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Wednesday: Obamalama-ding-dang

It looks like the media is settling in for some nice narratives.  Let’s take a look at what Obama and Mom-inChief have to look forward to in the next four years.

Ahhh, yes, well that didn’t take long.  Obama is reported to have ordered a $30,000 rhodium and diamond ring for Michelle.  Isn’t that sweet.

Rhodium?  Who knew?!

Rhodium? Who knew?!

(Note to BFF- I don’t like the shape.  It’s too bulky for my long skinny finger.  It would look like I’m wearing an olive.  Alexander Sepkus is more my style.  I mean, if you are running out of Christmas ideas.  {{snorg!}})

Or is he ordering this ring?  There have been some conflicting reports.  His spokespeople say “no”, the designer says “yes”.  No matter.  It isn’t really the point. The point is that Obama and Michelle are made to look like noveau riche social climbers with bad taste.  {{GASP!}}  What will Sally Quinn say?  Will she be obligated to invite them to her soirees?  Will The Village have to pretend that Michelle’s favorite drink is suddenly chic?  What if she orders a Grasshopper or tries to mix one of the single malts with creme de menthe?  Horrors!

The American People will surely be offended by such display of excess, especially when they’ve just been told that some of the decisions foisted on Obama by the wretched economy will not be popular.  But surely, SURELY they knew, as David Sirota and Chris Bowers have recently discovered, that what progressives and the common voting public wanted was totally irrelevent and has been since May 31, 2008.  Or they *should* have known that.  If they’re just piping up now, it can only mean one thing: They’re closet racists.

So, outrage is what the Rupert Murdoch types are going for here.  I have to admit that this little bit of bedeviling distraction coming on the heels of the $600,000,000 that Obama spent on the campaign does allow me to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude.  But what makes me really mad is the fact that Bill Clinton has to divulge every donor to his library while Obama is revealing… what, exactly, about where all his excess millions came from?

Come to think of it, the ring story is probably true.  Unnecessarily large, tasteless and expensive.  The kind of thing a Married to the Mob type would wear.  It will look perfect on Michelle.

Update: Apparently you troll type people don’t get the point of this post.  The point was not that there was a ring in the works.  The point was that this is the kind of story we should expect to see during the Obama administration.  It’s designed to make you take your eye off the ball.  And regular Americans are going to start paying attention when cold hard economic reality starts to set in.  Plus, the media eats this $%@% up.  Both Obama’s are stupidly courting the media and walking on eggshells and this will result in them pulling back on some of the stuff that needs to get done just at the time when it is most needed.  They are trying to avoid criticism but they should have taken a lesson from Hillary.  The media is going to hammer you no matter what.  Might as well do the right thing in spite of the media.  Right now, The Villagers have Obama by the short hairs.  Step out of line even a little, start getting all nostalgic for alphabet agencies, help out labor and homeowners and you will see a lot more of these stories.

But instead of flinging poo about a story that was incorrect, (btw, we never said it was accurate.  We just mused about the possibilities) why don’t you get on Obama’s case for not disclosing who gave him all that campaign cash.  Because if he doesn’t, he looks like a frickin’ hypocrite for making Bill Clinton reveal all of his donors.  Fair is fair.

In other news:

  • Obama’s secret weapon to keep Hillary in check is supposed to be The Enforcer, General Jim Jones.  Mebbe.  Mebbe not.  I don’t have any doubt that Hillary will *not* be a Condi in this administration.  She will be visible and active- because she has to be.  But I would be very careful to not underestimate her.
  • Caro found this little gem at Political Wire.  Sort of knocks the wind out of “the Lightbringer is going to save us all” meme and it’s probably the truest thing W has said in years: “I’m sure some people voted for Barack Obama because of me.”
    — President Bush, in an interview with CNN.
  • Here’s another gem that Caro of Makethemaccountable.com has dug up: “Why Obama’s got Complete Confidence in Clinton” by John Nichols at The Nation.  I agree with Caro’s point that if there wasn’t a sliver of daylight between Obama and Clinton and if we’re all supposed to forget all about Change! ‘cos it’s Nah, Gah, Happen, then why the f^&* did we vote for the least experienced of the two to be the next president?  If Clinton was just as likely to act like Obama, then why not Clinton?  Ahh, grasshopper, but WAS she going to act just like Obama?  Hmmm…  I found an interesting thing the other day.  Do you know who this man is?  This man was Secretary of the Interior under FDR.  He was the guy responsible for administering the PWA and other alphabet agencies of The New Deal.  He also happens to have been the father of *this* man:    Funny how that works, inn’t?  It looks like the one thing the well connected fear more than anything else is a return to The New Deal era.  Well, I guess they won’t have to worry about that anymore, not with Obama in charge.  That $600,000,000 is looking like a pretty good investment to them, probably.  After all, it was a one time investment.  Not some icky tax that would only end up in the hands of the Forgotten Man.  (Sounds like Hillary’s “You’re not invisible to me” theme.  Damn, the wealthy dodged a bullet.  Whew!)