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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
    Sweet Sue on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Three More Wishes?
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    Sweet Sue on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Three More Wishes?
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Three More Wishes?
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
    Greg on Stroll: I want to rock your gy…
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    • Shhhh! Russia Can Like Something And It Can Be Good.
      I know, I know. Russia is evil, the worstest of the worst and is made worse by Trump, because it’s because of Russia that Trump is President, not because Clinton ran a terrible campaign and Obama presided over an economy that worked for about 3% of the population. But maybe, just maybe, even though Russia […]
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Stride: Water Sign

Playing in the PPG Plaza fountain

Strut: Letting down our guard


The Republican “Healthcare” bill looks like it’s tabled for now. Thank you, John McCain’s blood clot for giving other Senators time to hear from their constituents and think it over. 

But don’t count them out, they’ve HATED Medicaid and Medicare since the 60s. No one knows why. So, they’ll be back with something equally mean and stingy in some other form. 


Malcolm Gladwell makes a case for closely examining your politician’s friends before you vote for them. 

Masha Gesson says it’s the incompetence and destruction of America’s systems of governance that worries her. Conspiracy thinking is distracting. 

Stroll: t’pau

Carol Decker – so underrated. 


My bag weighs a ton. Anyone else have this problem?  I have laptop, lunch with freezer compartment, gym clothes, cables, chargers, earbuds, contact lens crap, small purse with cards and stuff, pens, small notebook, nice sandals (I sure hope the hot glue keeps them from breaking again), gum, toothbrush, tooth paste, bobby pins, coconut milk hair conditioner, lube (wait, how did that get in there again?), iPhone, other phone that needs to be mailed to kid who is hard on phones…

I need a shoulder massage. 

Thanks to the people at Fort Pitt Coffee who gave me the clear duck tape to repair my broken sandal after I pulled it apart when my heel fell into a crack in the pavement. 

What do we say to the god of death?

Not today. 
Winter is here:

Game of Thrones season 7 begins tonight with more power hungry, kleptocratic, ambitious, impulsive, narcissists than the current White House. 

More unpleasant ways of dying than even a ruthless Russian autocrat could dream up. 

More T&A than anything you’ll find in the Lord of the Rings. 

And one very special thing:

There Be Dragons

I’m staying up past my bedtime tonight. 

Valar Morghulis. 



In the latest version of the healthcare bill, the tax cuts for the wealthy have been removed. I’m not surprised that the financial backers of Republican house and senate members have dropped their demands for this. It seems unlikely that the incredibly wealthy power brokers who funded the Republican juggernaut were really all that concerned about tax cuts. I mean, sure, they were going to ask for it and Republicans were only too willing to give it them as a thank you present. 

But the people who own Republican legislators spend millions and millions of dollars at fundraisers every year. They probably spend more of their money trying to get politicians elected than they would hope to benefit from a tax cut. 

So what is it they really want? Is it purely ideological? Do they simply think that government has no role in healthcare? Are they zealots for the invisible hand of unfettered capitalism? Do they feel entitled and take for granted that they’ll get everything they demand because it’s worked so well so they’ll keep demanding more and more until we cry uncle?  Or is there an end game here that we’re missing?  

I just want to remind everyone that there are places in the world where people work for very little money, where drinking water isn’t always clean, where parents can’t afford the fees to send kids to school because the public school system is fractured or non-existent and where sick people die regularly because they can’t afford treatment. Think Bangladesh or Indonesia. 

Oh, those poor people, we think as the latest cyclone sweeps them out to sea. Tsk-tsk, so glad we don’t live in a country like that. 

But you know, to the super wealthy, regular Americans indistinguishable from Bangladeshis. We’re all lazy slackers who weren’t clever enough to  figure out how to exploit other suckers for profit. Listen closely to Donald Trump and how he talks about a rich person and not a poor person in charge of the Treasury and you’ll get an idea of how he and his peers think about the rest of us. 

They won’t care what happens to you. It’s your own fault if you fall in hard times. So, we better start looking after our own interests. It’s not a matter of money. It’s just that they don’t want the responsibility. We’re on our own and they have better things to do with their time and money. 

Michelle Goldberg on Trump and women’s health. It’s very, very ugly. 

Michelle Goldberg wrote about women’s reproductive freedom in the Trump era. It’s going to be a giant step backwards. He’s indifferent and callous to the relegation of women back to subordinate status. 

Then there’s Mr. Trump’s secretary of health and human services, Tom Price, who has claimed that “there’s not one” woman in America who is unable to afford contraception. Together, these hires represent a familiar Trump administration strategy: putting people in charge of government programs whose goal is to dismantle them. 
The influence of the Trump administration’s anti-contraception views is very apparent in a draft regulation, recently leaked to Vox, that would drastically expand the number of employers allowed to opt out of birth control coverage in their insurance plans. 
If enacted, the rule will allow any employer, even large, publicly traded corporations, to refuse to cover birth control simply by citing a moral objection.
This could result in hundreds of thousands of women losing contraceptive coverage. As the American Civil Liberties Union has pointed out, the rule makes a shamelessly bad-faith argument, asserting that no woman would go without coverage, since she could always rely on Medicaid or Title X — even as both of those programs are being targeted by the administration for funding freezes or cuts.

Young women should take some organic chemistry, find an old RV, drive it out to the desert…

Stroll: Sonic Landscape