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    • Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021
      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 17, 2021   Strategic Political Economy “You lost. Stop acting like you won” [White Hot Harlots (lyman alpha blob), via Naked Capitalism Water Cooler 10-14-21] “The abortion issue has been lost. I cannot fathom any plausible near or medium-term scenario in which the actually existing American left mounts a successfu […]
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Denver, here we come! Fundraiser continued…

Last night, we kicked off the weekend fundraiser to cover the costs of the PUMA HQ and Media Center in Denver.  Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Sunday evening.

Friends, we’ve gotten this far on a shoe string. None of us do it for the money, although the fame and glory would be pretty cool.  We are working people, soccer moms, retired, students.  In other words, we are just average people who have a single common goal: self-determination.  We want our voices heard.  We entrusted our delegates and superdelegates with our votes and now we expect them to honor that trust and vote as we instructed them to do in the primaries.  We want them to give us the best presidential ticket for the fall so we can beat the Republicans and unfortunately, that doesn’t include Barack Obama in the number one spot (*hint, hint*, SDs.  There *is* a way out of this mess.).

So, if you want to help us, if you want to join us, if you want others to bask in the reflection of your fame, or infamy, as the case may be, put your money where your votes are and help us take back our country.  Help us with our virtual outreach through the PUMA media center.  Help us with our (wo)man on the street activities to peacefully spread the word, one voter at a time.  Help us make our Beautifhul Protest and Rise event (yes, we have a permit) a thing to remember.  Make this a convention one where the grassroots fire ignites and spreads to every home in America.  Let them know that People United Mean Action.

You can contribute here to help PUMAPac. Or, if you want to direct your money specifically to the coalition, you can use this link to donate to JustSayNoDeal. If you make a contribution, put your location and amount in the comments section here and maybe Carol, our fundraising whip can keep a running total.  PUMAPac’s goal for today is $4000.00.  Hmmm, I can see an inter blog rivalry.  I challenge Alegre’s Corner to out raise us!

BTW, if your checkbook is empty but your ink jet printer is not, take Murphy’s advice and use this weekend to spread the word in your town.  There is an action center where you can print flyers, business cards and other nifty stuff.  This kind of contribution helps get our message out beyond the web.  You can find the action center here.

And I’d like to thank those of you who have contributed to Gary and Mawm’s RV Adventure fund to Denver.  Every tank of gas helps so much.  If you’d like to buy a couple of gallons for Gary and Mawm, use the PayPal button below.  Thanks again for your support.

Tune in tonight on NQR for another edition of Meet Me in Denver with Darragh Murphy and friends for the latest updates and details on our plans.  That starts at 9:00PM EST on blogtalkradio.