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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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The Verdict: Biden won the debate and soundly beat Ryan

I am told that the mainstream media is trying to spin it hard in Ryan’s favor.  Lucky for me, I cut the cord last year so I don’t have to put up with the frantic spinning and pundits telling me what I should or shouldn’t be offended by.

Biden won.  Yeah, he smiled mockingly at Ryan.  Yeah, he laughed and interrupted.  So what?  Did that make what came out of Ryan’s mouth more agreeable?  More worthy of respect and consideration?  Hell no.  Ryan is a Ayn Rand conservative who wants to slash the budget so severely that we’ll become a nation of favelas and gated communities with the not-quite-seniors and poor carrying the burden of decades of tax cuts for the rich.  That’s what he is all about.  All you had to do was listen to the words that came out of his mouth.  Biden simply countered him very effectively.

I did have issues with what Biden was defending at times.  He wasn’t straightforward about Social Security and didn’t take retirement age changes off the table.  That infuriated me and probably all of the other people my age and a bit younger who have been pre-paying our benefits for decades.

But on the other stuff?  He trounced Ryan who came off as even less capable of taking over the office of president than Sarah Palin did four years ago.  Don’t take that as support of Palin or her conservative views. My protest vote in 2008 wasn’t about liking Republicans.  It was a protest.

Please don’t waste your time telling me how “rude” Biden was to Ryan.  That’s the operatives speaking through the media pundits, trying to get the public to condemn Biden by using the appeal to civility and politeness.  It’s the standard way to get effective people to shut up and sidelined.  The media likes Ryan and his budget plan, probably because none of them will be affected by it.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Biden won.

It also doesn’t change the fact that although Biden has demonstrated effectively how to defend his party and command the debate, I’m still voting third party this year.  It’s Obama and Geithner and his Wall Street handlers that I have a problem with and voting for Joe is not going to change that.  Joe is still only the vice president, as much as he seems to be wasted in that position.  Just like Hillary is a great SOS but could have been so much more.  Joe is an enigma to me.  He’s like a bright guy who got stuck in the sales department.  But in general, it just looks to me like the Democrats benched their best players in order to bet everything on Obama.  The whole party structure and function seems out of whack with the most effective parts of it on mute and this weird toxic strain of operatives in charge. Am I just imagining it?

But anyway, Biden- 1, Ryan-0.  That’s how I’m calling it.

Vice Presidential Debate: Unfiltered

It’s almost that time again.  It’s time for the big showdown between a career politician who has had years of experience debating on the Senate floor, who can wax eloquently on all matters Constitutional against the Governor of Alaska who looks like she just jumped out of an episode of Northern Exposure. I can say that my months away from the Mainstream Media has left me relatively virginal when it comes to anything Palin.  I haven’t watched her Katie Couric interviews.  I have not subjected myself to cables shows picking apart the way she breathes or the fact that she has the unmitigated gall to run in the first place.

So, I am going to watch this debate with somewhat fresh eyes.  Biden is a smooth talker but I know that he doesn’t always vote his convictions.  In know that being a 2 year Governor of Alaska isn’t exactly the most thorough preparation to be VP but she’s probably learned more than one thinks in those last 2 years.  It should be fun.

If you’d like to watch it Conflucian Style, set your DVR and watch the debate the first time through with the volume off.  Then watch it again.  Has your impression of the body language changed your impression of what the candidates said?  We’ll see.

Now, on with the show (on C=Span, of course)….

This is a live blog

Saturday tid-bits: PUMAmobile is off! Zogby, not happy. Macaca Biden/Preciouzz speak

Hugs & happy/safe travels to our Conflucian Denver-bound Pumas!

Our lovely blog-mother Riverdaughter (Sister RD for MYIQ 🙂 ) is having some lovely Pink PUMA cocktails at her layover in Indianapolis, PUMA-SF & Simofish are prowling to Denver with a 15-member PUMA Pack from the SF bay area and the Cat-wrangling Dynamic Duo, GaryChapelHill & Mawm, have started their PUMAmobile trek to Denver!  Thank you all who donated PUMAmobile juice to our brave RV riders.   PUMAmobile’s first stop is going to be at a familiar Conflucian’s place, and they will post photos of their journey along the way.  I have the honor and privilege to know some INSIDE details regarding our Infantry’s Co-Commanding vehicle.  Please check in later this afternoon/evening for their post!

Rainy days give me the urge to cook massive meals, so today I’m making Boliche, black beans and white rice.  Get a plate and serve yourselves!

In the meantime, here’s another great video from GeekLove:

Speaking of Super-Delegates, Obama-loving pollster, John Zogby of Zogby Polls has some sobering news to report:

Watch the polls go lower after “Macaca Moment” Biden stops taking his Wellbutirin.  I. can’t. WAIT to hear him  talk about his “clean and articulate” Bossman.  But I’m a happy camper our gal ain’t the VP pick.  Party time!

Speaking of laughs, here’s the “joke-writing themselves” moment from teh PRECIOUZZZ:

Obama says Joe Biden is ready to be presidentBy BETH FOUHY and CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press Writers

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling his running mate, Joe Biden, “a leader who is ready to step in and be president.”

Hey, somebody has to know what they heck their doing while Obama preens in the mirror all day.

 ¡Que viva los PUMAs! (long love PUMAs!)