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Sunday: President McCain is Howard Dean’s Responsibility

We now have at least three pieces of evidence that there is trouble in the DNC paradise caused by those annoying and irritating deadenders.  Let’s review:

  • About a week ago, in a conversation with a potential donor, Obama reveals that he hasn’t ruled out Clinton as VP.  Nothing in this campaign happens by accident.  It’s too tightly scripted, managed and marketed.  This was floated out there to keep the public interested and to have them accept Clinton in the #2 spot.  It also gave Obama a chance to bash the Big Dawg.  Now, that’s a mixed message, because it shows the degree of animosity between the two camps.  So the fact that he is forced to admit that he is considering her as VP makes him look like he’s vulnerable.
  • About a week ago, David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign strategist, creates a video for a DNC beg-a-thon.  It turns out that the RNC is raking in the big bucks and now has an almost $100 million dollar warchest.  The DNC?  Ehhhh, not so much.  I can not imagine why the DNC isn’t raising funds.  We could probably make the DNC rich overnight.
  • A few days ago, Don Fowler, former head of the DNC and Alice Germond, RBC member, write what will surely become a letter that will live in infamy.  If these two are not politically tone-deaf, then the only possible explanation for this incredibly insulting letter is to provoke Hillary’s supporters to loudly and emphatically demand her comeback.  I must conclude that Fowler and Germond are secretly working with the Clinton campaign.

In science, three data points is a trend.  (except if you’re a biologist who seems to be satisfied with two).  This list of datapoints is by no means exhaustive.  I think there was someone in Texas recently who was complaining about emails and letters but that hardly counts.  We all hate emails and letters cluttering up our in-boxes.  Oh, yeah, there was a report that when Obama mentioned Hillary’s name at an event recently, he was greeted with deafening applause.  That went on.  And on.  And fatigued and irritated the Dauphin.  Ahh, here is the citation:  Crowd erupts during Obama speech– but it’s over mention of Clinton.  (Thanks to SM77 for the hint)

It appears that the party is getting a tad impatient with us deadenders.  We who issue demands for our votes.  Damn us!  We are going to ruin everything.  We hear this everyday.  Like, here is a polite version of this message that I fished out of the spam dungeon:

Scott Erb

  • This Darragh Murphy has proven what kind of person she is with her slime against Cristina at “yestodemocracy.org.” Christina has also proven that PUMA, a tiny impotent group of mostly Republicans, was organized by and is strongly influenced by the GOP. The kind or irrational desire not to support Hillary’s natural political ally because of emotion over personality will only infect a small group of people. Think about the issues at stake. I certainly understand that you believe Hillary to be the better candidate, but in politics someone wins and someone loses, and this was a very close race. Now it’s McCain and the GOP vs. Obama and the progressives. If because of irrational emotion you can’t see the issues clearly, I pity you. I think, though, you guys are caught up in groupthink and immune to rational argumentation.

Well, at least he pities us.  There are others who think we’re not funny anymore.  Now THAT really bothers me.

I’ve mentioned this before but apparently it needs to be repeated periodically.  Our votes belong to us.  If a politician wants our votes, it is his obligation to come to us and grovel and scrape and make us promises he does not intend to keep in order to get them.  Every voting bloc since time immemorial has had the power to compel the politician to do this sometimes humiliating exercise in sucking up.  Some of them do it better than others.  So far, Senator Obama and the DNC have decided they do not need to do this to get the votes of the old, working class, uneducated, sino-peruvian lesbian category to which we Clintonistas have been involuntarily assigned.  This is a big mistake on their part because we now have a huge lever and the motivation to use it.

Dr. Dean should have had enough classes in science to understand inverse proportionality.  The more the DNC disses us and tells us to get in line, the less likely we are to do so.  Howard is forgetting the rules of human behavior.  We are not chattel or indentured servants.  We do not belong to the DNC.  We can’t be told to get in line if there isn’t anything in it for us.  BUT, if the DNC fails to provide us with sufficient reasons to vote for its candidate, we do have the means and motive to punish the DNC for abandoning us and its principles in its pursuit of younger, more affluent and conservative voters.

Now. how did we get to such an impasse?  To me, it looks like Howard Dean dd not exercise good leadership.  He allowed his strategy and ideology to get ahead of him.  He pursued a 50 state strategy that favored sparsely populated mountain and western states over the richer hunting grounds of the coasts.  In order to reward these states that we will never win in the fall, his candidate of choice has had to adopt a Blue-Dog persona at the expense of the bigger, more progressive states that have had to wait on their hands for the last 8 years while their tax dollars are siphoned away from state needs to line the pockets of Republican cronies and contractors.

Howard allowed the social engineering nannies of the Rules and Bylaws Committee to restructure the delegate counts so that Barack Obama, the first African-American potential nominee, would “win” at the expense of the first woman potential nominee who also happened to be the most qualified. They conveniently forgot that women outnumber African-Americans.  They stupidly tried to rope us in with the tired Roe v. Wade argument, as if Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be better able to defend women against its reversal..This was irresponsible.  Now, the only way to bestow legitimacy on the nominee chosen at the convention is for Howard Dean to guarantee that Hillary’s name is placed in nomination.  A floor fight is the only way to ensure that we all grudgingly accept the nominee.  Way to go, Howard.  Because if after 2 months of fluffing this sham of a candidate you have to backtrack to appease the rest of us, you are going to piss off a whole new constituency of young, idealistic and deluded Obama supporters.

Howard Dean has royally screwed the party.  He did not exercise appropriate control of the various factions of the party and he allowed bias to creep into the selection process.  He has allowed his various committees and their clueless mouthpieces to write off half of his base.  He has allowed the DNC treasury to be depleted, putting at risk dozens of downticket Dems who are running to displace Republicans who will be more flush with cash.

If the result of all this stupidity and poor leadership is that John McCain is elected president because half of us won’t vote for or support this empty suit of an inexperienced African-American male who was carried across the finish line at the expense of his more qualified challenger who was the real DEMOCRAT, there is no one to blame but Howard Dean and his incompetent leadership.

If you want a Democrat in the White House this year and solid majorities in Congress, it is time for Howard Dean and his henchman, Donna Brazile, to go.  Don’t expect us to even listen to the plaintive wails and whinings of the DNC until they are gone.

BTW, what kind of coward goes in front of a friendly audience the day after he gets thoroughly trounced by his opponent in the last debate he agrees to and disses her like she’s bird poop?  He can’t win a debate against her so he gets in front of his clique and insults her when she isn’t around to defend herself?  Yeah, that’s classy.  That’s brave.  No it’s not.  It’s immature and cowardly.  We’re supposed to vote for this guy?  Seriously?  Not until he apologizes for this and every other chickenshit act he did throughout the campaign.

Dear Alice and Don, Please refund my tax dollars

Dear Mr. Fowler and Ms Germond,

I was disappointed to see that two months of our steady demands for recognition have not yielded results.  Indeed, your latest missive to we few “shrieking bands of paranoid holdouts” indicates that you still do not understand the dilema you have created within the ranks of the Democratic party.  Let me try to describe this to you slowly.

By February 5th of this year, Senator Clinton had won MI, FL, NY, NJ, CA, MA, AZ, TN, NM and AR as well as several other states.  In any other year, the contest would have been over.  Senator Obama would have graciously conceded defeat.  This year was different because more weight was given to states for which we haven’t a prayer of winning in November and Hillary had no prayer of winning in February and March.  And yet, you and your Rules and Bylaws committee persisted in withholding delegates from Clinton, killing her momentum.  Not only that, but you awarded mysterious, non-voters to Senator Obama in MI while ignoring all of the real voters in the caucus states who were unable to leave work or other responsibilities to vote for Clinton during a few precious hours.

But that is not what bothers me the most about your incredibly ill-advised letter.  The thing that bothers me the most is that as a New Jersey resident with a gifted child, I am struggling to find an appropriate educational setting for her.  This kid could be the next Edison or Andrew Wyeth but much to my dismay, the state of NJ allocated no money to gifted and talented education this year.  The individual districts are left with mandates but no funds.  There is no gifted and talented curriclum advisor in my district.  The gifted and talented teachers who are trained in the subject of these exceptional children are instructed to teach them social studies.  Math, science and other subjects are left to the discretion of the regular classroom teachers who are not aware of the eccentricities of the gifted child, their over excitabilities and their peculiar study habits.  As a result, some of these children are misdiagnosed each year as ADHD.  My own nephew dropped out of school after years of being categorized as a problem child.  He is now working as a security guard.  His IQ has been measured at 160+.

So, what does this have to do with the election?  Everything.  My state of NJ paid millions of dollars to have a primary.  I dutifully voted in that primary for Hillary Clinton.  In fact, all of the states I mentioned previously voted decisively for Hillary Clinton.  And now you are telling me to shut up, sit down and support a candidate that did not win my state.  A candidate whose name will be placed in nomination over the person who *did* win my state.  A candidate who took the ill-gotten delegates from MI who were offered to him even though he earned none of them, who took delegates who belonged to his opponents.  A candidate who does not represent my sense of fairness and ethical behavior.  A candidate who failed to defend the fourth amendment on FISA legislation, who fails to comment on the Bush administration rule redefining birth control as abortifacients, who grandstands in Europe.  A man who willfully robbed my daughter of money that might have paid for a real gifted and talented education coordinator for my state and the money to fund programs.

You are saying to me that I forked over my tax money for a sham primary.  That is what your letter is saying.  Your party has perpetrated a fraud on the states that conducted primaries and voted decisively for Hillary Clinton.  The convention hasn’t been held yet but you have pre-determined the outcome and have stripped my vote of any meaning.  This is the message you are sending to me and others.

Think very carefully if this is the message you meant.  God help you if you really mean it.


Riverdaughter at The Confluence.