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    Propertius on Don’t waste your breath
    Propertius on Don’t waste your breath
    riverdaughter on Don’t waste your breath
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Web Roundup

roundup.jpgHere are some tasty links that should keep you until dinner:

Webby Goodness

riverdaughterHere are some yummy posts that deserve some attention:

  • eriposte explains why many of us are Hillary Clinton supporters and happily so in Fighting the Good Fight. Amen, sibling!
  • Tom Watson comments on how the Obama campaign is once again reaching for the smelling salts, this time over why byzantine DNC convention rules should not apply to it in Vapors on the Left.
  • Christy Hardin Smith upacks the superdelegate issue further at FireDogLake in Poking Holes in the Superdelegate SuperFrenzy. As a sidenote, see another fine product from Scarecrow where he fans the tiny flame of Democratic courage in House Democrats Call the President’s FISA bluff. Now, if they can close their ears to the screeching GOP wurlitzer, maybe we can turn this ship around. Stay tuned on this. Maybe Pelosi is finally feeling her ovaries.
  • And finally, some reminders. I’ve read a lot around the web about intimidation of lefty women bloggers from the Obamaphiles and I was cited as an example. I’d just like to say that I could have gone away and felt all terrible about the way I was treated at DailyKos and how vicious I think the Obamaphiles and even some frontpagers are, but I just decided to create my own playground instead of having to ask permission to play in someone else’s. To be quite honest, I felt rather liberated when I was closed out of my DailyKos account. And here’s why I’m not desperately trying to claw my way back in:
    • They’re only pixels on a screen. They can’t hurt you. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So what if KagroX, that petty dicktator doesn’t like me? Am I going to let his attempts to make me feel unwanted and unpopular destroy my self-esteem? Did he think that by making me feel like a red-headed stepchild that I would rethink my candidate of choice like so many others have just so I’ll find favor in his eyes?  Not bloody likely. He means nothing to me but a collection of little black dots. Don’t let them get to you, ladies. They WANT to drive you away. This may be a little outpost compared to DKos but I’m still here and there are a lot more like me and we’re not leaving. You are in good company.

    More givens:

    • No matter who the nominee is, Karl has a dossier on him/her.
    • No matter who the nominee is, the GOP is going to pound them relentlessly.
    • No matter how good our candidate is, the media Beltway insiders are going to make fun of him/her and act like the 10th grade popular clique.
    • No matter how much the public is disgusted by Republicans, the Republicans will find some wedge issue that panders to self-interest.
    • No matter how much the public wants to vote for our nominee, the game has been carefully rigged to prevent those votes from counting.

    Just so we’re clear, there is a long uphill battle ahead of us. The Republicans are not going to give up without a fight and if they can’t win the White House, they will be busy trying to keep their stranglehold in the senate. Gird your loins.

xena  girds her loins