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Wordle Playing Update

About a month ago, I reviewed my recent games of Wordle, and it seemed to be well received, so I will update my recent forays. I have gotten all of them, and maybe only one which took six tries. I will try to review from memory, I really should write them down!

March 6 was one where I had a p, i, and n. I guessed pinch, which was not right, but it got me the order of p i n, and so I guessed PINKY, which was right. I actually put an obscure hint on here, because I had written about the earlier wordles on that day, and I did not want to give the answer. For any British indiepop fans out there, “Pinky Blue” was the name of the second album by Altered Images.

Then I had an s, an o, an e, fifth, and an r. Then I got an h, so the word was HORSE. Did you know that Spirit, the real horse who is so beautiful that the filmmakers used him as the model for the movie “Spirit,” had his 24th birthday just a few days ago, I think, and he is as stunning as ever? I might go visit him at Lompoc, where he lives, and is visited by many people!

On a similar theme, the next Wordle showed an a, an e, an l, and an r, none in the right spot. I tried a word to see if the r were last, and it was not. It was not second. The l was not first. I figured out that the r was first, so with r – – – – and a, e, and l, I got the word REGAL

Then I had an e fifth, and an r. Then an h. I am wary of double letters, so since there was no a, o, i, or u, I thought of WHERE, and that was the word.

Next, a somewhat similar configuration. I had an r and an e, and then an l, none in the right spot. L not first, r not second. No other vowels. Several common consonants not in word. I thought that there might be two e’s. Could not be lever, because l not first. I came up with REVEL, and that was the word. It reminded me of Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death.”

Then a word I mentioned here. I had an i, an a, and an e. Then I got an l on my third try. a e i l. I could not think of anything, as e was not the last letter. Finally, I thought, could the word be email? Is that a word? I tried it, to at least try to learn the order of the letters, and it was the word. EMAIL

Then a fairly easy one. I had i, t, r, h, after three tries. It could have been birth, girth, or mirth. So I tried to think of a word with b, g, and m, and there was actually one, gumbo. And that showed only a b, so the word was BIRTH. I should also note that the word could have been firth, as in the Firth of Forth, but if gumbo had not shown g, m, or b, that would have shown that the word was firth.

Next, a very difficult one, because of so many choices. I had – – a – e, with an l. L could have been fourth or second. I remember trying whale to cover l being fourth, and it was not, so it was second. That still left me with many other possibilities. I think I tried flake. and glaze. I had one guess left, but I thought I had eliminated all the first letters except b, and it couldn’t be blaze, so blame. And BLAME was the word.

On the next one, I had all the letters, u, l, r, y, s. So the word was SURLY.

Then I had e, p, and s. No other vowels. I thought of the possibility of two e’s, and I came up with SWEEP, which was the word.

I had e, r, i, and d. I tried rider, but it was not the word, but it showed – i d e r. So CIDER.

The next one had an a, e, y, and l. No r. So I thought it had to be MEALY, and it was.

Then I had all the letters, a t, y, h, c. So all I had to do was rearrange the letters,.none of which I had in the right spot. I tried to do it without writing the letters down, and I couldn’t easily think of it. But then I thought of YACHT. Had I just written the letters, I would have gotten it more quickly.

An interesting one, which required logic. I had – r – d -, with an o and an e. The e could not be last, it had to be first or third. The o could not be third. So the o was either first or fifth. So either o r e d -, or – r e d o. CREDO. I think that there was more logic required there, but I can’t remember what it was.

Then another – – o – e one. I had an l. No h, so not whole, or choke. L very likely second. – l o – e. Bloke was a word used before, which American players were apparently upset at, so that could not be the word. No a, so not above. I thought of globe or glove. I don’t know which I guessed first, probably globe, but then I got the word GLOVE.

The next one had u and o, and t, and then h. No s. So touch or tough, and I got the word TOUGH.

A hard one. E, u, and t, and d, not in right spots. T did not start word. D might. I tried muted, but d did not end word. It did show – u – e -., with the t and d not in those spots. So it had to be – u – e t, with a d. I could not think of a word with – u d e t, so d had to be first. I eventually thought of DUVET.

Next, an i, s, a, t d, in early tries. So the word was STAID. I wonder if all the people out there knew the word.

Another word with u and o, then t and r. I think I guessed trout, but it was not, but it showed – r o u t. So GROUT.

The next word had o, e, r, and t. T was not first, so not toner. If – o t e r, then VOTER, which was the word.

A word with i, e , u, and t. I got to unite or untie. I thought that untie might be a little more likely as the word, and I guessed that first, on my fourth guess,and the word was UNTIE.

Another word with three vowels. a, o, and u. A was third. Then I found an n. So, – – a – -. with u, o, and n. U not fourth, and not likely fifth, so probably second – u a – – with o and n. I came up with GUANO, which was the word.

The next wordle showed a u as the only vowel, and then I got a y, I had an r, and then an h. So u r y h, and one more letter. HURRY.

A challenging one, with e t, and s. T not first. No y, I thought that there could well be another e. I thought of sweet, and I was pretty sure that it was the word, but it was not. It showed – – – e t. And I still had an s, not first, and not fifth. I thought of reset, but no r in word. So then I thought,could it be beset, a fairly hard word for some players? But I had to try it, and the word was indeed BESET.

That gets us current on the Wordles. Actually not too hard altogether, except that BLAME was difficult to get, and there may have been another one or two tricky ones in there, but that was it. Words with three different vowels are usually fun and easy, and there were a few of those. If they would stay away from the – – a – e and – – o – e ones, it would be pretty easy, but of course one wants a few challenges in a word game!


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  1. March has continued to be a great month for me. I have 8 games in 3, 13 games in 4, 8 games in 5, and 1 in 6. Just over 4 average, sadly unless I get a 2 tomorrow (not bloody likely) I will not get my average down to 4.

    • That is very good; an average of 4 is very hard, since it is so unlikely to get a 2 to balance any 6. I never calculate my average, but did have a number of 3’s, and the one 6, so I am probably close to a 4, as well. But as you have said, the goal is to get them within 6, and thus be careful about making early guesses rather than eliminate letters or sequences. Of course, another player might try it differently. I have been sometimes trying for a 2 or 3, but I am usually cautious.

      • For me a three only happens when I get a minimum of 3 letters likely with 1 or more correctly placed. Otherwise I play cautious. For some reason I have been getting a lot of letters on my first 2 guesses all month.

  2. Off topic: Trump has been indicted by the grand jury in New York.

    Perhaps our resident attorney (William) could help us understand what this means and what might happen next.

  3. ARRRGGGHHH… It figures today I get it in 2… should have been yesterday.

    • My first guess gave me zero letters, so I was very unlikely to get it in two. My second guess gave me two letters in the wrong spots. Finally things filled in, and I got it in four. Congratulations on your two, like an eagle in golf!

      • My first guess was CRASH. Which got me 4 with H correctly placed, I assumed it would be _ARCH, there are three possibles: MARCH, PARCH, and LARCH. Of these I eliminated LARCH because it’s a tree that most would not recognize so I had a 50 50 shot and I got lucky.

  4. My prediction:

    UConn 78

    SDSU 62

    • It would certainly seem so, UConn is about as impressive a team as I’ve seen in years. I wish UCLA played that style now. But everyone seems to be betting UConn, and I wonder if they have one game in the tourney where they don’t play well. Still, it is hard for me to see SDS beating them even if the Aztecs play a great game.

    • Impressive pick you almost got the exact score! You got the pointspread winner and “over” on the total.

  5. Welsh word update:

    Nothing to do with wordle, but we have discussed several Welsh words.

    I was reading a book and they were using the term “cushing” which I was not familiar with, but from context I assumed it to mean cuddling or spooning. Decided to look it up today, and find that it is an Anglicized spelling of the Welsh word CWTCH. The Welsh pronunciation seems to be CUTCH (which makes sense based on the spelling) and dot CUSH.

    Apropos of nothing, just figured I would share

    • Fascinating, jmac. I love learning new words.

      According to the Cambridge Dictionary, CWTCH as a noun means:

      1) a loving cuddle

      2) a cupboard or small space for storing things

      In both cases, the word seems to imply being enclosed in safety.

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