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About January 6 again, let’s simplify.

If you weren’t watching live feeds from multiple sources on different devices like some of us did while the January 6 even was in progress, if you didn’t hear from people hiding inside the building listening to pounding on the doors, if you didn’t see the full video of Ashli Babbit getting shot while she tried to climb through a broken window at the senate chamber hallway, if you didn’t see the riot in full force from different angles in context, then you have to accept the cherry picked videos that Tucker feeds you.

Yes, the select committee also showed clips. The thing is THEIR clips actually looked like what we saw on the day it happened.

So, the more you cling to Tucker’s version, the more the rest of us are assured that you couldn’t be bothered to watch it live like we did. You just look and sound hopelessly gullible and completely clueless.

This does not improve our opinions of you.

Sorry. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you weren’t watching TV on January 6, 2021…

… you might actually think that the cherry picked clips that Tucker Carlson is posting on Fox News are an accurate depiction of what happened at the Capitol that day.

If you were watching the live feeds on one of multiple news channels, or watched various YouTube uploads by those who were there, the things you will remember because you watched it happening with your own eyes are violent, relentless and horrific.

We who watched saw gallows with nooses being erected, crowds of people overrunning Capitol police, screaming people swinging metal pipes and flagpoles, flying fire extinguishers, multiple people climbing the scaffolding set up for the inauguration, broken glass, smashed windows, people smashing windows on live TV, groups of men becoming a human battering ram.

We saw Ashli Babbit in a group of other rioters at the senate chamber doors. We saw that group of people pounding on the glass panel in the door until it broke. We saw Ashli jump on the door after the glass panel was broken. We saw her try to get through the broken panel while her friends were yelling and swearing. We saw them say there was a gun. We saw her try to enter the hallway through a broken window on a door and we heard gun shot and saw her fall backwards.

But wait! There’s more. We saw her on the ground on her back and the reaction of her friends was not instantaneous. They had to stop what they were doing because her body was in the way. Literally. Then they realized that she was bleeding out. We saw the pool of blood rapidly flowing out of her body as she tried to take in what was happening to her. We saw her friends finally get around to helping her and shouting for a medic.

And do you know why we saw all of that within about an hour of it happening? Someone who was standing close enough to touch her recorded the whole thing and uploaded it to YouTube almost immediately after she was shot.

We heard live news feed from inside the building of people who were covering events in the Capitol or were there for one reason or another. They called from under tables in conference rooms or closets. They sounded terrified. You want to know why? It’s because they weren’t representatives and senators calling in from safe rooms. They looked for safety wherever they could find it while very angry people were pounding on doors looking for Mike Pence to string him up or were calling “Nancy, oh NANCY”.

We saw a lot and heard a lot. It went on for hours.

But if you were convinced that Trump was right about everything or you couldn’t be bothered, then you probably think that what Tucker Carlson is showing you on Fox News is what really happened.

It would sort of be like showing Hitler strolling around Paris, taking in the sights from the Tour d’Eiffel and looking like just another tourist surrounded by his generals in their slick Nazi uniforms.

Jeez, it doesn’t look like a world war.

That’s on you if you were too lazy to watch what happened with your own eyes. If you’re so convinced that those poor peaceful protesters were provoked and lead by feds abd antifa agitators then maybe it would be a good idea for the easily lead and provoked among you to be babysat and monitored to make sure you’re not mislead by people with bad intent. I’d be all for that. Yeah, let’s make sure that weak minded, gullible and vulnerable people aren’t stirred to violence by bad people with evil intent. They need protection from people like Trump and Tucker Carlson who manipulate images, not in real time, because they’re counting on you not to actually watch the news as it happens. No, they count on you to come to them to pre-digest the images so that they can present it to you in a way that will reassure you that you’re the victim and that there are bad antifa people out there who will lead to to do bad things. And you should be outraged. OUTRAGED.

That’s not a winning message to the rest of us who prefer not to think of ourselves as stupid children who are easily lead astray.

We aren’t cowards, we know what we saw and we won’t be gaslit by Tucker Carlson.

It was sick, disgusting, outrageous and illegal and people are going to jail for it because the juries were not shown cherry picked clips of people strolling around the building. They were shown the gritty, ugly, bloody, repulsive truth that Tucker’s audience can’t handle.

The rest of us will never buy they idea that Hitler was sightseeing in Paris.

By the way, Fox News viewer, Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Tucker and Jeanine Pirro knew that Trump lost the election on the night they called Arizona for Biden. They knew that there was nothing wrong with the Dominion voting machines and they decided to pump out the “election was stolen” narrative because it was good for Rupert Murdock’s wallet. And the reason why we know all this is because they texted each other about it and Dominion was able to get copies of their messages through the discovery process of their defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

So, not only did Fox News defame a good company for money, they helped stoke the flames of outrage that lead to January 6. They’ll probably argue like Sidney Powell did that nobody is that stupid that they would actually believe the nonsense they show on Fox News.

But you know, they do think you’re that stupid. It’s their business model.

And you know what their defense will be? They’re only doing it because it makes them money. Their channel and its content is a product. You can consume it or not. But if it makes you sick or causes you to try to overturn an election, it’s YOUR fault for not protecting yourself. They’re just exercising their freedoms.

Where have we heard that before? Wait, wait, don’t tell me…