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He knew he was a loooooser

Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been absent. I came down with Covid the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not serious at all. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I had it because it feels like a cold. But I got a test just to be sure and was shocked AF when the red line appeared. Yes! I was getting FOMO. Now I can say that it took me almost three years to get it. In the meantime, I’ve had the vaccine, boosters and the bivalent vaccine. I credit that for my mild symptoms. No fever, still tasting everything, no aches and pains. Just a cold. I’ve notified my contacts. Im isolating. I’ve got my DayQuil/NyQuil pack and Kleenex. Should be back at the gym by the end of the week.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

Now, back to the post:

George Conway tweeted this today. I’m assuming that KellyAnne was testifying before the Jan 6 committee or a grand jury or something:

What annoyed me about this quote is the idea that he lost to “Fucking Joe Biden”, as if the presidential election was some kind of popularity contest. This would be a misreading of history on Trump’s part.

We Democratic primary voters started to realize that we needed a candidate that everyone could get behind quickly and who wouldn’t cause any major divisions. We selected Joe Biden because we felt he would have the greatest appeal. But he was chosen not because we thought he would be dynamic or charismatic. He was chosen to be the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. He didn’t have to be wildly popular. He just had to be solid enough to hold back the sea.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Trump saw the election as who was liked more. It’s his personality disorder. He can’t see the world in any other way.

But what did surprise me was how good Biden turned out to be. He really was the right person at the right time. I think he will be very well reviewed by presidential historians. Apart from Afghanistan, he’s made excellent decisions and I’m grateful that he’s been in charge for the last two years.

Better yet, if anyone asks me what it is about Biden I like, I can list a bunch of accomplishments not least of which is calming the waters that were stirred up by Big Orange’s tempest. It’s pitiful that his approval rating is still low. He deserves better. But as I said, he will rank pretty highly in the most effective presidents list someday.

And Donald won’t.


13 Responses

  1. Did somebody say, “NyQuil”? (NSFW) 😈

  2. A few days late, but I only found this toon this evening.
    Cartoon by Mike Maihack.

    • Awwwww

      • Kara Zor-El (original pre-Crisis version) had a pathos that her cousin Kal-El didn’t.

        Kal was sent to Earth as a baby; only super-memory and the artifacts that came with him enabled him to remember Krypton at all.

        Kara came to Earth at 15 (IIRC). She grew up in Kryptonian culture, which survived on a chunk of Krypton that had been blasted away from the planet, and the inhabitants had rapidly constructed a protective dome–which, several years later, was pierced by a meteor swarm, punching through the dome AND the lead shielding that had also been hurriedly constructed below the colony, shielding it from the kryptonite rock below.

        She remembered the deaths of her people far more vividly than Kal ever could.

        Yet, somehow, she remained remarkably positive.

        The pre-crisis Kara moved the Moon once, but her physical strength paled before her psychological strength.

  3. And Donald won’t.

    Depends on your definition. By some estimates, Donald made over $650 million from being President. If that’s what you care about, he was a raging success.

    Sorry that you’ve caught Covid. Personally, I’m still masking everywhere, vaccinations and boosters (and I’ve had them all) notwithstanding.

  4. I am glad that you are not feeling too symptomatic, and I hope that you are feeling completely well within a week or so.

  5. Feel better soon

  6. I’m already feeling close to normal. My nose isn’t running. Blood O2 was normal throughout.
    BUT I’m still testing positive. 🤬

  7. Sorry you got Covid, glad it wasn’t too bad.
    Your statement: democratic primary voters realized Biden would be the least divisive candidate, boy is that accurate! That was exactly my thinking at the time.
    And I agree that Biden has done well even if he never gives up about bipartisanship. Just hardwired in the guy, I guess.

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