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You say “Class Warfare” like it’s a *bad* thing

I don’t know what’s more pathetic:  Obama’s negotiating starting point of $3 TRILLION dollars (yes, you read that right) or that the Republicans are ready to take their dishes and go home over a tax on millionaires.

“Wahhhh!  Life is so unfair for the millionaire.  It’s class warfare.  We’re being oppressed!  We’re being oppressed!”

The answer to the most pathetic move today has to go to Obama.  This man does not know how to conduct Class Warfare.  I’m not at all intimidated or bothered by the Republicans condemning it with dire tones and stern faces.  Watch, they’ll probably try to find some scripture that supports sucking the life blood out of the economy while people are out of work.

Maybe the magic is gone.  The term “job creators” never resonated with me either.  They’re called EM-PLOY-ERS and their primary creation these days seems to be shareholder value.  It’s not personal, that’s just what they’re rewarded for doing.  When we stop rewarding them for sucking money and value out of their companies and start rewarding them for planning for the long term, the jobs will come back.  There’s nothing divine about them.

But back to Obama.  What the hell is he thinking??  $3 Trillion to start?  That’s just fricking nutz.  And I see that military pensions and Tricare are now on the chopping block.  I have some relatives who are going to LOVE that.  Not only is it unnecessary but Tricare is a low cost health insurance system that we should be emulating, not cutting. If there are too many severely injured, permanently damaged people on it, maybe we should stop creating them.   Military personnel do not make the plushest salaries in the world.  Increasing the cost of healthcare for military families is going to be a real hardship.

The other proposal is for military pensions to be replaced by a contribution plan, like a 401K.  I hope it’s the type of contribution plan favored by retirement experts like Theresa Ghilarducci and not the kind of 401K plan the rest of the private sector is forced into.  The private sector 401K is very risky and exacerbates the boom-bust bubble and unemployment cycles we’re going through these days.  All of the productivity gains are siphoned away to investors who expect bigger returns every quarter.  With Ghilarducci’s investment strategy, the choices are limited and geared towards more stable funds and returns.  It’s a lower return on investment (3% instead of the 7% projected by 401K con men) but it is much safer and less damaging to the economy.

Still, $3Trillion, Barry?  I mean, what kind of room does that leave for negotiation?  You know Republicans.  They’ll never agree to $3 Trillion.  They want it all.   And you know what, Barry?  Austerity sucks.  Those of us who are out of work through no fault of our own do not deserve to be treated like this.

So, gird your loins, Class Warriors.

Well, that’ll learn’im.  Good thing we don’t do this to lying, traitorous, thieving rapists anymore.  I mean, for the rapists.  {{sigh}} Those were the good old days.