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    • Assassination Works Only Under Two Circumstances
      For years, decades even, America has had a policy of assassination. Americans believe that if you kill the leaders, you kill an organization. This is delusional. It only works when it almost isn’t necessary. How many times has American killed the #2 man of the Taliban? Did killing Osama stop Al-Qaeda? Assassinating Yamamoto in WWII […]
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Don’t worry, the State Department will work it out.

You’re not going to believe this but there is more stuff in the news other than Roy Moore’s predilection for sweet young things, some of whom are below the age of consent.

There have been a number of strange occurrences in the Middle East. Saudi Crown Prince Salman rounded up a boatload of his most corrupt relatives and is holding them under house arrest in a Ritz Carlton. That’s awfully decent of him.

Meanwhile, the prime minister of Lebanon went to Saudi Arabia last week, abruptly resigned and hasn’t been heard from since.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah, the Iranian backer party in Lebanon is agitating for answers, even though the missing PM is sponsored by the Saudis.

Could this have anything to do with the Hezbollah missiles that were fired at Riyadh from Yemen recently?

Oh, yeah, Saudi Arabia is at war with Yemen, which is a proxy for Iran, which it hates because Iranians are bad hombres and Shia Moslems and Saudis are wahabbi Suni moslems.

Shun the unbelievers! ShhuuuuuunnnnnnnnN.

{{rolling eyes}}

Wait, didn’t Trump nix the nuclear deal we made with Iran? Yeah, that will make it easier for us to negotiate with them.

Meanwhile (how many meanwhiles are we up to now?), Hezbollah forces in Lebanon have been amassing artillery along Israel’s northern border.

And over all of this, ISIS leader Bagdhadi has moved to a new pad in Syria, which is at war with itself, ISIS, and the Kurds.

But not to worry because Ex-Exxon CEO Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is right on it. Yessiree! He’ll just dispatch our crack team of seasoned state department diplomats to the region to get to the bottom of this and keep a lid on things until Trump can return from visiting his properties his 12 day trip to Asia and…

What’s that? What do you mean the State Department is a F#%*ing mess and 60% of our top diplomats have left since Trump took office leaving serious gaps in our diplomatic staff?

Ok, ok, let’s not panic. I’m sure everything will be ok. Who did Trump put in charge of mid-east peace?

Jared Kushner.


Start hoarding supplies and reinforcing the basement.

Look for gas prices to spike. Not my problem. I take a bus to work and can work from home if necessary. You Trump voters should have planned better.

Do you feel safe yet?



Schizo Paranoid Position

Never heard of this before because IANAS (I am not a shrink). But there’s a lot to unpack here in this psychoanalysis of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones specifically about black/white thinking, life force vs death, us vs them, love and devaluation. George RR Martin is masterful in writing his characters having good and bad sides, just like we are all good and bad.

We all have to decide how much bad we can live with.

Trump is a deal breaker

I saw this tweet and added my retweet to 151,000 others:

Absolutely I would.

The story attached to this tweet is about the guy in the picture who met a woman online. They went to dinner and seemed to be having a good time until he casually mentioned he’d voted for Trump. At that point, his date said “thanks but I’m outta here”, got up and left.

The number of retweets is astounding. People feel very strongly about this, some of them saying how they’ve already distanced themselves from friends and family or are considering divorces. This section of the story gets to the point and also demonstrates the problem to people who don’t understand why voting for Trump is a non-starter:

That’s how it is for Kate Flaherty of Northern Liberties, a registered independent who voted for Hillary Clinton and said Trump is “blatantly racist” and a “misogynist.” She indicates in her dating profile that something she “thinks about a lot” is “how the hell we’ll survive Trump,” a move to deter Trump’s staunchest supporters from pursuing her. But she wishes she didn’t have to.

“I don’t like that who somebody voted for is a sign of their morality rather than just their politics,” she said. “But I think you can’t deny that’s how it is now. And I can’t look past that.”

Annie White, a Philadelphia-based dating coach and founder of Sick of Single Dating Service, said she was floored this year when a client told her dating a Trump supporter would be “a nonstarter.” Since then, she said, she’s noticed an increasing number of clients indicating political affiliation is more important now than ever.

Still, White, 30,encourages the women she coaches to work to find common ground. Even better, wait until you know each other better — perhaps the third date — to talk politics. “You don’t want to give someone a superficial data point so they paint this picture about you and eliminate you off a technicality,” she said.

No, Annie, if you’re a normal woman dating a guy who voted for a self-admitted “pussy grabber” that is NOT a technicality. It’s a leading indicator.

The 2016 election wasn’t just another vote. It was about the character of the person who thinks what Trunp stands for is in any way acceptable. If you can vote for that man, that means you have difficulty drawing the line in other areas of life where your self interest is at risk. It’s a character test. You absolutely cannot be trusted. On any matter.

No wonder the tweets are full of visceral loathing. How can you eat dinner with someone who thinks you’re a libtard, tolerates racism and Nazism because they’re not illegal and doesn’t care about climate change or depriving 9 million children of healthcare, or treating women as second class citizens or truly believes that the ultra wealthy are being persecuted by taxes? That person sticking puttanesca in his mouth might as well be covered in flies. Yeah, I’d be totally out of there. Don’t even think about staying over. Ewww, no. Don’t touch me.


It’s not an overreaction. It’s disgust.

I know some people don’t want to hear that the people they are living with have something missing in their personalities that voting for Trump exposed. But this is the reality they are living with and there are millions of people out there like them who feel the same skin crawling uneasiness about spending time with Trumpists . You’ll never change them. The best you can hope for is that Trump will become so unpopular that they will feel social pressure to put that part of themselves away out of fear of ostracism.

Political Gabfest discussed the off year elections and the reason why so many Democrats turned out this year. It comes down to decent Americans coming to the realization that they have a worldview that the Trumpers do not share and they are angry and motivated to stop this shit now.

Walking music

Dawn is cold and clear.



The real story about the DNC was missed last week as Donna Brazile tried to “throw shade” on Hillary Clinton. (Where did that term come from? It’s all over the place this week).

Donna may have been trying to get out in front of the real story had the Democrats lost on Tuesday.

The real story is that when Obama hollowed out the DNC in favor of his own OFA and left the party $25million in debt, he also left Debbie Wasserman Schultz in charge to rival Donald Trump in incompetency. There are some people who shouldn’t have some jobs. Debbie shouldn’t be allowed to run anything. She doesn’t seem to have the knack for it. And running the DNC was not supposed to be just another entry on your CV. It has real meaning with real responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is to make sure Democrats can respond to the out of control Republicans ruthlessly cornering state legislatures in order to banish their opponents to the political Oort belt through partisan gerrymandering.

Want to know why so few legislative districts are competitive? Blame Shultz and Obama for either completely missing this strategy or generally not giving AF about anyone else’s political future but his own.

The victory in Virginia sets back the Republicans a little. They’ll be up against a Democratic Governor when Redistricting rears it’s ugly head again. But this is a very serious problem that the DNC completely missed.

That’s a disgrace, it deprives voters of real choice and it has nothing to do with Hillary.

Yeah, didn’t see that coming.

Reading the tea leaves from Virginia, it turns out that white college educated suburbanites and exurbanites really loathe Trump with a white hot passion.

The problem is the white non-college educated working class thinks he’s still hot as spit.

For now, the better educated among us are finally taking the remote away.


We are about to kill the next generation of American scientists. Well, we’ve already killed the current generation substantially. Trump’s proposed budget cuts the NIH budget by 20%.

Look away, BiFF, look away.


I’m headed out early so I can camp on later tonight.


Don’t. Get. Giddy.

The ecstatic orgy of congratulatory victory dances in the wake of the wins in Virginia and New Jersey have got to stop. Right now.

There’s still a senate race in Alabama. The DNC probably wrote off Doug Jones but if he loses, Roy Moore, and impeached judge and fundamentalist on steroids using methods that only Joe Arpaio would appreciate, will become a US senator.

Think about that for a moment. Because it’s going to continue to happen all over the US. Every single election from here on out is going to be a monumental struggle and will cost us all boatload of mucho dinero.

Think the pee tape is going to make a difference? That solid evidence of Russian collusion will bring Trump down? Think again. Trumpers LOVE the fact that he gets away with stuff. It gives them a tingle down their legs. The only thing that *might* derail him permanently is evidence that he was in on hacking the voting machines in Pennsylvania. And I’m not ruling that out.

Anyone who vows to be as out of control, chaotic and disdainful for the rule of law and political norms as Trump has a pretty good shot of being elected. That’s who they want. They want to upend things and make everyone else unhappy. It should be the new definition of evil: deliberately going out of your way to make people unhappy without much thought behind why you’re even doing it.

So don’t get comfortable. 2018 starts right now. You’re going to need to put your comfy shoes on and learn how to canvass, call voters and motivate the non-voter to get out there.

Stop that silly dancing.

This is the message we need to get across:

If you don’t vote, the crazies get to run EVERYTHING.


The Republicans are crafty buggers. They’re planning to delay the centerpiece of their “tax reform” package until 2019. And why would they do that?

Let’s unpack that, shall we?

They’ve spent the last 40 years going on and on and on about how government is too big, we’re spending too much money, money us scarce (debatable), we have to balance the budget like our checkbooks, which makes the scale of the budget seem relatable but completely ignores the macroeconomic impacts, blah, blah, blah.

So they want to impose some fairly draconian cuts to “entitlements” otherwise known as Medicare and social security which are NOT entitlements. They are earned but deferred benefits but whatever. And they’re going to also cut state tax deductions and mortgage deductions. But hey, that’s only really going to affect the coastal elite states so fuck’em.

But they have to be careful to make sure that middle class pain does not appear to be linked to massive cuts to the corporate tax. Maybe even wealthy people have to wait for their kibble. Because middle class people may strongly resent having yet another burden added to their lives in the interest of the exploitative profit miners in raw meat eating rent seeking mode.

In the meantime, the Republicans go to their ultra rich and increasingly impatient donors and explain that if they make the Republicans do this thing and blatantly screw the little people before a major midterm election, that’s it. They will have shot their wads. The Republicans will lose. Big time. That means there will be no further opportunities to stick a knife in what’s left of the New Deal. Better to wait until they can secure their seats in 2018 and pass the sucker in 2019.

Amirite? You know I am.

So, will the donors learn to defer gratification like other children or will they make the Republicans bow now to pay off their campaign contribution debts?

We shall see.


I am very blonde this morning. Early morning walk music:


Definition: A person who desires complete personal freedom without reconciling himself to the reality that he shares the planet with at least one other person.

Rand Paul, yard waste and broken ribs.


Salad time.