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Saturday: Women Swiftboating Sarah

Ok, that was funny.  But some of the commentary about Sarah that goes on in workplaces and supermarkets and on TV isn’t funny anymore.

Remember what the meme was back when Hillary was running?  “I don’t have anything against a woman running for president.  Just not *this* woman.”  And now I’m hearing the same thing said about Sarah.  “I don’t have anything against a woman for VP.  But why does she have to be someone like Sarah?”

She’s too:

  • pretty
  • religious
  • Hockey Mommy
  • fertile
  • executive, she needs to be a senator
  • provincial, she needs to see the world
  • confused about the Bush Doctrine (like, who isn’t?)
  • anti-abortion

Look, she’s running for Vice President.  She’s done more on her job than Barack Obama.  But she’s not dumb enough to think she could run for president after only 142 days of experience.

So, according to that list above, what kind of woman would qualify for President or VP?  She’d have to be:

  • not too pretty
  • not overtly religious
  • not a suburban SUV mom
  • not too fertile
  • a senator
  • well travelled
  • confused about nothing
  • pro-choice

She’d have to be someone like…

Nahhh, any woman but her.

Dr. Violet Socks has more on the swiftboating of Sarah by her own gender and why it’s got to stop in When Misogyny Masquerades as Feminism.  In fact, I recommend the Reclusive Leftist for your morning reading list. Let Violet raise your consciousness.

Wake up, Ladies, the media and the guys are siccing you on the women who could actually give you the power you crave.  Stop falling for it.

Other Tasty Sites Like Ours

In the Tom Watson tradition, I’d like to point to some other Clinton or neutral bloggers who deserve recognition for keeping their heads when all around are losing theirs:

  • First up is Anglachel, Progressive blogosphere 2.0’s newest Digbyesque blogger. She’s full of poli sci stuff and her posts are very analytical and informative. In today’s post, she tells us about the fun we can have with the electoral college map when we leave out MI and FL. Try it yourself in Fun With the Electoral College.
  • NYCweboy has a delicious blog with a gay political twist. His Morning Morsels is full of interesting links and his Waiting, For the World To Change post is a sentiment that many of us share. Enough with the distraction. Let’s get on with actually practicing what we preach.

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