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      Let us take as a given that Russia interfered in the last US election (though many of the accusations are unconvincing, some appear to be be true). I’m pushing this back to the top, for what I assume are obvious reasons. Originally published Feb 1, 2018. Why did they interfere? They most likely did so […]
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Give me hope, Johanna


Prediction on Kavanaugh

He’ll be rammed through before the end of July. As long as the Republicans have 51 votes lined up, with Pence as tie breaker, there’s no reason to even have hearings. The Democrats don’t count.

Better to get this nominee out of the way as soon as possible. Trump needs him to run interference against the Justice department. It clears the way before the campaign season kicks off. It reinforces a sense of learned helplessness with Democratic voters.

Watch and see. They’re going to circumvent the hearings. That’s what I would do if I were McConnell. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve had this planned out for months in advance.

I’d like to be wrong. But I put nothing past these Republicans.

Hair On Fire

Sometimes, overreacting is the right way to go:

Never turn your back on the GOP. The Supreme Court nomination is going to come with surprises. I don’t know what it is yet.

There isn’t a Rubicon they aren’t willing and ready to cross.

Trump Weakened Over Scott Pruitt’s Resignation

Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. That means Trump has accepted his resignation. That must have been a hard thing for Trump to swallow. All this year, Trump has defiantly defended the indefensible behavior of his spendthrift EPA Secretary. Pruitt could apparently do no wrong that Trump wasn’t willing to overlook in order to screw Democrats over and generally enrage anyone who valued clean water, air or earth.

I can’t imagine why he finally accepted the resignation now but someone or something made him back down. He did it after a holiday hoping no one would notice but of course this is too big to pass up. For all we know, he plans to appoint a different, heartless, careless, corrupt climate denier. Or maybe he’ll roll the EPA into the Department of Agriculture. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s see the EPA just try to regulate pesticides and fertilizer. That will make the crunchy granola libtards scream their bloody heads off.

So, let’s summarize: he reversed his order about separating families when the outrage got too big to ignore, he lowered the flag to half staff in honor of the fallen journalists at The Capital, and now he has accepted Pruitt’s resignation. I don’t know if there’s a strategy here but it sure makes him look smaller and more vulnerable than we thought and as Trump knows, image is everything.


I woke up this morning with three things on my mind: 1.) There’s a heat advisory in Pittsburgh for July 4th, 2.) Trump is still president dammit, 3.) the Jimi Hendrix version of Star Spangled Banner and what he told Dick Cavitt about it later. (“I thought it was beautiful”)

Oh, and now that President Softy is about to nominate some hard ass conservative loyalist who will have his back as he manipulates what power he has to make him and his family rich at our expense, it’s time for us to revisit what we believe as Americans, because that nominee is going to be the antithesis to all that the non super rich find good. I could be wrong. The Federalist judges might be sleepers who will grow a heart while on the court. But I wouldn’t count on it.

So I’m refreshing my credo because maybe it’s a good thing for all of us, no matter who we voted for, to think about what being an American really means. You can read my old credo on the tab above. I still stand by that.

Here’s the first thing I believe:

I believe in the common good. I believe Americans can accomplish great things when we watch each other’s backs and help each other take risks without fear of the lifetime consequences of failure.


I believe in freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion. I believe that no American should be forced to live by the tenets of someone else’s faith. I believe that the expectation of ethical behavior and good citizenship is universal for all Americans and exists independently of religion.


I believe that no man or woman, regardless of wealth, situation in life or office, is above the law. I believe that to have one set of laws and harsh punishment for most citizens and another set of laws and no punishment for a different group of citizens is unAmerican. I believe that justice should be fair to everyone, that punishment should fit the crime and that no human being should be considered unworthy of humane treatment or due process.

Now it’s your turn.

And here’s that clip of Jimi at Woodstock and his comments to Dick Cavitt. I believe his rendition is beautiful. And so is Colin Kaepernack’s.

Happy July 4th, Everyone! I love you all.




If you have time, check out #secondcivilwarletters on Twitter. Hilarious.

Here’s a sample:

On second thought, don’t start reading them unless you are not responsible for anything else today.

Morning Walk: Drift Away

Hey, did you know that tomorrow is day we Liberals declare civil war on the Trumpers? I know, right?? I had no idea. I’m still waiting for my uniform and battalion assignment from MoveOn. I haven’t had a chance to buy an AR-15 yet.

This is why the left loses all the time. We can’t get our shit together.

Anyway, it’s time for a little summer break. No, the news will not stop happening but we can still love good music, pretty sunsets, fireworks and each other.


Tweet du Jour: this one was from a Trump voter who sounds like he’s feeling shame but is still thinking we want him back.

The thread itself is juvenile. The responses are to die for:

This response is dead on:

Here’s why you can’t count on Susan Collins.

Senator Susan Collins has been the Democrats’ Lucy with the football since forever. She indicates her willingness to buck her party but she always ALWAYS folds when the final vote comes. Oh, Trump promised her something on the healthcare bill that he reneged on and disappointed Collins? Tsk, tsk. How could she be so naive? Oh, please, Collins knew there were no guarantees. It’s just what she does. Apparently, Maine has just enough crunchy granola types to keep things interesting but not enough to make her actually, you know, fear anything from them.

Anyway, there’s a very good reason why you should just cross Collins off your list for support when it comes to the next supreme. Court justice and here it is:

See that green patch where Maine is in the upper right corner? That green indicates that Maine is one of only 8 states in the union that explicitly protects abortion. It’s probably a state constitution thing. I’m only speculating. If anything, Maine could become a tourist destination. Stephen King has been working diligently to make Maine the scariest state in the country but you never know. A Supreme Court decision might turn all that around.

So, Collins doesn’t really need to defend Roe v Wade on a national level. What does she care as long as her own personal constituents aren’t affected? They’ve got theirs, go get you’re own. And while PA women can go to Maryland and Arizona women could take a few days to visit San Diego, you’re kind of screwed if you live in Colorado or Illinois where abortion law is vague and there’s no clinic for hundreds and hundreds of miles.

But why should Collins worry about that? Is someone from North Dakota going to vote for her? Heck no. So she’ll be a yes vote for whoever Trump nominates unless there’s a more compelling reason to not vote for him or her. There is one extremely good reason why no Republican Senator with a thinking brain should appoint anyone Trump nominates.

But is ain’t abortion.

And let’s face it. The battle lines on abortion have been drawn for decades now. Very few people on either side are persuadable. And you now know why you can’t count on Collins, if you ever could.

So, if I was the loyal opposition, I’d stop getting hysterical over abortion. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it unless you control the senate, which we don’t.

What you have to do is persuade each senator that opposing Trump for a different reason is in their best interests. And if I were the Democrats putting the pieces together on how far the Trump scandal has infiltrated the GOP, I’d think about when it would be strategically advantageous to torch that powder they’ve been sitting on.