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Sunday: Louisa

Conflucians, I am keeping this post up and will update news from Betty Jean on the condition of her daughters, Louisa and Denise, when it becomes available.  We would like for news of this incident to become viral and spread throughout the internet so please send this link to as many people as you can.

Updates on Louisa:  Last night, I received the following information passed along by Sheri Tag:

Email From BJ:
Just got home after a 36 hours shift but it was worth is – time for a new brain hemorrhage is passed now – and we think the brains on the left side is not in heal mode – Thank You Jesus
Now if we can keep her fever down and infections away for another full week – there is reason to hope that with prayer we might consider a possible partial recovery !
Louisa will never be the same – but 15 hours ago we were having the pull the plug discussions and now we are having a different one – so Please keep the prayers coming!

BJ asked I relay this information:

Swelling has reached its peak and starting to subside and reverse.

Today Louisa grabbed and squeezed BJ’s and the doctors hand.

The breathing tube will be removed and a trache will be put in, with the anticipation of Louisa breathing 40% on her own.

The main concern at this time is infection.

BJ wants to thank everyone again and asks for continued prayers because this week Louisa will really need it.

So, it looks like Louisa is starting to come around.  This is good news.

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Thursday: Democrats in Denver Elect President McCain!

In a show of shmoonity, Democratic delegates from across the country abandoned their voters and threw their support behind Barack Obama.  Arkansas, which Hillary Clinton won by some 70%, turned simple math on its head while New Jersey showed why it is called the densest state in the union when its Governor, who doesn’t know how to use a seat belt, handed over all of its delegates to Barack Obama.  Tony Soprano was not required to break any knees.  There was no overt coercion.  The state that Hillary Clinton won by 10 points over Barack Obama merely handed the delegates over to him with no complaint.  Happily!  “Here you go, Barack, we’re sorry we didn’t have more to give you.  And here’s our lunch money too.  No, no, we are glad to help.  It’s our pleasure.”

Meanwhile, back in the states, the voters were left bewildered.  They frantically searched their memory banks for the outcome of the primary in their state.  They thought for SURE they had voted for Hillary Clinton, sometimes in overwhelming numbers.  Puzzled, they watched their delegates, the ones they had entrusted with their votes and their tax dollars for the primaries that sent them there, boogie down to Love Train.


Well, I guess that’s that then.  We are officially unified!  Everyone is going to form a conga line down to the precinct in November and festively push the button for the one Democratic nominee who has no chance of winning.  And why is that, you ask?  Simple, if the candidate and the party didn’t listen to the voters during the primaries and didn’t listen during the convention, they have no other choice but to listen to them in November.  Otherwise, the voters just sink into learned helplessness and might as well wear gray soviet era clothing and give themselves over to elections as mere formalities.

No, we’re so not into emotional blackmail.  But we *are* into making sure that the people who are partying now have one hell of a hangover in November.

Oh, did I mention we broke a site record today?  Yep, doubled our traffic.  PUMA Power, the post I wrote on June 2, 2008 after the RBC hearing has been viewed more than 40,000 times.  Savvy old ladies are probably emailing it to their friends.  Damn, we should have never encouraged them to surf!  The DNC has made a lot of new PUMAs this week.  And we are just getting started.  Darragh Murphy has plans.  We’re not going away.  We’re just getting started.  Bwahhahahahahahhhh!  Barack Obama is going to have to actually start earning his office.

As for Hillary Clinton, I’ve heard that the party is going to ask her to help them even more because although she was not good enough to be the nominee and although she wasn’t likeable enough to be the VP, her presence on the campaign trail is absolutely vital for Obama’s success.  Remember, it takes a village to elect Obama.

Not sure the voters are going to buy it though.  After all, the world is a big, scary place, Joe Biden thought that Alberto Gonzales was “the real deal” {{snort}}, and we could probably survive John McCain for four years as long as we had majorities in the House and Senate.  That is, if the voters decide to show up.  And after what happened this week in Denver?  Why bother?  If this is a private party, why ask the voters to pony up for the bar tab?

The Love Train is headed into a tunnel where the light coming from the opposite end is another train with a big, bad GOP painted on the side.  I can hardly bear to look.

Friday: We’re not done yet

I was checking the Kossack Anxiety Index yesterday when I spotted this passage by the proprietor himself about Hillary’s name being placed into nomination:

Some people worry that this would spawn countless “Democrats divided” storylines, but it seems harmless enough. And if it helps bring closure to some of Clinton’s staunchest supporters, so much the better. And if it helps remind the world that the Democratic race came down to a woman and an African American, then that’s just gravy.

It should make for some nice theatrics. A dramatic roll call, with Clinton delegates hopefully sticking with her for the first count, and then unity as the party comes together on the second count.


(Wiping eyes, catching breath, clearing throat)

I don’t know what I find funnier, that they think a symbolic vote is going to satisfy us or that they think we are really just that stupid.  What would be cathartic about a symbolic vote?  Isn’t that the same as no vote at all?  The candidates are virtually *tied* in pledged delegate counts.  Oh, I know that the various state parties have jumped aboard the UNITY! Express and that they’ve convinced delegates to go over to the dark side.  I know there is not a lot of time.  I know that is the cold, hard reality – *now*.  But it may be a completely different playground in 10 days.

Who knows what will happen?  Darragh Murphy has been giving plenty of interviews.  The media is all over this.  It’s getting a lot of attention.  Voters all over the country will start to take notice.  Maybe they *don’t* have two unacceptable choices in the fall.  Maybe they can have a president they can trust after all.  Maybe they can have a champion on *their* side who won’t care if they aren’t Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture.  Maybe they can have a Madame President.  It could happen. Why give up now?

What isn’t impossible must be possible.

One more thing: The insidious Tom Schaller was on To The Point yesterday with a fresh set of Obama talking points.  Yep, the Obama PR guy is a real piece of work.  Projection anyone?  Look, if anyone tells you that the Clintons are trying to “steal” the election, ask them about the 4 MI delegates that were “stolen” from the ones that Clinton “earned” by a guy who wasn’t even on the ballot.  In fact, if the Credentials Committee had acted on the letter that Obama sent to them requesting that Florida and Michigan delegations be restored to full strength, he wouldn’t even be the presumptive nominee.  The final delegate count for that title would change and Obama would have no right to be making these decisions in the first place.  Facts don’t lie:  Neither candidate is the presumptive nominee.  Obama highjacked that title by “stealing” delegates and if *anyone* is stealing the nomination, it is Obama.  He’s a thief and a dishonest and unscrupulous man.

PS To David Shuster:  Just wanted to answer your question about factionalism within our ranks.  There isn’t any.  We are all united in one single purpose: self-determination.  We are committed to having our votes count at the convention this year in spite of the media interference.

Monday: Murphy on Morning Edition today!

Wake up, everybody!  Murphy of PUMAPAC is scheduled to make an appearance on Morning Edition on NPR this morning.  (Or is it Tell Me More with Michel Martin at 7:30 AM today,)  Tune your catchannels to your local NPR station or catch her here.  Audio should be available around 9AM EST. Diane Mantavoulos is scheduled to talk with Susan Estrich and Robert Shapiro at 11:30 AM EST on To The Point on NPR.

More shortly…

Read this passage from the upcoming expose and “analysis” of 200 ill-gotten Clinton campaign memos and tell me which campaign the author is referring to:

He wrote a remarkably prescient memo in March 2007 about the importance of appealing to what he called “the Invisible Americans,” and specifically “WOMEN, LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS VOTERS”—exactly the groups that helped Clinton beat Obama in key states nearly a year later.

But no one synthesized and acted on the good advice.

If I didn’t know that Mike Allen of The Politico was referring to Mark Penn’s advice to Clinton, which she is supposed to have ignored, I might think Allen was talking about Obama’s campaign.  Is this another attempt to rewrite history?  Is Allen trying to convince us that Clinton didn’t bother to listen to Penn?  Then what the heck was all of that winning all about?

Sometimes, I can’t figure out what it is that the meme generators at The Politico are initiating.  It isn’t always immediately obvious.  Here’s more from the passage:

“The anger and toxic obsessions overwhelmed even the most reserved Beltway wise men,” Green writes. “[H]er advisers couldn’t execute strategy; they routinely attacked and undermined each other, and Clinton never forced a resolution. … [S]he never behaved like a chief executive, and her own staff proved to be her Achilles’ heel.

“What is clear from the internal documents is that Clinton’s loss derived not from any specific decision she made but rather from the preponderance of the many she did not make.”

This is just silly.  She whupped Obama’s ass.  She won CA, NY, NJ, PA, OH, FL, MI, AZ, TX, MA, WV, KY etc, etc.  This was a phenomenally successful campaign.  Hillary figured out what she needed to do and did it very well.  What she could not overcome was the DNC’s withdrawal of FL and MI delegates that deprived her of the critical mass necessary to cruise to an easy victory.

But now we see where The Politico is going with this article.  It is designed to make Hillary look like a weak chief executive.  And in putting this argument out, they completely undermine it.  If Obama is the nominee then there’s nothing to see folks, move along, that’s all she wrote.  Why the hell is it necessary to continue to destroy Clinton’s reputation as a potential Chief Executive? Wouldn’t this article seem to confirm her viability?  D’OH!  Count on a stupid, lower class voter like myself to draw that conclusion.  I will obediently wait for one of my intellectual betters to correct me of this notion.

What I saw during the campaign was a relentless attack on Clinton from the beginning, including an attack on Penn.  Now, I wasn’t crazy about the very top down, controlled, risk averse style of the Clinton campaign that was on display before Iowa.  But I was very impressed by the way the whole operation got its act together after that point.  There probably wasn’t any management style that would have been able to overcome the FL and MI problem.  And the way the delegates were awarded in the caucuses also made Hillary’s path to nomination difficult and steep.  But the reason Obama still seems to need boosters like Mike Allen’s article to snag the nomination is precisely because all the delegate manipulation makes him look like an illegitimate candidate.  The voters of those big states were put on mute in spite of their deliberate efforts to move up their primaries this year so their votes could have impact.  They were deprived of that impact.  There is no correlation between the voters pent up frustration with the outcome and Clinton’s management style.

She doesn’t lead like a typical Chief Executive.   I *suspect* she has a more feminine managerial style: collaborative, consensus building and accomplished through delegation. Sooo, what is the point of this article? That it makes men feel oogie?

It’s like reading tea leaves to look at these 200 emails. *200*! That campaign probably exchanged 200 emails in the course of half an hour. Are we supposed to deduce from these 200 emails that she was a lousy manager and she didn’t listen to her campaign people? This is ridiculous beyond absurd. If anything, it tends to restore Penn’s reputation and makes it look like the attacks on Penn were designed to remove his very good advice from her campaign. I really don’t know. But it never struck me that a guy who won his client MI, FL, CA, NJ, NY, MA, AZ, TN by Feb 5 was a failure. The problem is that none of those states counted when the deck was stacked in favor of the only states that Obama had a prayer of winning- the caucus states. And to try to draw any other conclusion this late in the game is really stretching it.

The Audacity of Democracy Teaser

Lori sent me this trailer earlier and asked me to hold it but it looks like the cat is out of the bag so I am posting it here. Now, remember that this is just a little bit of what Brad and Lori are constructing. The narrative is just beginning to develop. We will be having a fundraiser to make sure that movie is completed and the vision of the film makers is realized. If you would like to help ot in getting this film out to the general public, click here to donate.

In the meantime, enjoy the show:

Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends

Set your batchannels for tonight’s premier of Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends on the NQR network of Blogtalkradio.

I’m predicting that Darragh will be discussing the details of the rally in Denver including how to arrange to get on a bus.  She will probably also be discussing what is being planned for a pre-Denver PUMA conference to be held in DC on August 8-10.  And there’s lots more.

The party starts at 9:00pm EST.

You know, Darragh made a good point about friends the other day in Princeton.  Who are Obama’s friends?  We know that Bill and Hillary have thousands of them.  Some of them have been lifelong friends.  Mack McClarty and Vince Foster had been Bill’s friends since elementary school.  Hillary too has a coterie of friends she has known since she was a girl.  Loyal friends who share mutual admiration and respect for her.

But who are Obama’s friends? Who knows him, vouches for him, is loyal to him?  Where are the FOBs for Barack?

Epiphany Season

So, I was walking around in Princeton, minding my own business, when who should I spot sitting on a stone bench but… Darragh Murphy???

{{double take}}

OK, it wasn’t entirely accidental. There was a reason why we were both there and I’ll be telling you more about that in time because we will need your help. But let’s just say that she’s just as charming and pretty in person and she has lovely green eyes. What was amazing is how easy to strike up a conversation. In fact, I think it was hard to shut us up. It was well after 10 before I drove her to the train station. But let’s just say that we weren’t the only ones swept up in the discussion. This election season has been one revelation after another. We keep peeling back layers of the onion. This is not to say that there is a single core at the center of what has transpired. There are many moving parts creating a synergistic whole that explains the rise of Obama.

There is a separate synergism at work in our counter movement. Darragh and I swept another player in the mix tonight. It’s new and good and exciting.

So, while you are all pondering what the hell I’m talking about (hint: “Snapping“), take a look at this retelling of the Lord of the Rings. How many of us are Tolkien fans? Hmmm… Coincidence?

By the way, don’t forget to check out another new member of our blogtalkradio lineup, MorningQ with BettyJean and Pagan.

PUMA PAC makes “The Show”

Murphy gave an interview on NECN. {{sniff}} They grow up so fast.

Funny, she doesn’t look like an old, working class, uneducated, sino-peruvian lesbian, not that there’s anything wrong with that. She looks like a youngish strawberry blonde lovely from Massachusetts with the same two apple computers that I have. Do you suppose the Obamaphiles and media people were *wrong* about us???

And now for our theme song:

In other news, Anglachel appears to be on a hiatus. Her posts are agonizingly brief. She’s had to deal with some personal issues. One is resolving itself, the other just happened. Unfortunately, her house was burgled. 😦 Send her good thots and let’s hope that this too shall pass before we start climbing the walls.

This is an open thread…