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Voting Clusterf_ck of mass proportions in Tampa

FIRST, this is what the Board of Elections reports for Hillsborough County, FL – 87% counted so far:

384 of 384 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
John McCain (REP)
Percent of total votes
46.60% 228,323
Barack Obama (DEM)
Percent of total votes
52.40% 256,753

NOW, read this fromTBO.com and notice where they decided to skew the story and do the math: Continue reading

Will the Pen be mightier than the Chad?

Remember the nightmare of the Hanging Chad in 2000 (or “Chads” if you’re Dennis Leary in this scene).   Here’s a reminder (language NSFW, hey it’s HBO):

I’m pleased to announce that the era of the “Hanging Chad” is behind us.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present you, THE PEN!

The following announcement is the new “paper trail” system that Floridians voted for and were penalized by the DNC in the January 29th primaries to ensure error-proof and transparent elections.  I’m still bleeding from the irony of it all.     

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office is dedicated to providing Hillsborough County voters with the most reliable means of tracking voter intent.  The new optical scan voting system provides total security for every vote. It is supported by Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson and approved by the Florida Legislature and the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.  From encryption of results to complete control of access, the new optical scan voting system ensures your vote is safe and counted.  Please view our video about the new voting system in English or Spanish

I gave the optical scan system a run on the August 26 elections for Circuit Court Judges.  Pretty nifty.  But  will a mistaken pen mark be the new “hanging chad” moment?

Overvoting and Undervoting

The tabulator will reject your ballot if you “overvote,” or select more than one choice in a contest. Tell the Precinct Election Official you want to request another ballot to make a revision.  If you “undervote,” or forget to make a choice in a contest, the tabulator will accept your ballot as is. If no ovals are filled in, the tabulator will reject the ballot and you may mark it.  To learn about other ways to vote in this year’s elections, visit the Early Voting and Request-A-BallotSM page.

So before the machine scans your ballot, check your homework.  If you’re the type to draw outside the lines, start practicing on lotto number sheets like these here: —>

After the RBC Fiasco, I decided that I would write-in Hillary’s name as a protest vote.  But if you are planning to write in Hillary’s name in Florida, PLEASE DON’T DO IT.  I called the Hillsborough County Board of Elections and a kind gentleman instructed me that any Write-In Candidate that requests to be counted by the Electoral College must submit paperwork before a specific date (which Hillary’s campaign did not do).  He also said that any Hillary Clinton write-in vote will be counted as a Barack Obama vote because they belong to the same party.  I urge all PUMA/Clinton Democrats to visit this link to find out your state’s write-in rules:  http://www.writehillaryin.com/Write_In_Facts_by_State.html and/or call your local elections board to find out what are the rules for write-in candidates.  We cannot afford to give Barack Obama more votes just because we wanted to write-in Hillary’s name.

Issues on the ballot include ownership of real estate by foreigners (wonder how that’ll fly with so many Canadian snowbirds),  a gay marriage ban (they put this on the ballot every election – I want equal rights for all!) and other land/tax issues that I really have to research before I make a decision how I’ll vote. 

Also curious, there are more Democrats than Republicans this year in my county.  Maybe Mickey Mouse, Jou Mama and Ima Bore moved to Tampa.  Here are the stats from Hillsborough Board of Elections webiste banner on each page:

Registered Voters as of 10/17/2008   Republican : 232,325   Democratic : 298,714   Other : 165,019   Total : 696,058

Hillsborough County is a major swing county – and as we’ve seen in previous elections, not all Democrats will vote for Democrats, and Republicans won’t just vote “Republican” and those pesky “Other” voters can swing it one way or the other.   If you already have you sample ballots online in your state, leave me a link in the comments section. 

After the jump is the sample ballot for Hillsborough County FL, with bolded names for the 30% solution vote.  Remember to choose your protest strategy wisely. 

Que viva los PUMAs! Continue reading