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Your Breakfast Read: Anywhere but Jersey

It’s just another cloudy, damp, cool, depressing day in New Jersey.  I saw the sun, briefly, yesterday afternoon, but it isn’t scheduled to reappear until I don’t know when.  My two weather forecaster widgets are in conflict.  One says Sunday.  The other runs out of days so that I have to go to the extended forecast to find out if there will ever be sun again.  It’s like Seattle here, not that there’s anything wrong with Seattle- had I *chosen* to live there.  But I’d rather be in Paris, sipping cafe au lait and munching a croissant  as I read the news.

Ahhh, that’s better.

Obama takes tepid steps to re-regulate the finance industry.  Mustn’t be too hasty, Haroooommmm.  And forget real reform.  That would be like “tilting at windmills”.  I can almost hear him whining, “What do you want ME to do about it?  I’m only the president, not God.  Jeez, I get blamed for everything I do.”  Hey, he wanted the job badly enough to screw the rest of us to get it.  I think asking him for better performance is only reasonable.

Baseline Scenario interprets the entrails on the finance industry regulatory reform package.  Simon Johnson says we need a  fighter in the Obama administration.  Um, yeah.  How do they say it in England?  “Not bloody likely.”

Getting back to last night’s discussion about mistrust and illusion over the news in Iran, Bill Keller at the NYTimes says you’re not paranoid if they really are out to shut you off from the outside world. Iran isn’t exactly 3rd world.  Cell phones are ubiquitous there.  Imagine if you were subjected to sporadic service on your phone for the last 5 days.  I just have to wonder how long the country can disrupt its own telecommunications system before it causes irreparable damage to their economy.

Slate is wondering why Obama is taking a dispassionately Dukakis-esque attitude towards the turmoil in Iran.  Yep, Moussavi is still pretty conservative but he’s taking on Khamenei.  Surely, SURELY, that’s worth a “You go, Mir!”  Slate thinks Obama’s 6000 word speeches are nuanced and complex.  I think they consist of a neverending series of prepositional phrases that don’t connect anything and bear little relation to one another.  But I can see where it is easy to get fooled.  All that mind numbing rambling must mean something, right?  You were just not paying attention.  Anyway, someone is bound to bring up Iran again with Obama.  It’s just so unfair.  Is he supposed to have an opinion on everything???

Our friend Betty Jean Kling was in NYC for a Fire Dave Letterman rally.  I wouldn’t want to mess with Betty Jean if I were Dave.

I’ve just started running and lo and behold!, there is already a new trend I have to learn.  It’s barefoot running.  Yeah, the theory goes if you can only get over the cuts and bruises of running in an urban setting without your shoes, you will develop good running posture and stride.  For the sissies among us (moi!) who tremble at the thought of shedding our $100 Nikes to expose our bare tootsies to the sharp little bits of gravel we’ll be stepping on, there are huarache running sandals.  Either way, painkillers are involved.  It’s either motrin for the shin pain or topical anesthetics for the lacerations.  Gosh!  I’m so glad I decided to take up running.  It feels soooo good when I stop.

Podcast du Jour: Molly and Kristen at Stuff Mom Never Told You explain what happened to the Obots last year when they discuss the roll of neurobiology in attaction.  What happens when the Sizzle starts to Fizzle?

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