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Thanksgiving Week Wordles

I hope that everyone had a reasonably nice Thanksgiving!

I tried to stay away from listening to or reading the news. We just went through a grueling election process, and then of course there are all the consequences, plus more upsetting events. So I will just recount my week playing Wordle.

For anyone who is interested, I have played Wordle 315 times, according to the statistics. I have missed the answer only two times; one when I was just starting and did not play it with much of a plan, and I got down to jerky (like beef jerky) or perky, and I guessed jerky, and it was perky,

Then the rather infamous one which their stats showed was the least answered correctly of any they have had. That was parer, which I guess is a kitchen tool that pares potatoes and apples. I and all the other players were faced with pa – er, which gave one many choices, which one could not eliminate enough of by trying to use words which had two or three of them . There was pacer, pager, paler, paner, paper, parer, pater, paver, pawer, and payer. As Beata has noted, answers like that do not test vocabulary or skill, it is just a mater of trying to figure out what word they chose. My final guess was paver, which seems a better word than parer, but so was payer. Blah.

Now I also had the one I wrote about, where my fourth guess was shrub, and I saw the spaces light up green, and I thought they all had, so I turned it off, only to find the next day that the word was shrug, which I certainly would have gotten with shru- and two more guesses.

Then I have actually forgotten to do the game a few times lately. On election day, and on a few other occasions. Wordle does not count those as wrong guesses, but you lose your streak. My one big streak was 202, until the shrub incident.

Here is briefly how Thanksgiving Week Wordle went. It was mostly pretty easy, maybe they had sympathy during the holidays, or they are running out of words1

Monday was the hard one, at least for me. After three tries, I had o, a, and i, not in the right spots. I had eliminated a few consonants, but I had no idea where to go next. What letter started the word? One of the vowels? Something else? I thought of oi combinations, then io. Not radio, no r or d. I went through consonants in my head; b, f, g, h, on to x, z. I could think of nothing, but then I thought of m, and then suddenly I thought of Axiom, and that seemed right, and it was my fourth guess .I was proud of this one, I thought it was hard.

Tuesday was pretty easy I had i, e, and r, and then p, And the p was first. So it was pride or prime or price, but I had eliminated c, so either pride or prime, and I just thought that Prime was more likely, so I got it on my fourth guess.

Wednesday was about as easy. I had e, d, r, and i by the second guess, and d was not fourth, so it had to be first, d r i – e, and so Drive. I got it on the third guess, which is unusual for me, I most often get it in four, or then five, with three being less likely, and six less than that . I have only gotten it in two guesses twice, I think.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, and not one of my best guessing moments. After two guesses, I had a, e, t and s. The t was not first, so not tease. A was third. E was not last..So not state or stale or stave. I suddenly thought of yeast, and I thought that was the word! But it was not, though it showed – e a s t. So I thought, either least or beast! And rather than test out both letters in a word like blank or table, I just guessed least. NO. So I guessed beast. NO! That was five guesses! Fortunately, the only word left was the obvious one, Feast1 Sigh. At least it is a nice word,

Friday’s word was not as pleasant, but it was easy. By three tries, I had i, c, h,t,y. All the letters! And Itchy had to be the answer!

Saturday was also easy, as I had all the letters by three guesses again. e, a, c, l, n. Clean!

Sunday showed me the letters a p , h, and y, after three guesses. Happy! Thanksgiving! Feast!


12 Responses

  1. Monday was one of my RARE Magnificent days. First guess got me the m, a, i, and O with o properly placed. After a bit of thought I saw only one possibility.

    Tuesday was typical for me, I had all 5 letters after three guesses with the first 2 properly placed which made for an easy Splendid day.

    Wednesday was my worst day, had 4 letters after 4 moves with the first two properly placed and did great.

    Thursday got me to have a look at the original answers to see if the NY Times was starting to really mess with the originals (the game they bought had the first 5 years of answers in the app) and I was correct, they are now no longer using Josh Wardl’s original answers. This was another splendid day for me. I figured the day’s solution had to be because it was Thanksgiving.

    Friday I had all but the Y after 3 so another Splendid day.

    Saturday again all but 1 letter after 3 and another Splendid.

    Sunday, same.

    All in all a good week, average was under 4 guesses.

    Luckily you didn’t start the week with Sunday, after 4 guesses I had 3 letters, my fifth guess was BRAzE and sadly my sixth guess was BRAkE, giving me my 10th loss out of 527 games.

    I changed my strategy and now typically use the same 3 words to start: MIAOU, CRWTH, PELFS. If that doesn’t yield at least 4 letters, if I don’t have a clue I go with DUNGY for my 4th guess. This will have tested 19 letters directly 20 assuming no Q.

    • Those are impressive words! The last two I have never heard of. Is the one Welsh? You have reinvented the game with those words!

      • Yes CRWTH is Welsh. When I was in 6th grade my grammar textbook listed the vowels as AEIOU and Sometimes Y and W.

        It wasn’t until I started playing scrabble that I found a W as a vowel, first with CWM, then with CRWTH.

        After I saw these and their pronunciation I couldn’t understand why we don’t use a vacwm to clean the rugs.

        MIAOU is what those high class English cats do ;-o)

        Pelf was another word played against me in scrabble that I challenged and lost.

  2. jmac, congratulations on being Magnificent!

    I was Impressive and Splendid all week.

    I work on Wordle from right to left for some reason. Say I have a Y, I figure the word ends with Y and go left from there (like ITCHY or HAPPY). Or I have a D, so I figure it ends with D and work on it the same way. I wonder if other people have that strategy?

    • if i see a Y, I also think it ends the word. i had been waiting for sylph or glyph, and glyph finally came up. But Y is usually at the end of the word, so your strategy is effective.

  3. Our weather this past week was dark and dreary, like a permanent nighttime. No snow, just a cold rain and an unrelenting gloominess. It made me think of this:

    • What a moving scene, from a great movie. To have that romantic ending was such a brilliant and unforgettable way to end this unsettling film.

      Roger Ebert did two commentary tracks on the DVDs, for this film, one for the director’s version. He thought that filmmaker Alex Proyas had great talent, and would be a major star. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have achieved that, but he can always be proud of this great film, which sort of inverts the noir genre, in my opinion. I have seen it several times. Ebert picked it as his second best film of the year, I don’t remember what he had first.

  4. Ebert picked “Dark City” as his best film of 1998. “Pleasantville” was second best and “Saving Private Ryan” was third.

    Remember 1998? Who were you really and what were you before? What did you do and what did you think?

    • I remember 1998. I was living in an apartment with paper thin walls next door to a grad student who played the disco version of the theme from “Titanic” day and night for months. Who I was really was someone going nuts. What I was before was someone who got some sleep. What I did was complain to the management (no luck there). What I thought was: “This is hell.”

      • It sounds worse than what happened to the poor policeman in the movie who was driven mad by trying to figure out what was happening, and what all the spirals meant. Actually, it is awful to have to be next door to someone who plays their music too loud. I can still hear the sounds of the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” blasting out of the dorm every single night.

  5. A movie song about words. Trivia question: What’s the movie?

    • Dark Passage. One of my favorite noirs, and I think the best film that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall starred in together. The last scene,. in a seaside town in Peru, where Bogart hears the band playing the song, and knows that it means that Bacall is there, is one of the great endings to a film.

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