskas. Nah gah happen. It has nothing to do with superdelegates or party establishment. The voters of the largest Democratic states in the nation have spoken- decisively. I don’t think that Obama is going to want to piss us off.

Last night, Clinton proved conclusively that despite all of the vicious media and blogger attacks, she is an admired and viable candidate for president. It can only go up from here. Please don’t bore us with this stupid cognitive dissonant zealotry. Obama gets VP if he’s nice. Hillary tops the ticket.

Deal with it.

Oh, and one other thing: I’ll be campaigning for Clinton throughout April in PA, which is right over the border and I’m going to recruit my sister and mother to do the same since they live there. In fact, since there won’t be much else for we NY and NJ people to do before the convention, we will have lots of time on our hands during the weekends to help out.

Good Day, Sir! I said, GOOD DAY!