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Re: Christie

I am not at all surprised that New Jersey is experiencing financial difficulties:

April’s income tax revenues from the state’s wealthiest residents are far less than expected, and the overall shortfall for the current fiscal year is $800 million below the Christie administration’s projections.

From a first hand perspective, I lived through Pharmageddon from 2007-2013 when lab after lab shut down, transferring a tiny fraction of the workforce to Cambridge, MA and leaving tens of thousands of highly skilled, well paid STEM professionals to rot in the vast suburban jungle between New York City and Philadelphia.  (Don’t believe me, you congressional lurkers out there?  Go look up the NJDOL stats for those years.  When you’re done cringing in horror at the waste of human and tax resources, you can tell those Pharma lobbyists to f^&* off the next time they whine that they just can’t find good help anymore and need to import from Asia.)

Of course, it wasn’t all Christie’s fault.  He wasn’t elected until 2009 (no, I didn’t vote for him.  I voted for Chris Daggett).  By then, the merry axmen in the executive suites were already hacking away at families and careers with abandon.  Living in New Jersey ain’t cheap and it gets damn near impossible when you lose your $100K salary to be replaced by a measly $2000/month in unemployment.  Someone besides me should see the link between the hemorrhaging of highly paid jobs and NJ’s fiscal problems.

Just think of all the tax revenue that was lost when Christie couldn’t be bothered to stop the carnage.  That’s tens of thousands of well paid jobs, *poof!*, gone in a flash.  Deval Patrick didn’t seem to have trouble attracting that (vastly reduced) pool of jobs, did he?  By the way, did those biotechs in Cambridge who promised to hire in order to get tax breaks actually hire all the people they said they would?  And why didn’t Christie try to make a deal with the pharmas to keep them in the state?  Was he just too busy putting his political adversaries in thumb screws?  Was he having too much fun killing infrastructure projects and slashing the NJ Transit budget in order to give hard earned NJ tax dollars to developers of a white elephant in the Meadowlands?

Anyway, Paul Krugman should stop wondering about why people are so enamored with Christie.  Well, some of us weren’t but then we weren’t taken in by Obama either and for roughly the same reasons.  Both politicians coasted to victory by playing on the emotions of the electorate.  In Christie’s case, he says what he thinks everyone is thinking.  Or at least he’s not afraid to verbally abuse the defenseless.  He gives his supporters status by picking on someone down the totem pole, separating them from their fellow citizens.  In Obama’s case, he was all about appealing to the aspirations of the insecure.  He called them “the creative class”, gave them status and separated them from their natural allies.  He made some vulnerable democrats feel all warm and gooey.  Yes, we can.

So, what can we learn from Christie and Obama?  My guess is that when it comes to politics, it’s best to be a cold blooded voter and ask very directly and persistently, “What have you done for ME lately?”  And when those pols start going for the emotional jugular to tell them to talk to the hand and walk away.


Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is First Candidate for Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat

MA Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley

MA Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley

The Boston Globe reports that currrent Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has begun her campaign to fill recently deceased Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. Although she hasn’t officially announced her candidacy, Coakley stopped by the Secretary of State’s office this morning to get the required nomination papers.

Coakley’s nascent campaign picked up the documents from the secretary of state’s elections division. She now needs to gather 10,000 certified voter signatures to qualify for the Dec. 8 Democratic primary. Those signatures must be submitted to city and town election officials for certification by Oct. 20.

Coakley has been quietly been putting together her Senate campaign over the past year….She has told associates she will run for the seat even if a Kennedy family member enters the race. Joseph P. Kennedy II is said to be eyeing the race; people close to the family have said the late senator’s wife, Vicki, is not interested in the seat. Three members of Congress — Edward J. Markey, Stephen F. Lynch, and Michael Capuano — are also considering running.

Ed O’Reilly, who ran against Senator John Kerry in the 2008 primary, may also run. It sounds like a crowded field. It should be exciting. Personally, I’d like to see a woman represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate, and I’m convinced Coakley would do an excellent job.

The New York Times’ The Caucus blog says that the Massachusetts state legislature will consider whether Governor Deval Patrick should be permitted to appoint someone to fill the seat until the special election on Jan. 19.

I really don’t see why that is necessary. Patrick may just want to give his own pick a leg up–although with Patrick’s approval rating at only 19% in the most recent poll, his imprimatur may spell the kiss of death for the candidate of his choice.

On Martha Coakley, The Caucus reports that

Ms. Coakley, who was overwhelmingly elected attorney general in 2006, has long been considered a possible contender for an open Senate seat.

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that in both 2004 and 2008, Ms. Coakley opened a bank account that financed polling to explore her chances for a Senate seat. She told the Boston Globe in April that the account is inactive but open….

Jeffrey Berry, a political science professor at Tufts University, said the ambitions of Ms. Coakley, who has risen rapidly from prosecutor to county district attorney to attorney general, are well-known.

“She’s moved up the ladder quite quickly,” Professor Berry said. “She’s had her eye on a Senate seat and has been waiting for the call, and it finally came.”

So far no one has called Martha Coakley the “B” word, but I suppose that will inevitably happen, as it does to most powerful women. She also supported Hillary Clinton in the primary, and that may be held against her by Obama fans.

John Kerry for State? Good! Make Way for the 30% Solution!

Larry Johnson reports that he heard some gossip about Obama’s national security appointments at an event in DC last night.

Just got back from an event in Washington and had the chance to speak with some folks who are in the know about Barack’s national security team. Here’s the latest:

Secretary of State. JOHN KERRY. Here is the interesting background. Kerry called Hillary Clinton before announcing his endorsement. He said he would endorse her if she would promise him the SecState position. Hillary said no. Next stop–Obama town. Barack said yes and in early January John Kerry announced for Obama. So far so good. One minor problem. Barack made the same promise to Bill Richardson (please understand, Barack is not the first politician to promise different people the same thing). However, turns out two close associates of Richardson are under a sealed indictment expected to become public shortly. Ergo, John Kerry will be the new Secretary of State. Wes Clark ain’t even on the list.

Continue reading

African-American Transcendent Post-Partisan Candidate v2.0

Ok, it’s becoming clearer now. Deval Patrick was version 1.0. They worked out the kinks of the beta version during his campaign. Obama is updated AATPPC complete with a more emotional, some might even say Captain Kirk-like delivery style.

Take a look a the latest evidence of the old vs new features:

Hmmm, but how robust is it? Will you take it home and break the license seal only to find out that many of the features are still in “dream mode”? Because it’s so hard to take software back to the store for a refund. So embarrassing.

Web Roundup

roundup.jpgHere are some tasty links that should keep you until dinner:

Beta-testing “Hope”

Here is Deval Patrick beta testing the Obama message in the Massachusetts governor’s race in 2006;

Yes, Hope and Change are commonly used words but when they are used in virtually the same way by a different transcendent African-American politician, and not only that but he lifts whole segments about the power of “just words”, then what we have here is a case of “Well, it worked so well in Massachusetts, why not with Obama?”

And what the heck is it with all of Obama’s ties to Massachusetts anyway? Kerry, Kennedy, Patrick, it seems like some kind of rich little northeast cabal. Did the old boys club in Massachusetts get all freaked out that a woman might not win (well, a woman vould win. Just not *this* woman.) that they got together to make Obama the inevitable nominee? Is that what this is all about? These wimps, especially Kerry, who were bitch slapped by the Republicans in 2004 and who are still running scared are prepared to do another capitulation to them rather than stand up to the media narrative, defy it and once and for all put them back in their place? Are progressives being thrown under a bus by the hereditary establishment?

Sure looks like it to me. Where did all of Obama’s money come from? It wasn’t all small donations. No one starts out of the gate with that much cash. The whole Kerry endorsement now looks like a sham. He gave Obama his donor lists a year ago, I’m betting.

I always liked Al Gore. I thought he could extrapolate. He can see what’s coming up next. Kerry always struck me as a bit pedantic compared to Gore. So, I have to believe that Gore can see that if Hillary wins the nomination, she will have gone a long way towards breaking the spell and stranglehold the media has on picking our candidates. It is the GOP-media complex that sets up these contests and then tears down our candidate. They are the perception managers. Encouraging the voters to pay no attention to them would be the patriotic thing to do.

Ya know, I don’t know what was up with Gore and the Clintons. Yes, there have been stories but none of it made a whole lot of sense to me. But as much as Bill has been accused of being Hillary’s ventriloquist, she runs circles around Obama on policy in debates. It’s clear that she really knows this stuff. It’s not robotic. She does variations on a theme. You can’t fake it and she doesn’t. She’s wheathered some of the worst media possible. I don’t think either Gore or Kerry ever had it this bad. She *is* solidly progressive. We don’t really know what Obama is, but we know he’s not necessarily channeling his own inspiration when he speaks.

If Gore was waiting for her to earn it, I think she’s pretty much done that. Surely the Goracle can see who is the better candidate at this point. Here’s a hint: It’s not the one who was given the Deval’s campaign by David Axelrod in the hopes that rhetoric would mask a lack of real substance. The mask is off.

And for you Obamaphiles who are angry because Clinton’s campaign has finally exposed Obama for what he is, well, better late than never.

Borrowed Inspiration? (Updated)

I wanna hold your hand!So, Barack Obama doesn’t write his own poetic and insrpiring words. Well, few politicians do. I could swear I’ve heard some of the stuff I’ve written come out of the mouths of various people from time to time. (I don’t mind as long as I get paid. Euros only, please)

It’s not the fact that he is lifting inspiration from Deval Patrick’s speeches ( and who wrote them for *him*). No, the problem is that this is the characteristic that Obama is most noted for. He has staked almost the entirety of his campaign on delivering lines like this as if they come straight from some inner conviction. He is lauded to the point of inducing nausea in us Clintonistas for his ability to deliver stump speeches that cause grown women to faint from La Petite Mort

But it turns out that Obama is no more than than a Christian to a more poetic Cyrano de Bergerac. Just another pretty face to woo the ladies.

It certainly explains his poor debate appearances where he has to write his own material.

Update: Tweety and Andrea Mitchell are completely laughable! They are trying very hard to equate Obama’s borrowed inspiration to Hillary Clinton reciting the common verse from Isaiah, “Send me!” because Bill said it once too in a completely different context. Heck, even I’ve used that phrase. Was that the best they could do? Send me? I’d like to say that Andrea’s credibility is shot by this but, actually, it was shot a long time ago. It has now entered the realm of fiasco for Mitchell. And Tweety is just an entertainer for the Maxim set.