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      Let’s point out the obvious. Russia had no reason to attack its own pipelines. If it doesn’t want gas to go thru them it just turns off the tap. Sabotage to the pipelines weakens Russia’s position, since it will be months before they can offer to turn fuel back on, which they would have wanted to offer during the winter in order to pressure Germany in specif […]
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Conflucian Cocktail Party: The Door in the Wall

Does anyone remember the book by Marguerite DiAngeli about the boy who was to become a knight until he was crippled by polio?  I read the reviews in Amazon and a lot of reviewers think it’s really boring.  But this little book has stuck with me since fourth grade when I first read it for Miss Nishiguchi’s class.  The proverb, “when one door closes, another opens” is a bit trite.  The real power of the story is in the seeking for Robin, the nobleman’s son who finds he no longer has a clear career path before he even hits his teen years.  What’s left when the job you’ve been training for all your life is suddenly out of reach?  He struggles with his pride, he learns to swim, and he takes the opportunities presented to him to prove himself useful to his lord.  He takes the initiative and delivers the message that will save the castle in a way that only he could do.  The point was not to find a door as a consolation.  The point was to find a way to fulfill one’s goal.  And the goal for Robin was to serve his lord so he found the door.

Hillary is doing the same thing.  We will miss her in the Senate.  She could have accomplished great things there.  But she was crippled by her leadership and a seniority system that left her few avenues to success.  But her goal has always been public service and this has lead her to find her door in the wall at the State Department.  We know this is a job that she and she alone has the unique abilities to perform to an exemplary degree.  We wish her well.

So, at this Conflucian Cocktail Party, let’s lift our glasses of champagne and sparking cider high and sing Wassail to the New Year and to Hillary’s new path.

Welcome to the Conflucian Cocktail Party, that time of the week when we kick off our shoes and toast to one another.  Everyone is welcome.  The bar is to the left of the door.  Our bartender, Rico, our faithful companion through thick and thin during last year’s primary and general election season, will concoct the cocktail of your dreams.  Tonight’s special cocktail is an Upstate Manhattan, ‘cos that is where LadyBoomer NYC is.  She’s attending the Bon Jovi concert for Hillary to help her retire her debt.  The Confluence chucked in $125 for a cheap seat and LadyBoomer is partying for us.  We hope to hear from her later on how the night went.  If you would like to help retire Hillary’s debt, because Obama isn’t doing it for some reason, you can buy a Causmo for $10.  Purchase your Causmo here.

Tonight’s entertainment is a little bit of rock, a little bit opera?  In 1998, Jon Bon Jovi and Luciano Pavarotti got together to do a benefit for Liberia and sang Let it Rain.  Enjoy:

Ladies, and I do mean “LADIES”, and gentlemen, this ain’t no dive blog like “The Site Who Must Not Be Named”.  We run a classy joint here.  So, if you feel like entertaining a troll, take it outside or hang your trigger words with Florence our lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating shortly with cheese puffs, chicken satay with peanut sauce and boiled new potatoes with chipotle hummus. Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

And join me at 10PM tonight for Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio (PURrrr)

Conflucian Cocktail Party: Fundraising for Franken

The Wiki entry for the French Resistance includes this passage:

In retrospect, the famous résistant Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie gave the image of the resistance having been made up of social outcasts on the fringes of society, saying “one could only be a resister if one was maladjusted.”[34] Although many did adhere to this description, including d’Astier himself, most resistance participants came from traditional backgrounds[35] and were “individuals of exceptional strong-mindedness, ready to break with family and friends.”[36]

Back in the Dark Ages of 2003-2004, Al Franken was one of those {perhaps maladjusted} individuals.  😉  When the whole country seemed to be in the grip of Movement Conservative fever, fear and retribution, Al Franken was the leader of the Resistance.  Along with a few other like minded individuals, he started Air America radio.  I used to record the televised version that would air on the Sundance Channel.  It was comforting to know he was there.  When Kerry lost in November 2004, Al was crushed.  He wept.  But bright and early the next day, there was a message on the Air America web site.  It said simply, “We’re here for you.”

A lot has happened in the last few years.  Air American was sabotaged from inside and outside forces.  It struggled mightily in the New York City market until its weak and staticky signal on WLIB was extinguished.  Now it’s something completely different.  But back in the bad old days, Al Franken was our rock.

Tonight, I’m dedicating the Cocktail Fundraiser to Al Franken, the wiseass running for Senator in the great state of Minnesota.  Hillary is a big fan and I think we can trust her judgment on this.  Al is a committed liberal, wicked smart and will bring a much needed sense of humor and determination to the Senate in what is about to be another dark period in our nation’s history.

Welcome to the Conclucian Cocktail Party.  The bar is to the left of the door where you will find our bartender with flair, Rico.  Tonight, his special drink is a Frosty Nipple (‘cos that’s what everyone’s got these days?). You can purchase a Causmo for $10.00.  Tonight’s Causmo is dedicated to Al Franken.

Tonight’s entertainment is from the Twin City’s Jazz Festival 2008.  Beseme mucho:

Ladies and Gents, I know I can count on you to use your best Minnesota manners.  But if the cold is addling your courtesy, check your trigger words with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant. The waiters will be circulating soon with squeaky fried cheese curds and hot dish made with cream of mushroom soup.  Please Drink Responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Also, join me at 10PM EST for Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio (PURrrrr).

Conflucian Cocktail Party: It’s the end of the world as we know it

And I feel fine.

The market dropped precipitously today.  I had my eye on Yahoo finance throughout the day and it was bouncing around a little.  The closing bell took my breath away.  All I could think was, “Can we have Hillary back now???  PLEASE!!!”

But, no, the DNC and the Obamabots are determined to force Obama on us.  I don’t think they even know why they;re doing it except that they simply must win at any cost and it doesn’t much matter to them if Obama is the most corrupt politician since, er, George W. Bush.  The only thing that matters is that all enemies are vanquished so they can dance at the edge of the abyss in triumpgh with the golden ring clutched in their slimy green hands.  “My precioussssss!”  Then they drag us over the edge with them.

It’s a shame that Hillary is committed to campaign for him.  He dissed her HOLC plan.  Fortunately, it was revived by someone else.  *Unfortunately*, that someone was from the other side.  How bizarre.  It gets weirder.  This weekend, Hillary is headed to the Scranton, PA area for some heavy duty canvassing.  Oddly enough, she will be met my her loyal supporters- er, now canvassing for John McCain?   Yep, Harriet Christian is going to be heading up a road trip to the area to give Democratic voters the heads up on Obama.  If you’re interested, contact HChristian@infnyc.com  (or was that net?) ASAP.  The bus will leave Manhattan at 9AM Saturday from 31St at 8the Avenue.  It’s a short walk from Penn Station.

It really is the end of the world as we know it.

Welcome to the Conflucian Cocktail party.  Take your shoes off and quit looking at your 401K.  There’s nothing you can do about it now.  And if you’re lucky, your fund managers will be able to snag some bahhhgains in the next couple of days.  To those of you closer to or at retirement, we’re here for you.  Pour out your troubles.

The bar is to the left of the door.  Say hello to Rico, our bartender with flair.  He will stay gainfully employed as long as we PUMAs are around.  Tonight his special drink is a Crash Landing.  We are also offering Causmos tonight for $10.  You can purchase one for a number of worthy causes.  For example, RealDemocratsUSA will be going on a tour of Ohio next weekend to rally the troops and let Democrats know that Obama is not what they think he is.  They will be using the money for gas, flyers, signs and other sundries  They need to raise $2000.  We also recommend visiting either the ActBlue for the Confluence page or The Fab Four page for Downticket Democrats who need your help.  Then there is HillPac where you can drop a $10 in he kitty for Hillary’s selections, some of whom are also our own. (just ignore the first guy)

Tonight’s entertainment is REM.  it’s a bit of a departure from our more sophisticated and jazzy selections.  But you can argue that the music doesn’t suit the times we are living in:

Leo-nard Bern-stein!

It’s bound to get a little crazy around here but let’s try to keep a civil tongue.  if you feel like the trigger words are getting the best of you, leave them with Florence, our lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating shortly with a selection of soups and hunks of bread and apples.  Eat them slowwwwly so they will last.  Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

Conflucians Say is already in progress….