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Skynews, a news cheese food product once owned entirely by Rupert Murdoch, has decided to single out Gisele Fetterman for its special attention. Gisele is John Fetterman’s Brazilian born wife but, most importantly, Gisele is John’s greatest asset. She’s photogenic, charismatic and very well spoken. (Check out this tour Gisele gave of the family home) She spoke for the campaign in the early days of his stroke.

When you want to destroy a politician, you target their strength. John and Gisele are a team sharing the same goals and complimentary activities. They’re powerful because they cracked the code for getting working class voters to vote for John. Political consultants are already looking for a way to replicate that but if they tried to clone John, they’d be missing the point. You can’t clone authenticity. He’s been working in Braddock since the mid 2000s.

Anyway, Skynews goes straight for the jugular with Gisele. Want to make her less of an asset? Make her less visible. How do you make her less visible? Criticize her visibility.

As I mentioned before, there are recurring themes in family photos of the Fettermans. The kids are on the edge of being a new set of sitcom siblings with their misspelled signs and impromptu dancing on the chamber floor at the Pennsylvania Capitol. Grace frequently distances herself in pictures with the rest of the family. But the best theme is the recurring joke that Gisele crops the top of John’s head so everyone can fit in the picture. Take this “date night” photo of the Fettermans and the Caseys the night before Senate orientation started:

Says Skynews Australia:

Claremont Institute Fellow David Reaboi shared the image, along with another one that depicts her and her husband hanging out with other Pennsylvania senators, which she captioned, “DC Date night. PA Senators in the house.”

In the latter photo, half of Mr. Fetterman’s head appeared cropped out of the image.

Reaboi remarked, “I’ve never seen passive aggressive/contemptuous photo crops like this before. It’s wild.”

Conservative user “Just Mindy” commented on the photos, saying, “Oh she’s the main character at all times. You should see her pics with her kids every Halloween.”

These people don’t understand humor and take themselves way too seriously. That’s one explanation. The other is that they are just beginning to pick apart a new power couple and the key to their success will be drawing attention to Gisele relentlessly to the point that Fetterman’s PR staff make her less visible.

This is just my observation but the pattern looks familiar because the “small evil group that runs things and to which no one we know belongs” does not like the image of a committed working class “left to center left”politician in the Senate and needs to find a way to neutralize his appeal.

I’m not particularly worried about John’s audio processing issue during his recovery. There are workarounds for that and his staff will help him. Gisele doesn’t have to be in any pictures. She’s not the Senator. But the solidity of their relationship is important to his constituents and the gratuitous bashing of a politician’s charismatic and quirky wife should have hit its expiration date in the 90s.

Let’s not let Rupert Murdoch types start that sh}# again.


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