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Speaker of the House Watch – 3rd Day

Update: Annnnd Kevin lost again.

It is now time to invoke the Rite of Sigin-tarâg.

That’s right, Kevin gets a sledgehammer and goes up against a dwarf to see who can break the most boulders. Winner gets to ask a boon of the loser. Loser gets escorted to the door, never to return again.


Since it looks like we are repeating the same Speaker election strategy and gotten the same result 6 times in a row – Hakeem Jeffries has won each time- maybe it’s time to pursue a less crazy strategy for electing the Speaker.

August Fetterman, son of Senator John Fetterman, has a possible solution:

I can get behind that.

Or maybe we can go secret ballot. There may be Republicans out there who are Dem curious. What better way to test the waters?

Or how about drawing straws?

Or hand to hand combat? Mud wrestling? Super Mario Brothers?

I’ll entertain any and all suggestions for how to break this logjam including forcing the insurrectionists out. My tin foil hat is vibrating, telling me that this group of holdouts are really interested in some kind of guarantee of protection from prosecution (kneecapping the FBI and DOJ seems very important to them for some reason). Maybe they don’t trust McCarthy to backout of any agreement. That would be interesting.

Add your suggestions to the comments as well as what you expect to see during today’s session. It was getting pretty rowdy last night and I don’t know how long Democrats are going to be able to maintain decorum. Should be fun.


Found on Twitter:


Elon hasn’t been able to stamp out the brutal humor in this ridiculous scenario. Twitter was made for fiascos.

Why not spread the mirth:


14 Responses

  1. I would love it if today’s WAPO article concerning McCarthy lowering the threshold to 1 vote for speaker recall is right. If that is the case I hope Kevin wins today, and then is subject to recall tomorrow. The biggest loser in this would not be Kevin it would be Scaramucci, who would now lose his fame, the new measurement would have to be the kevin.

    • Can he be recalled by anyone in the House?

      • As best as I can understand via the Google, any House member(s) can offer a recall resolution which then has to be voted on by the full House. Two-thirds in favor would be needed for the recall to be successful.

        Roz in NJ/NYC

  2. I wonder how long it will be until it becomes obvious that the House will not raise the debt ceiling. Will not. They were going to do that in 2011, but Boehner was willing to make a deal, and Obama gave in to the demands. Biden will not give in to demand to cut the safety net.

    The Fourteenth Amendment is available,which Bill Clinton wanted Obama to use, but he would not, preferring to avoid any drama, just to get by. And this Supreme Court will likely not find that it would be a legitimate use of presidential power. This is what keeps me from enjoying this spectacle too much. There are no good Republicans in there, just a bunch of very bad ones, and then the twenty or so who want to burn the country down.

    • I’m really not enjoying this antic hay either. It’s difficult for me to see how it truly benefits us (Democrats) or the country as a whole going forward. Chaos is not our friend. It is dangerous.

      • Democrats are only observers here. There’s nothing much we can do about it unless they can red rover some Republican.
        The rules are super stupid especially when you consider that the R side of the aisle has gerrymandered themselves into this position.

        • The Republicans have proven themselves incapable of government at this point. If we had a Westminster system it would be time to dissolve Parliament and have another election.

    • I rather doubt the owners of the Republican Party will permit its deranged nihilistic wing to crash the economy of the whole planet.

      • The tycoon donors can simply call up the non-nihilist majority of GOP Reps., and remind them who funds their electoral races, and then tell them to vote with the Dems to raise the debt ceiling as needed.

        The donors can also call up the nihilists and remind them just who are the masters and who are the lackeys in their relationships, and then remind the lackeys that they can fund challengers against all of them in 2024, out of the change from the donors’ sofa cushions.


  3. McCarthy loses 8th round. “Never Kevin’s” Boebert and Brecheen switch their votes from Donalds to some guy from Oklahoma named Hern who owned a bunch of McDonald’s. Gaetz continues to vote for Trump. (Seeing a definite pattern here among the gang of 20 involving Donalds and burgers.) Spartz votes “Present” again.

  4. It is now time to invoke the Rite of Sigin-tarâg.

    I think it’s time for Rick to take him to the train station.

  5. The post titles remind me of the last chapters of “Moby-Dick.” “The Hunt: The Fourth Day.”

  6. 😈

  7. Oh, and as ever–why in the unholy name of Cthulhu did you choose TurdPress?🤬 Its commenting system continues to delay me, or deny me altogether, which is the primary reason why I don’t drop by as often as I once did.

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