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“I swear, they came out of *nowhere*!”

That’s my prediction of what the Big Blog Stores are going to be saying when the new lefty blogosphere bursts on the scene suddenly.

That thought occured to me when MABlue drew my attention to the nasty innuendo in a post from John Aravosis that was highlighted on TalkLeft.

What is John going to say? That Hillary is a lesbian? Yeah, right, like we haven’t heard *that* before. And like we would care anyway. What about Bill? What more can they explore that we don’t already know that wasn’t printed in the NYTimes for our titillation? Yes, I think they’re empty threats. But it sure seems like the so-called progressive blogosphere is becoming unhinged over the merest possibility that Clinton could win OH and TX. What’s that all about? I mean, the stakes are high for us too but we’re not going around threatening people. The Big Blogs seem to have invested so much of their energy in pushing Obama down our throats it seems like they just can’t comprehend why their sheer willpower alone isn’t sufficient for him to win. It’s weird. It’s almost like the rest of us voters don’t have a right to exist. Am I interpreting this right?

You know what’s also strange? Granted this is a little outpost in the middle of nowhere but we’ve managed to get almost 36000 hits since I opened the doors and I get very, very few Obamaphiles through here. So, are they just hoping that if they ignore me and Corrente and some of the other nascent blogs that we’ll just go away? Or do they have a blind spot where the neutral to pro-Hillary blogs are concerned?

Someday, they may wake up and find that their traffic has been siphoned off to TalkLeft, MyDD and Corrente, that Anglachel is the new Digby and lots of little blogs like this one sprang up because there was a need that they pretended so hard didn’t exist that they bought their own spin.  The ad revenue will be like water, seeking the path of least resistance and the blogs that lost their heads will be marginalized.  Maybe FireDogLake will even get the recognition it deserves.  At least FDL has taken pains to be fair even if it occasionally misses.

For Kos and Josh and Matt and Chris, there may be a rude awakening.