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Happy Thanksgiving 2016 or Thank Goodness It’s Almost Over

I thought 2014 was the worst year ever but 2016 is giving that one a run for its money. I’m getting a better sense of what we’re in for with Trump. I caught the tail end of All In with Chris Hayes yesterday when he had an Italian journalist describing what happened under Berlusconi. One of these days, we’re going to point at those stunned Trump voters and call them suckers except that they’re going to pull the rest of us under with them. When the transcripts are posted, I’ll excerpt them. Then we can all watch the next four years together to see it all play out unless the media buys a clue. Won’t that be fun?

In the meantime, it looks like we might get a serious recount. Maybe Jill Stein woke up and realized there really was a difference between the two candidates. If there was vote hacking, i’m betting they covered their footprints very well. Do I think it happened? I don’t know. Do I think Trump would do such a thing if he thought he could get away with it? Absolutely.

But enough of that for now. Let’s do the T-Day thing. I’m having some friends over for dinner. And now that I look around this place, I have a lot of picking up to do. What are you cooking today? Got any special recipes? I subscribe to Entertaining with Beth on YouTube and she has some dead simple appetizer ideas that you can do with puff pastry, which I just happen to have in my freezer. How conveeeenient. Check out her video below and tell me which one you think I’m going to make:

See, Greg, no hot peppers. And no beets.

Next year, I hope to have a lot more friends for parties. I met a lot of new people this year while I was staging for GOTV and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the coming years. I hadn’t realized until the GOTV how much I missed being around other people who shared my point of view, sense of humor and their own generosity of spirit. So, to those of you new friends, drop in any time. Thanks to all of the Ground Gamers especially:

Barb, Greg, Matt A., Kyp, Reverend Beverly, Darlene, Carolyn, Suzanne, Daria, Alex, Chris, The Three Marys, Beth, Jeff, Larry, Pete, Sandra, Andria, Nadene, Michael and Raja (our organizers).  There were so many more people who I met this year and I wish Michael had left the sign in sheets so I could find all of you. But I hope to run into you all again in the Giant Eagle.

Thanks as well to all you Conflucians who kept me company this year and are some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Thanks to Ivory Bill Woodpecker, Lady V, Sweet Sue, Quixote, TDraicer, William, SeaGrl, GA6thDem, MsMass, CB, MDMDStork, Ownaa, Bellecat and Katiebird, who took a hiatus but I hope returns someday. And to all of you commenters who I’m so glad to read everyday including some new faces and return visitors. (Well, not some of you but you know who you are because we haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hehehe.)

And finally, Many Thanks to Hillary who set a beautiful example of intelligence, perseverance, grace under pressure and presidential leadership. She is MY President and having bested Trump by 2 million votes and counting, should be THE President. I will always be proud of my support for her. She exceeded my expectations in every way.

Happy Thanksgiving, Madame President.

GOTV Day 2: What enthusiasm gap?

cvylzyiueaezkwtI’m not sure what journalists are referring to when they say that there is an enthusiasm problem for Hillary. I’m not seeing it.

I’ve had a lot of canvassers through my house in the last couple of days. My rug will need to be cleaned. Yesterday, a group of three Bernie supporters showed up and have been kicking ass for two days now. They’re coming back tomorrow. Swoon. They say they know that if we win back the Senate, Bernie will become one of the most powerful politicians in country.

Yes, there are a lot of Trump people in this part of the state. But we also have a lot of Democrats and Pittsburgh gave up being a steel town in about 1985. There are only a few mills left. Now, this city is diverse, a center for robotics and transplant medicine. It’s a shame that some people got left behind. It’s not their fault. But that doesn’t mean that Pittsburgh has been meh about Hillary.

Ok, a volunteer just returned with a flyer from Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance AFL-CIO that was left at a house he was canvassing. That’s weird. I keep picturing factory workers in American Samoa. It’s a long way to come for GOTV but yeah, Go American Samoa. (Someone from AFL- CIO should correct me on this.)

Yesterday, I was following a canvasser from Planned Parenthood. It was along a long stretch of curvy road with no sidewalk. At dusk. I love Hillary but not enough to die for a turf. But the Planned Parenthood canvasser was leaving pink doorhangers ahead of me so I had to leave Hillary Election Alert stickies. Damn the intrepid PP girl. It’s the competition that will kill me.

Volunteers are bringing a lot of snacks. I’ve eaten too much. And I have a tower of bottled water. I get up at 6am and work without a break until about 9:30pm. I can’t stay up past 9:30pm. I’m sorry, I just can’t.

I learned about Comey’s statement today after it had been out for an hour. It’s so unlike me to be the last to know.

Please let this campaign be over soon.


On the Ground in PA

Today, we continued our persuasive canvassing of Central PA. Before I go any further, I have to tell you that the Harrisburg area is Obama territory for a couple of reasons: 1.) it has a very high African-American population in the city and 2.) There are Republicans here who very much want Hillary to lose. That probably harshed your mellow, right? Well, it shouldn’t.

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