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    William on The Congressional Hearings on…
    riverdaughter on The Congressional Hearings on…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Propertius on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    riverdaughter on New vaccine in town.
    Propertius on New vaccine in town.
    Propertius on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on They Count on Us Not Playing T…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on New vaccine in town.
    Propertius on New vaccine in town.
    riverdaughter on They Count on Us Not Playing T…
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Friday: Free For All

State of the race: CNN has a new poll with Obama up a measley 5% over McCain at 48% to McCain’s 43%. 9% are unsure. Unsure of what?

Hmmm, maybe here is a hint: McCain targets message to Clinton backers. “Mm-wha, Mm-wha, oh, mon cherie, we will make beyootiful museeck together! Have some chocolates and flowers.” Ok, I still think that friends don’t let friends vote Republican but I’m not averse to a little flirtation. Go ahead, make The Precious jealous, a little nervous. Not even all of those unsure voters need to sidle into McCain’s column to upset Obama. Just a majority of them will do.

Paul Krugman tells us about the perils of deregulation in Bad Cow Disease. I guess you never realize how important the FDA is until you get a bad tomato. Or realize that the side effect you got from the last drug you took was noted by doctors over the past couple years but that the FDA didn’t have the resources to sort through the adverse drug reaction reports and enter them into a database.

Ladies and Gents, I know that we’re all getting a little testy this week. It’s maddening when the country wants the one candidate it can’t have. This political stuff would be so much easier if the parties would just get out of the way. But let’s not slip into rumormongering or character assassination. You may loathe Obama with evry fiber of your being but don’t spread rumors about him being a Muslim, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Besides, I have it on good authority from my contacts in the evangelical movement that he’s the anti-Christ. So, get it right.

And it’s not right to pick on his wife either or wish the same plague of sexist locusts on her as descended on Clinton. Turnabout may be fair play but that kind of karma never goes away.

And let us not jump to conclusions that Obama is a corrupt Chicago politician, even if there is mounting circumstantial evidence that suggests that he is. Without proof, we would just be dragging his name through the mud and that would be wrong.

Let’s keep it clean, people. Make Hillary proud of you. Repeat allegations only when you have solid evidence to back them up.

So, what’s up?

Friday: Foibles

It hasn’t been a good week for Barack Obama. He really needed momentum coming off of his humiliating defeat in Pennsylvania and it looked like he was starting to pick up a little speed again, testing the waters, ready to roll out another race baiting scheme with the help of James Clyburn, who was shocked, SHOCKED by what he’d heard about Bill Clinton. Er, actually, even that one was starting to backfire a bit. It was becoming an obvious pattern and Clyburn was hamming it up. Then Wright the Sequel, hit with blockbuster appeal. Every “journalist” was suddenly transfixed by his appearance at the National Press Club where he reduced our transcendent agent of change to just another cynical, narcissistic politician.

There’s probably a lesson in all of this but I doubt that Obama has time to learn it. The latest polls are showing him struggling, like this post from CNN Political Ticker suggests, . CNN poll: Obama losing Support.

Didn’t Wright know there were more primaries coming up? Well, it’s not like the Big Boyz of the Obama Fan Base aren’t trying to make any more primaries irrelevant but Obama still has to go through the pro forma motions before he is officially handed the crown in Denver. Anyway, the whole kerfuffle was distracting and messed with his timing, That’s probably why his appearance on Letterman last night to deliver, Obama’s Top Ten Surprises went over like a lead balloon.

This morning, it looks like the bad luck just keeps on rolling our Change Agent’s way because in Party of Denial, Paul Krugman critiques his disastrous appearance on Fox that started this bad week off last Sunday. That’s where Obama said that Republicans have some good ideas about deregulation. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Tell that to anyone who has had to rely on the FDA in the past eight years. Or how about the people who are losing their homes to predatory lenders because the Feds didn’t regulate the mortgage market that devised “instruments” to gamble away billions of dollars in speculation. Or the people who live downwind of the coal power plants who only need to volunteer to reduce emissions with scrubbers. Or… what?…I’m getting off topic? Sorry.

But Barack doesn’t have to worry too much because the math is still on his side and his Big Boyz are still doing a Haka, laughing and jeering that it is a mathematical impossibility for Hillary to catch up. They sound a little unhinged these days though since they are running out of time and their hero just can’t close the deal. And now, here comes Anglachel, who does some New Math and shows her work. She’s putting the pieces together and concludes that the ugly business of MI and FL is a no-go. Howard has to settle it for Barry to win and at this point in time, it’s not looking good.

Thank God it’s almost over and Barry can put this week behind him. I mean, what more can possibly go wrong? After this, it’ll be a piece of cake, smooooth sailing right on through the weekend – right after his campaign straightens out the literature that went out to all the mail-in voters in Oregan that reminds them of how Obama intends to work for the veterans of Pennsylvania and protect the sparkling waters of the Great Lakes. Bobbanks at MyDD tells us all about it in Change Oregan Can Believe In? but I’m sure it’s just an oversight (*giggle, snort*)

There, there, Barry, don’t cry.

Update: The Indianapolis Star, the state’s largest newspaper, endorses Hillary Clinton. The weekend seems to be getting off to a rocky start for Barry. Maybe he should consider packing it in.