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    Beata on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
    Beata on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
    William on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
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Dean Democrat Bloggers: the new prudes

I’ve been hearing a lot about how diarists at the Big Orange Cheeto and Americablog are digging into Palin’s past.  Like, was her first child conceived out of wedlock?  Was her 5th child really hers or was it her daughter’s?  Is she just covering up for her wayward teen?  Well, it wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened but teenagers rarely have children with Down’s Syndrome. That is usually the effect of aging ovum, typical of someone getting pregnant in their 40’s.

Gawd, these morons can’t even parse logically anymore before they concoct new conspiracy theories.

I thought Dean Democrats were all progressive and enlightened.  There are a lot of people, including yours truly, whose parents didn’t quite wait for the wedding.  (The whole Catholic wedding shebang was in the works.  I just happened to be in attendance surreptitiously)  But isn’t this Okay with the Dean Democrats?  Is there more Peyton Place in Progressive Blogosphere 1.0 than there is in the conservative Christian community?  If the rumors are all true, Palin did the right thing according to her community’s standards.  She eloped and had a child as a married woman. Her community has gotten over it and forgiven.

But this is hardly the point.  Barack Obama is surely a product of a similar situation.  (It’s the Math! The MATH!!)  Not only that but his father was a bigamist.  Or trigamist, I forget how many wives he ended up with.

No, the point is, it’s none of our damned business.  We aren’t electing Jesus Christ, who would have been stripped of his delegates to be handed over to Barack Obama.  The Obamacans would have just treated his whole retinue of “Love Your Enemies” disciples as a bunch of patsies to be harassed and badgered until they were thrown to the lions.

We are electing people, human beings, with feelings and flaws and children who can get hurt in the crossfire.  Let’s not go there people.  Your hypocrisy is showing.  It is bad enough that the mysogyny that was buried deep in the Democratic party is displaying itself and spinning out of control for all the world to see.  But to use human sexuality, which progressives celebrate, as a weapon against one’s opponents reveals a “win at all costs” attitude that will come back to bite all Democrats in the end.

If we could just single out Dean Democrats and not Clinton Democrats…

Tuesday: Can We have Hillary back now???

Hi, guys, I have to make this short today so I can schlepp Brook to camp in Princeton.  But I did want to address something that came up a couple of times in last night’s thread about whether Hillary was still mad at us because we went PUMA.

I don’t know how she feels about that and I won’t begin to speculate.  All I know is that when the DNC and the RBC took the actions they did, they didn’t act against just one person.  They acted against 18,200,000+ of us. That is why many of us haven’t been able to get behind Obama and why the PUMA movement is ultimately not about Hillary.  Yes, she was our candidate but in this case, she is a symbol.  The DNC coup was intended to level OUR power.

Now, we all have theories as to why this is and by what means this was accomplished.  But one thing is certain: we shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty for sticking up for ourselves.  We’re not pushovers and we’re not stepping to the back of the bus so the young, deluded, affluent liberal or moderate Republicans can take over.  The Democratic party isn’t going to become the Country Club party if we have anything to say about it.  And if that means Obama loses in November don’t blame us.  We’re only asserting our right to have representation in the political sphere.  The split in the party wasn’t engineered by us and it sure as hell isn’t Hillary’s fault.

It’s time the Dean Democrats started to take responsibility for the fatigue, irritation and righteous indignation of the rest of us.  We are losing patience with them.

In the meantime, tune in tomorrow to NO WE WON’T on blogtalkradio for a different kind of show.  We’re going to shake things up a bit and take everyone back to the golden days of yesteryear with one of Madamab’s one act plays.  Oh, heck, we might even do two. Gary and Mawm will be guests to tell us about their experiences on the road.  And Darragh Murphy will be on to talk about the bus caravans to Denver.  You won’t want to miss it.  Check it out at 8:00pm EST Wednesday.

On Thursday, we’ll be having a multi-blog edition of the Scratching Post Cocktail party with JustSayNoDeal and PUMApac.  The cover charge is $10.00 for a Causmo to go towards retiring Hillary’s debt.  The festivities start at 7:00pm EST.  Be there!

Sunday: Sweeties

Courtesy of UpstateNY and LavenderLiberal.com, we present this handy pocket guide to Obamaniac behavior:

Guide to Obamaniac Behavior

We believe they are oscillating between the blue and green sections right now. The thing is, many of us *aren’t* Democrats anymore, or should I say, Dean Democrats. We’re unaffiliated with the Dean Democratic party. But come Tuesday, they will be hard pressed to not jump to the yellow and red zones, which will undoubtably drive more of us to declare ourselves free of the childish Dean Democrats. Keep it up and the pie chart will shrink to approximately the size of a pinhead.

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