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Hakeem’s ABC’s.

If you didn’t stay up to watch Kevin’s acceptance speech (sounds like it was written by Marge), you didn’t miss much. Mostly, it was about giving all members of the House, but mainly the insurrectionists, the freedom to participate and pursue their independent agendas. They are all individuals. They can think for themselves. They can run with scissors if they want to!

But if you missed Hakeem Jeffries’ speech that came right before it, then you missed a defiant Democrat schooling the Republicans on what it means to have principles – alphabetically.

This will be the speech that everyone will be talking about in the morning. It anticipated the emptiness of the other side and the absurdity of trying to get things accomplished when you believe in nothing except everyone for themselves.

There are some on Twitter saying it reminded them of Obama’s speeches. It seems to have that flavor at first. But Obama didn’t know how to stick a shiv in and turn it like Jeffries. Chicago was mostly wind. You do not want to mess with Brooklyn.

Wait for it. It’s good (especially F, M and Q):


11 Responses

  1. But Obama didn’t know how to stick a shiv in and turn it like Jeffries.

    If Jeffries really does wield the shiv he will go up a few notches in my book. I am so sick of this when they go low we go high Obama bullshit; that’s why we are where we are today.

    • He sure didn’t sound like a lifeguard telling swimmers “the sign says no horseplay”. I think that was Stephen Colbert’s description of Obama’s reaction to anything bad.

    • Funny how the Obama’s go high when it comes to Republicans but had no problem going lower than low when it came to fellow Democrats. I believe we were called old bitter bitches (among other things) who better jump on the train or it’s leaving us… then we had 8 years of deference and acquiescence to Republicans.

  2. It was a clever speech. Obama was good at those. I remember when he said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Yeah, right. I will wait and see how tough Jeffries proves to be.

    My mother was from Brooklyn, btw. She was a smart, strong woman.

  3. When Republicans start defunding all sorts of things, including aid to Ukraine, speeches aren’t going to help much. Now, I do realize that they would eventually have chosen a Republican Speaker, probably McCarthy on Monday, but any chance that Democrats had to influence this choice, make some kind of deal about the debt ceiling, or even make the Republicans look as inept as possible (they had the outcome prearranged for Vote 14, but they miscounted, and McCarthy looked utterly depressed), they should have taken.

    I don’t want to keep repeating what is just my view on this, but i am extremely upset that they threw away a sure chance to let Republicans drag this into Monday by adjourning, as they wanted to do. I tried to think of a sports analogy, but there is none, except that a game was going to go into overtime as soon as the few seconds of regulation time were played; with the team with the ball being willing to let the clock run out, to regroup; but the team without the ball called a timeout, so that the other team decided to try one more play, and connected on a long touchdown pass. In such a case, the media and fans would have been all over the coach who called the timeout, but not here, apparently. Well, we just have to do the best we can with what is going to be the most awful Congress ever.

    • It was a tactical mistake to vote no on adjournment. Does the Democratic leadership have a strategy to keep the country safe during the next two years of Republican chaos and destruction? If not, the future looks very bleak indeed. Clever speeches will not save us.

    • If I understand correctly, the funding for Ukraine is locked in for 2023. By 2024, Russian military might will have become an oxymoron. 😈

      Also, perhaps Mr. Smith and Company will indict some of the Treason Caucus, resulting in their replacement by more rational Republicans, or maybe even Independents or Democrats. 😈

  4. It took the Republicans a minute to catch on “Cult? Fascism? Is that us? Oh he had said Mar – A – Lago – we know that one! Boooo”

  5. Off topic: Does anyone here know what Senate committees Fetterman will be serving on? The articles I find only mention the fact that he wore a suit to be sworn in but nothing about committees. I’m thinking he will be a force to be reckoned with in committee, especially if serving with another Senate progressive.

    • There is a list of US Senate Committee Assignments for the 118th Congress. Senators are listed alphabetically. Right now, it is not showing committee assignments for Fetterman and the other first time elected senators.

      Roz in NJ/NYC

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