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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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Wednesday: Feminism first

I’ve got some stuff to do today and will be checking in periodically.  In the meantime, here are two videoclips by Australian writer, Jane Caro.  I’ve been checking out a lot of freethinker videos lately, particularly because the speakers represent the other end of the religio-socio spectrum.  Most people fall into the middle of a gaussian distribution when it comes to religion.  At one end of the spectrum, let’s call it the “right” end, there are people who feel religion very intensely.  The fundamentalists are a subset of this group.  The other end of the spectrum is composed of people who look at everyone to the right of them and say, “Um, I don’t get it”.  These people just put a lot more emphasis on logic and reason.  Those people are starting to come out of the closet.  They now have global conferences, they write books and they’re speaking out. Dan Barker, who I mentioned the other day, says he thinks that American culture is evolving to become more like European culture.  Europe burned itself out on religious wars and now most Europeans do not profess a faith.  What we’re seeing in American is the last shrieks of a group that is losing its fight with modernity.

By the way, after I watched some of these clips and the way people all around the world make fun of super religious Americans, I find it enormously embarrassing.  There is a perception out there that Americans are all religious freaks who joyfully embrace ignorance and aren’t afraid to stuff it down your throat.  That’s the way the world sees us.  Next time you go to Europe on vacation (I’m assuming that’s something everyone has on their bucket lists whether they’ve gotten there yet or not), just remember that everytime you open your mouth, the rest of the continent is going to immediately think you’re the equivalent of Tammy Faye Baker without the dripping eyeliner who doesn’t understand something as simple and elegant as evolution.  We have a lot of work to do to reclaim our reputations as an enlightened, modern people.

Anyway, Jane Caro says feminism is more important than atheism and she makes a couple of very compelling arguments. She skewers everyone, even Buddhists. Enjoy the humor and insight of these two videos and ask yourself how female Obama voters got it so wrong.  *Real* feminists do not vote for guys like Obama.  That would be like being a female suicide bomber for Al Qaeda.  No matter how much you do for the cause, your paradise is not going to involve deflowering 72 virgins.

Real feminists look after their own sex first.

Jane Caro- Intelligence Squared Debate clip

Jane Caro- Global Atheist Convention 2010, Melbourne, Australia

Europeans love Barack??? Good thing they CAN’T VOTE!

Ok, I’m going to take a stab at this crap that’s been floating around about how much the Europeans love Barack.

First, he laid the foundations for this adulation(or so he thinks) when he made that statement that Americans can’t say more than Merci Beaucoups and are really the fricking idiots of the known world. (BTW, if you only have time to learn one phrase in a foreign language, Thank You Very Much is highly recommended.) Well, as it turns out, I work with Europeans.  In fact my whole department is international.  Out of 25 of us, there are only *three* Americans.  And we have LOTS of international teleconferences.  Our business is conducted in two languages, English and French.  I am just as likely to receive email in French as English and when I call a colleague in Europe, I am likely to get the voicemail prompts in French, German or Italian. We deal with it, teach ourselves, learn to read French (not that hard actually) or get a tutor.

But it doesn’t much matter anyway because all verbal transactions are done in English.  And there is a very good reason for this that just points to Obama’s elitist stupidity in the most glaring fashion- half of my department is CHINESE.  They speak Mandarin or Shanghaiese.  None of our European colleagues speak those languages but we all speak English.  So, English it is.  And Europeans know better than anyone that Americans are no longer number one in the world.  It is the Chinese that hold that title.  They are very happy to point that out to me whenever my American superiorty makes a reappearance.

Secondly, The Europeans are “in love” with Obama for one reason and one reason only- He’s not Bush.  In fact, they hate Republicans as much as we do.  They blame the neocons for the disasters of the last eight years and if it weren’t Obama, they’d be GENUINELY happy for Hillary.

Yeah, really.  Most of my European colleagues were pulling for Hillary.  They’ll settle for Obama and they are apalled that anyone would vote for McCain but they really *liked* Hillary.  My boss applied for her citizenship earlier this year in anticipation of voting for Hillary and is disappointed that she may not be able to.  The Eurpoeans blanch when I tell them I am not voting for Obama but once I explain what the DNC was up to, they completely understand.

So, there you have it.  They are in love with the anti-Republican.  You could replace him with Alfred E. Newman and as long as “What me worry?” was a Democrat, they’d be ecstatic.  There is nothing intrinsically special about Obama that makes them happy.